Plants vs. Zombies piano versions #7: Sheet Music!

September 3, 2010 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Plants vs. Zombies piano version series, Video Games | 102 Comments
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So as most of you know, I’ve been trying my best to post piano versions of the music from Plants vs. Zombies on youtube and I’ve been amazed at the response so far! I’m really happy to learn that there are so many people out there who can appreciate video game music, so thank-you all for the support and kind words. And if you haven’t gotten a chance, I hope you would subscribe to my channel ^_^

In the meantime, I’ve got something for you today: Since I’ve gotten literally thousands of requests for sheet music, some awesome folks have stepped up and transcribed sheet music for all of my piano videos 🙂 Thanks, you guys rock!

This set of transcriptions was done by Tobias Deussen from Germany. It has all 8 pieces: Brainiac Maniac (Dr. Zomboss), Cerebrawl, Choose Your Seeds, Grasswalk, Graze the Roof, Loonboon, Moongrains, and Watery Graves.
Pack of 8 pieces of sheet music in pdf

Ron Lester Crisostomo has also transcribed and uploaded a couple pieces of sheet music to if you’d prefer to see them online:
Graze the Roof
Brainiac Maniac (Dr. Zomboss)

And lastly… I’m working on setting up a music store at bandcamp. Currently it has my old album and the first part of the Melolune soundtrack, but later I’ll be using it for the Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack.


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  1. Thanks for this! 😀 I’ve been wanting to learn by ear but it’s too difficult for me xD

    • No problem! I’m glad you’ll be able to learn the music now 🙂

      • Yeah!

  2. Haven’t seen you talk about Melolune recently, how is it coming along?

    • Hi allen, thanks for asking 🙂 It’s been going pretty well, but no matter how much time I spend working on it, it always feels like it’s moving so slowly (I supposed that’s how it is with rpgs though, hehe)… I’ve been wanting to update the thread at TIGsource, but since all I’ve really been doing is playing through and balancing the game I don’t really have anything interesting to update it with 😛

      I guess the good thing is that it’s really is close to being finished. The ironic thing is that my biggest roadblock right now (besides a boss battle that’s malfunctioning) is the music! I have about 18 tracks to finish…

  3. thats so LoL 😛

  4. hi laura 🙂 im a real noob reading sheet music and it takes me forever to recreate this in flstudio…do you have by chance midi files at hand?

    i should be punished for being that lazy, unskilled and bothering….gomeeeeeeeee.

    ❤ your site, songs and stuff you do.

    greets from munich

  5. Wow! Thank you Laura! I will try to play some of it. ^^

    • That’s awesome 🙂 Good luck with the pieces and let me know if you have any questions!

  6. laura, what are your favourite kind of music?
    and your favourite food?

    sorry but i want to know, im your fan, i have to know this things :/

    • I listen to all different kinds of music; hip hop, r&b, pop, jazz, 80s, classical, video game music, you name it (I like stuff from almost every genre). My favorite food is probably pancheon (it’s the small side dishes that come with Korean meals… mostly pickled vegetables) or matcha-related foods (Japanese powdered green tea). I could probably list like 10 things though, haha 😛

  7. This has officially made my day. I’ve been looking for sheet music for ages (I can’t play by ear at all) and to have this is just awesome! =]

    Hey, do you reckon that you’ll ever upload a version of Ultimate Battle? I would love to hear a version of that, although it sounds as though it would be as hard to play as Brainiac Maniac.

    • I’m glad you’ll be able to put it to good use! I would love to do a version of Ultimate Battle… I can play it on the piano, but it doesn’t sound as cool (since the original arrangement has a ton of different melodies going on at once and I only have 2 hands, haha)… but I’m trying to work on putting something together that sounds good on the piano.

