Here are the lyrics to some of my songs! If you’re wondering why they’re written the way they are (inconsistent capitalization/punctuation, unconventional romanization of Japanese lyrics, etc.) it’s because they’re all taken directly from my notes. You can click on the song name to go to the lyrics, and if you click on the song name there it’ll take you to the mp3. Anyways, thank-you for listening!

Call Me Home
Look up at the Sky
Zombies on your Lawn
Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!
The best it can be

Call Me Home
written and performed by Laura Shigihara

i walk alone in this world
inside; lonely
Your words are poetry
and hope for me

(verse 1)
light a candle in the dark
fold my hands, speak from the heart
afraid You won’t hear what i say
too weak to walk away

now the room is filled with light
You had never left my side
You begin to fill the void that’s there
You are everywhere

so i reach to You above any other
You’ve been calling to me all my life
and although again i’ll turn away
Your love still remains
call me home… today.

(pre-verse 2)
i am poured out like water
my soul; empty
but it is a mystery
how You reveal Yourself to me

(verse 2)
Calm me, break me, make me whole
lead me and restore my soul
i know i can’t make it on my own
my heart, as hard as stone

slowly i can see Your love
hear the angels dance above
overwhelmed by what i start to feel
growing stronger as You heal

(chorus repeat twice)

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
I’m writing words down on a train
in hopes I follow through on plans, I make
Time is in my hands, but I, keep finding reasons
to throw it all away

(pre-chorus 1)
I have spent my whole life wondering what’s out there
too afraid to let go and jump in
Something’s holding me back from where I need to go
I wanna be, too alive to sleep

(that’s why)I wanna go faster
Tired of being still, don’t wanna linger
I’ve got to find the purpose that was meant for me.

Cuz if I move any slower,
soon my life is going to be over
before I find the meaning that I seek.

(verse 2)
I’ve grown so restless in my wake,
it’s killing me just getting through, the day-to-day
There’s a hunger inside me, I can’t, explain,
to try to find my place

(pre-chorus 2)
There’s so many pieces of me I’ve left behind
through my fingers I have let them slide
Now I’m looking back on who I used to be
that part of me, I’ve got to find


Maybe it is normal not to see
but please reveal to me traits that define the person,
I should strive to be
I’ll be different from before
I know I’ve got to hold out for more

(chorus x2)
written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
i’ve been holding back my thoughts
do whatever i can to distract myself
you’re a million miles away
i would cross the times so i
could be with you, i’m dying slowly without you

even when i’m sleeping
i’m finding that it’s hard to keep
that promise i made to myself
to let go

even though you’re far away
i cannot go a single day
my heart is so displaced
i can’t forget you

it’s haunting
my memories
everytime you manage to
steal my train of thought
even though i said i love you not

it’s haunting
that feeling
whenever i start thinking
that i see you here
but you’re not here… anymore

(verse 2)
everyday i tried so hard
not to let myself fall even deeper for you
but there was nothing i could do
as the tears fell down it became obvious
that i had been defeated

(pre-chorus and chorus repeat)
“Look up at the Sky”
written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
Time, building walls between us, mountains all around
Falling faster everyday, but I won’t hit the ground,
don’t make a sound
living for now
so I can feel you breathing next to me.
Please don’t fall asleep.

Today, I’ll remember everything about the way
that you hold my hand inside of your’s
and tell me things
so I’ll believe
you are to me my poetry
the one that I’ve been dreaming of so long.

Look up at the sky tonight
and make a wish about tomorrow.
Count the stars,
they can’t outshine how I feel for you.
Even when the darkness closes in all around us,
I will be together with you.

(verse 2)
from it all, we’re spinning in a globe of stars.
Darkness spans the Earth, but I will still know where you are
Bestill my heart,
this is the part where I will start believing it could be
only you and me.

I think that we’ll be the only ones for miles;
hiding in the corners of the world
you say to me
this memory
will always be a pictured scene
that you would keep inside you for all time.

