My apologies, these aren’t really organized, I just pulled some random pictures from my old website/myspace/friendster/etc. so this page wouldn’t still be empty šŸ™‚

Really random Laura Shigihara-Pictures from the old website:

laura shigiharalaura shigiharalaura shigiharalaura shigihara laura shigiharalaura shigihara sekihan rest in peace

laura shigihara aya brea

Random Laura Shigihara & pals photos:

laura shigihara korean classlaura shigihara Home Plus!Mom and Dad in the 70slaura shigihara school uniformlaura shigihara derek kanlaura shigihara shelly rameylaura shigihara TRLlaura shigihara YoshiGeorge Fan Laura Shigihara Blue Duikerlaura shigihara Host family

I’ll do the whole album-thing when I get a chance…

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