  8. Hey Miss Laura. You’re piano skills are incredibly awesome. At a scale of 1 to 10 I give you an infinity to the enth power :3 Do you know where I can download Graze the Roof, Grasswalk, Cerebrawl and Moongrains in mp3 format safely! Btw I love the Zombotany unreleased music. I hope they release it in PvZ 2 :3

    • Hi pengyzu! I’ve actually been talking with PopCap for a very long time about getting their permission to release an official soundtrack. They’ve already drafted a contract, but their legal department needs to finalize it so that I can sign it. Once that’s taken care of, I can upload all the original mp3s from the game… I’ll let you know as soon as it’s online ^_^ (I feel like I’ve been waiting forever!)

  9. yes! i can finally found braniac maniac sheet music for my piano! thanks a lot miss laura!

    • You’re very welcome keito!

  10. This will make my next project easier… 🙂 Thanks Laura!

  11. Wow. I am loving these songs.
    Do you by chance have the music that plays during the Zen Garden? That’s what I actually came to this site looking for and I would love it if you knew where I could get that music.
    Else, I’ll have to just plunk it out by ear 🙂

  12. Hey Laura,

    Sebastian Wolff did some sheet music too, but I think Tobias covered them too.

    He’s mainly a multimedia artist, but he’s quite talented at piano. He’s done lots of arrangements of pieces from games and movies, like this one 🙂

    Check him out!

    • oh and he also does some anime music arrangements, too! 😀

    • Thank-you cloudbreath! Actually, I wrote about Sebastian’s sheet music on my blog a while back 🙂 He was one of the first people to make piano arrangements based off of the original in-game music (he contacted me shortly after PvZ was released)… I agree he’s a very talented pianist!

  13. Hi Laura,

    I’m writing to complement you on your PvZ soundtrack! I find it very catchy and I especially love the rooftop theme. It’s especially cool that you share the sheet music with the world and invite remixes – such a refreshing change from the rest of the music industry!

    Ever heard of an electronica band called Shpongle? They’re a psychedelic/chillout/world music group who uses a lot of thoughtful minor chord progressions which remind me somewhat of these zombie themes. Check out one of their albums some time!

    Thanks again for such a great soundtrack!


  14. hi laura im probably ur biggest fan i couldent love your work anymore than i do now xD im so inspired by your brilliant work keep it up sunflower 😀

  15. Can you post the sheet music for “Zombies on your Lawn?” I reeeeally really wanna learn that one.

    • Yes, I would love that! Even if it were just the chords!

  16. I’m sending the sheet music over to my girlfriend’s younger sister. I’d love to see her play these in the middle of an anime convention or something. As for subscribing to YouTube, I’m right there, on the last page, subscriber number 22 out of 2018, so far. XD

  17. I want to thank you for sharing the sheet music (and thanks to Tobias for transcribing!). My son is learning to play piano, and he’s been searching for a recital piece. I had told him I doubted that the PvZ sheet music was available – it’s going to make him so happy when I tell him I found it. It also won’t drive me crazy to hear him practicing it, as some of the songs he picks are not ones I enjoy.

    And I really appreciate your generosity, offering the entire collection at no charge. Very kind. 🙂

  18. Hi Laura! Just happened to chance upon your website and discovered your piano versions of the PvZ music :3 Thank you so much for writing these pieces, particularly the Pool Level music ^_^ You have no idea how much time I spent in that level *sigh*

  19. Hi Laura! I noticed measure 6 on Cerebrawl was “simplified”! (and that was random! 😛 )

    • Never mind.

  20. Hi Laura, thanks for posting the sheet music, all 8 of them! 🙂 Really enjoy your work 🙂

  21. Hello Laura…if it is really you and not a zombie…I will not call myself a “fan” but I’m more so an admirer of your work. I’ve been wanting to compose music for video games for a long time, and hearing your music only fueled the flame that is my passion…or perhaps even a poison it has grown so intense.