(chorus repeat)
written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
I’m looking up and outside my window
many stars for making wishes
not about the past, just onto the future
time for letting go

I’m wanting to amount to something
I’m trying harder to get better
I’m gonna do everything that I can do
to make it work

Take what we’re given
To make the best of things before we go
Someday we’ll get there
I know, I know…

Moving forward
Going faster than before
illuminate the road and light the way

New beginnings
Starshine all over the place
Tomorrow is a new day after all

(verse 2)
I gotta say, I made so many mistakes
that if I watched a replay
about my life,
it’s possible I might want a second chance

But I’m here now, without a doubt in my mind
that I want just to be here
Shine in the day, and in the night
through the darkness all around


Don’t hold back, find a reason to make you move
Without that there’s no light in your day
When we fall, we get up, we fight we stay
Hold on tight, keep the hope, find your way

(chorus repeat)
“Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!”
written and performed by Laura Shigihara (Zombies performed by Tak Shigihara)

Sei no!

Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie wa dete ita

(verse 1)
Zombie wa kowai gaikotsu
Hanabira zenbu o toritagaru
Sono ato atama wo tabetagaru
Tadano Himawari
Dakedo watashi wa tsuyoi!
Noumiso ga suki
Zombie wa kirai

(pre-chorus 1)
Softball de asonda yo!
Helmetto wo kabutta zo!
Screen door wo motta zo!
Oretachi Zombie, Zombie, Zombie da!

Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie wa dete ita

(verse 2)
Uraniwa de asobitai
Atama wo taberu no yamenasai
Noumiso niwa cholesterol ga ippai
Shinda node kankei nai kedo
Solar power de tatakau yo
Shokubutsu wo mamoru tame

(pre-chorus 2)
Sono sanrinsha choudai
Atama ni butter ga kuttsui jata
Noumiso taberu zo!
Oretachi Zombie, Zombie, Zombie da!

Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie wa dete ita
“Zombies on your Lawn”
written and performed by Laura Shigihara (Zombies performed by George Fan)


There’s a zombie on your lawn
There’s a zombie on your lawn
There’s a zombie on your lawn
We don’t want zombies on the lawn

(verse 1)
I know your type, tall dark and dead
You wanna bite all the petals off of my head
And then eat the brains of the one who planted me here

I’m just a sunflower, but see
me power an entire infantry
You like the taste of brains, we don’t like zombies

(pre-chorus 1)
I used to play football
Road cones protect my head
I have a screen door shield
We are the undead!

(chorus repeat)

(verse 2)
Maybe it’s time to reevaluate
I think you have a lot of food on your plate
Brains are quite rich in cholesterol

You’re dead so it doesn’t matter
Instead we’ll use this solar power
To make a lawn defense at any hour

(pre-chorus 2)
I like your tricycle
There’s butter on my head
I’m gonna eat your brain
We are the undead!

(chorus repeat)
written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
I watch the world go on outside of this window
All day I tolerate the things that they say
Is my worth measured by my 9 to 5, if so
Do you believe that what we wear dictates our place

I can feel my life slowly slip away, but I’m
finding peace in plotting my escape
Counting down the days until I break away from here
I’m a show you how much I can take

There’s more, to me than what you see, believe, you don’t know me at all
They, don’t know any better
Though there’s a wall standing in between me and what I wanna be
I’m fed up, keep my head up, I’ll be fine as long as I’m alive cuz
someday I know that I will be free

(verse 2)
2.75 for the train ride, every morning
I clock into the same thing day in and out
We all want to leave, but we’re bound to, what we do
But holding on to hope is what this life’s about

(pre-chorus 2)
I wanna drink the moon out of the water, and I
wanna tell them what I have to say, but I’ll
keep it to myself until I break away from here
I’m a show you how much I can take

(chorus repeat)
“The best it can be”
written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
Open up your eyes
There’s so much to see
Worlds that you’ve never been to
waiting patiently

Let go of the past
Just embrace today
Hold your life in your hands before it slips away

That’s what I wanna feel,
that time where everything
is within my reach
at the end it’s just beginning
Someday I will want to be nowhere but now

Let me introduce myself
Please believe I don’t want to be somewhere else
This could be the first and last we’ll ever meet

I could not forget this chance
You should know that I am giving all I have to this moment
So then we might as well make now
the best it can be

(verse 2)
What’s holding you back?
Why are you unsure?
You should let go of everything
It’s adventure

I will not look down
I will give my all
I was never afraid to jump
til I knew I could fall

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
You held your arm out to me
Not exactly what it seemed
Out of place, walking alone, and in between

On your shoulder rest my head
Letting all the things he said
Paint a picture of how it could be

Will I see you again
And will it be the same
As your fingertips slide off of mine
I’m reminded of all that I’m leaving behind

Though I wish I could follow those words every hour
As the time drawing near comes to take you away
And again the way you look at me I know so well
Hold me deep in your arms
And tell me not to cry
Traces remain beyond this time

(verse 2)
Now a dark time lays ahead
All the heaviness I’ve let come to be
you were the bridge above the sea

Once more I’d look into your eyes
Every memory I sigh
Always searching but what will we find


Copyright 2000-2010 Laura Shigihara All rights reserved
(“Zombies on your Lawn” and “Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!” Copyright 2009-2010 PopCap Games All rights reserved)


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  1. I was hoping that you could supply the sheet music for the “Zombies on the Lawn” song. We are planning a Zombie party and would like to be able to play it on the piano.

    Thank you so much

    • Hi Dale… I’m sorry, I actually don’t have sheet music for that song! But you can find some piano sheet music for a few of the PvZ themes at Sebastian Wolff’s site. Hope you had a fun party ^_^

  2. i was hoping that you could supply the sheet music for the “Zombies on the Lawn” song. We are planning a plant party and would like to be able to play it on the acoustic guitar.

    Thank you so much

    • Hi there! I actually don’t have sheet music for that song, but I believe someone else uploaded guitar tabs here. You’ll have to let me know how your party went!

  3. lyrics please :3
    more powers to you!!

    • Hi shikeiza! Not sure if you’ve been back to the site recently, but just wanted to let you know that I’ve put up a bunch of lyrics recently! Thanks for your support ^_^

  4. where can i download your songs?

    • plants vs

    • You can download most of the songs right here under the “Pop Music” section! All I ask is that if you repost them, please credit me and link back to this website ^_^

  5. Awesome. I waas going to transcribe the lyrics for ‘Call me Home’ because my cousin wanted to do a cover of it, so thank you SO much for posting the lyrics.

    Also, in ‘Uraniwa ni Zombies ga’, two things:
    1. I thought it was usually romanized ‘ore-tachi’, not ‘oretachi’. But I may be wrong.
    2. I was thinking that for the parts where there’s an English word (Like ‘zombie’ or ‘solar power’) you might put the Japanese pronunciation (‘zonbi’ or ‘sora pawaa’, I think) additionally. That way non-Japanese speakers can sing along with the Japanese pronunciation (Instead of singing the English words the way they’re meant to be sung!). Gomenne, I’m crazy. ^__^

    • Concerning おれたち, I don’t think it really matters. There isn’t a dash in Japanese, so when I write it out in English I don’t really add one (also, a dash after a letter usually implies that you hold the letter longer when you speak it, so I’m not an advocate of using a dash in this case since it might confuse people).

  6. Love the lyrics! Faster is my favorite song!!
    By any chance, can you upload 2.75 lyrics?
    Thanks a lot Shigi!! 🙂

    • Hi David, 2.75 is up now 🙂 Thanks for the support!

      • You are amazing! 🙂

  7. OMG. You are really talented! Can’t wait to hear more songs in the future =]

    • Thank-you ^_^ I’ll try to post more songs once they’re finished!

  8. Nice voice Laura! I really like your music…your songs! Keep it up!

    • Thank-you for the support Johanna 🙂

  9. Hi Laura!

    I’d just want you to know that I absolutely adore Liele’s Theme. I hope that you’ll add the lyrics in the future, please. =D

    Keep up the good work.

    Arigatou :3

    • Thanks Kaira! I will try to add those lyrics soon 🙂 I’m glad that you like Liele’s theme… I’m actually working on the section in Melolune where she first makes her appearance.

      • No problem. It’s my favorite out of all your compositions. You really are a true artist! I can’t wait till they’re up.

  10. Hello Ms Laura,
    You have such a beatiful voice. I was hoping if you could add the lyrics for ‘traces’ the liele’s theme and u.s.g a new beginning. I like the synthpop sound and electronic sound that was used in the ‘a new beginning’ song. I would like to see you perform live on the stage. (^_^) Ganbatte ne.

    • Hi Rezo, thank-you for your comment! I’ll try to add the lyrics for Traces soon 🙂 As for U.S.G. A New Beginning, the lyrics are on this page under the name “Starshine”. I would love to do more live performances in the future!

      • Bonjour Ms Laura,
        Your voice really amazed me! Ive been hearing your song over n over again. umm FYI.. I can’t find any lyrics for ‘traces’ in the web. I tried to write the lyrics down after hearing the song with Kingdom hearts clips on but I cant catch some of the words. Can you please put up the lyrics. Sil vous plait… I would really appreciate it 🙂 Merci.