    I have a synth at my place, and have some very similar effects that you’ve used in the music for “Plants Vs Zombies”. I’ve learned to play (by ear) several sections of tunes, some even in different keys and in various harmonies as well as switching them up and playing them both in major keys and minor keys.

    I had some questions, if you do not mind.

    1. Is there a website that has download links to the music from the “Plants Vs Zombies” game?

    2. On the roof level, I caught what sounds to be either latin/italian flare. It’s latin, correct?

    3. Do you have a specific email adress I could use for contacting you? If it’s too personal or invasive of your time, I will not enforce you allow me to have it.

    4. Would there be a way for me (if there is going to a sequal) to submit some of my ideas for music, zombies, plants (I have some sketches) or audition for voices of zombies? I’d love ot be the voice of my favorite Halloween creature.

  22. Thank you, I am a huge fan of your music. I will be nice to play it myself.

  23. OMG thank you sho sho much! You’re AWESOME !!! Love all the themes from PVZ ❤

  24. Yes there are mistakes in transcription like the ones in Brainiac Maniac and Cerebrawl.

  25. And Graze the Roof

  26. Hey Laura,

    Great work! Looking over these the only suggestion I’d give you is to use key signatures! Also, I noticed you write in A Major a lot, don’t be afraid to mix it up! I look forward to hearing more (:


  27. please post a rigor mormist music sheet!

    • I second this.

  28. please post a zombies on your lawn piano music sheet

  29. iam like too zombies

  30. i like your site

  31. Thanks for the post, im always looking for ivdeo game music to play on piano

  32. Hi Laura,
    When I first looked up a piano version of the music for plants vs zombies, I found a video and your face popped up. I was like “she’s so cute!” Then you started playing and I was in heaven! When I first started playing the game, I was immediately drawn to the music first and foremost. The first stages of the game are very slow and you can’t help but be drawn into the music. I will be learning your music and adding it to my repertoire. When I find a piano in a mall or hotel or something, I’m going to play some of your songs because I love them and I would love to share your music with people who may not have played the game.

    • the music is awesome
      and the game is so fun!

  33. This popped up when I tried to view the sheet music for Plants vs. Zombies: Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /shigi/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.0.54 Server at Port 80

    • Uh oh… it seems as though the server’s been having some problems lately. It might just be down for maintenance, but if it isn’t back up by tomorrow I’ll try to see if there’s something else that’s wrong with it. Thanks for letting me know!

  34. Hi Laura,
    I want to ask you if you could post the sheet for Rigor Mormist (It’s my favourite) because in two months I’ll have a piano concert and I’d like to play it on it.
    Thanks for posting the other ones. Now I’m learning Cerebrawl, it’s awesome!


  35. hi laura good work

  36. hi laura,
    I’m learning graze the roof. It’s pretty hard

  37. Hi Laura,
    Your good I went on youtube and saw you play your way better than me 🙂

  38. Hi Laura,
    your soooooo good:):):):):)

  39. very nice song and full of mystery in every tone
    it very comfortable to be heard in my ear
    have a twitter account? tell me please 🙂

  40. Hello!
    I love playing Plants vs Zombies ! And i’m looking for the Zombies on your Lawn sheet music, I would LOVE IT if you could post it or tell me a good website where i could find it. By the way I play the Tenor saxophone so I would like it if you could find it in Bb ( B Flat major) and if not, no worries I’ll just transpose it 🙂 Ok Thank You & By the way i think your music ROCKS! ❤

  41. Is there any chance we could get a midi File?

  42. […] Laura Shigihara posted about other folks’ transcriptions and arrangement on her blog: UPDATE 2: YouTuber Jetibest performs […]

  43. wow! fantastic… thanks for making these available to us, my son is thrilled!

  44. Hey Laura!I’m a first time visitor of your website. I love the game Plants vs Zombies and I thought oneday that it would be nice to learn to play it on piano. I just hoped it would be easy, because I’m only third grade. I’m learning Cerebrawl right now and it’s awesome, I don’t think it will take me too long to learn it. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your job, 😛

  45. I’ve just bought the musics from your store and was trying to play Grasswalk watching your video. It would be easier now with the sheet. Thanks

  46. I like the watery graves, it has that certain feel to it at the middle. Though that is the part I can’t play w/ both hands playing at the same time.

  47. Awesome stuff! Does anyone have sheet music for “Zen Garden”?

  48. Is there sheet music for the fog levels?

  49. Hey!

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
    I feel so guilty downloading this for free! I wish i could donate…

    Anyways hope to hear more from you! Thanks again! 🙂

  50. Do you have the music sheet for the song Brainiac Maniac???
    I really really adore this song!!!!!
    I tried to learnt in the music sheet transcribed by Tobias Deußen, but its not very accurate compared to yours.
    I really really would love to have the original music sheet if possible.
    Would you please, kindly reply me asap. Thanks!!
    I love your music!!!!!

  51. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. oh great seems like i need to learn how to read music sheets after all xD learning by ear just takes me forever >.<

  53. Hi!)I’m from Ukraine,and I very bad speaking english.sorry…But I think you understand me)I want to take a piano sheets from begin of a game(theme)Can you find this sheets for me.please.Thank you))))))))))

  54. This has helped me a LOT. But where is the ultimate battle sheet music?
    (If you reply my comment send me the link PLEASE) 🙂

  55. Dear Laura,
    Thank you so much for your generosity in providing the sheet music for this for free. I was stunned it was available, thank you so much, it will give me something to do during the school holidays. My hubby and kids will love it too. It is an awesome soundtrack, you are so talented!
    Thanks again, wish you all the very best, Merry Christmas 😀

  56. Good :’) ITS COOL SPEK very spanish no very good inglish

  57. Can anyone please tell me where to find the sheet music for Brainiac Maniac, watery graves and choose your seeds? In fact, I don’t really care which song I get from plants vs zombies, I am just obsessed with the game and I just have to know at least 3 songs. Thanks! Bye! 🙂

  58. こんにちはLauraは、あなたはピアニカバージョンのために音楽をアップロードできますか?

  59. i cant download the piece graze the roof…

  60. OMG….thank you!!!!!!

  61. Regards for composing “Plants vs. Zombies piano versions #7:
    Sheet Music! mybluedream”. I personallymight definitely be returning for much
    more reading and writing comments in the near future. Many thanks, Moshe

  62. We’re attempting to learn the jazzy portion of Nighttime in the Front Yard on alto saxophone. Anyone who can point us towards any sort of sheet music, even if it’s not for sax specifically, gets brownie points and a lifetime of adoration.

  63. Thank you so much for letting us print your music FOR FREE!!! I am already trying to learn this!

  64. Thanks for this. I’ve been playing the treble clef on oboe. Fun.

  65. I’ve always liked this music. Sadly, I can only learn by watching people or by ear…….

    • If you look on my youtube channel, I’ve uploaded videos for just about every track in the game… So you can learn by ear (or by watching) if you’d like!

  66. Wow… can i find brainiac maniac midi version for synthesia programm here?? I very want to learn it.& sorry for my english.People in Kazakhstan are also play pvz) cauz music in this game is really good.

  67. where can i find sheet of dis music? sadly, i can’t learn by ear or just watching people:( Miss laura, i m your fan too 🙂

  68. What is the easiest PVZ pieces to play on Piano. Would you please number all of them starting 1 as easiest, 2 a little harder etc……

  69. hi laura, i love you music!!!!!!!Could you please tell me where I can find the Rigor Moremist piano sheet please.I have all of them.It s the oly one left!!!!Please!!!

  70. I loved this post! I just read your blogs fairly often and you’re always coming out with great stuff.

    I shared this on my facebook and my follwers loved it! Keep up very good work.

  71. can I know which grade is Brainiac maniac?

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