  11. Hi Mademoiselle Laura,

    I found your voice somewhat, angelic? I almost cried when I heard one of your music, entitled “Look up at the Sky” It’s indeed a beautiful music. I humbly ask a favor, if I could make a guitar cover on this song? I want to put it on Youtube, but I don’t know what key it is. My friends and I were amazed by your voice and the music. I hope Mademoiselle would be so kind to grant this big favor. I hope best wishes on your career! 声がいい


    • Hi Miggy, thank-you for your support! Sure, of course you could make a guitar cover… I’d love to hear it when you’re finished ^_^

  12. I love both your songs and your voice! You honestly amaze me so much more than most the singers I’ve heard.

    • Thank-you for the comment, it means a lot to me!

  13. Hi Laura, your music is really nice to listen to~
    The “Zombies” song was so cute XD
    Thanks for posting up the lyrics, and letting us download the music ^^
    Keep making more music~~

    • Thank-you ‘muff 🙂 No problem, I’ll try to post more music and lyrics as I finish them 🙂

  14. If you don’t mind me asking Laura, do certain things in life for you generally inspire you to sing these songs? Anyway, these are very beautiful songs that I think you’ve done a very well done job with. Who knows, you could have probably inspired a bunch of people out there. 🙂

    • Things definitely inspire me to write/sing these songs! I’ve tried writing songs before that didn’t come from the heart, and they never sound as good as the ones that are totally natural and inspired by something that I was actually going through at the time. Thank-you for saying that Stephen, I would be very happy if my music could inspire people 🙂

  15. hey Laura =) I like all ur songs really i do and my fav is ‘Look up at the Sky’ ur voice is a gift and i wonder why don’t u release an album ? =)im sure it will make a big success anyhoo i wish u release ur debut soon =) Keep it up! Greetings From Egypt =))

    • Hi Raul, thank-you for your comment. I’m really glad you like “Look up at the Sky” ^_^ I’ve actually been working on a new album, and I uploaded my old album for folks who are interested in listening 🙂

  16. I came across your songs as I was looking up Plants vs Zombies online. Really great music – you have an incredible voice and are very talented! Looking forward to more music in the future 🙂

    • You have a really cool username 🙂 Thank-you for your comment, I’ll try my best to keep making music!

  17. I created a Spanish version of the song zombies vs plant, I also sang well, I love your work, keep it, sorry as I wrote this comment, is that I speak Spanish and would translate on the internet.

    • That’s really cool you created a Spanish version 🙂 I’d love to hear it sometime!


    • Hi Jo-Ann, I like those plants also 🙂 At first I was afraid to use the Umbrella Leaf because I thought I needed all my spaces for attacking plants… but it’s so helpful against those bungee zombies!

      • 2 things
        1.2.75 sounds like loonboon
        2. i saw live plants vs zombies

  19. Hi Laura! i love your songs!i really liked the song faster.hope u reply! 🙂

    • Hi Krizel! Thanks for taking the time to listen to my other songs, I’m really happy that you like “Faster” 🙂

  20. u rock i mean u can sing play the piano created parts for pvz and u have…….YOSHI SLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Aiden 🙂 Hehe, I love my Yoshi Slippers! My cat kind of freaks out though when I walk around the house with them on… he tries attacking my feet!

  21. Hi Laura!

    I’m your fan from China!I think lots of Chinese people love the sunflower from PVZ’s ending song 🙂

    And I love both your pop songs and voice,too.Your voice is more wonderful than other singers I’ve heard! KEEP IT UP!


    • Hi Simon, thank-you for your support ^_^ That’s really cool that people know about PvZ and the “sunflower” in China!

  22. Great compositions and singing! V professional recordings too! I used to compose my own songs years ago but gave up not long after… your songs are quite an inspiration telling me to pick up composing again…

    Keep it up!

    • It makes me happy to know that my songs are inspiring someone else to compose… that’s wonderful to hear 🙂 I hope you make a lot of great music!

  23. Love your song “Zombies on your lawn” and love the game I played it so much my mouse died. Now I have an undead zombie mouse on my lawn 🙂
    p.s. your as beautiful as your singing is.

    • Thank-you Glen! And I’m really glad that you enjoyed the song (sorry about your mouse though! Hehe :))

  24. Could you add the lyrics for “The best it can be”? I really like that song, but some parts are a little hard to understand.
    And good luck with everything! I can’t wait for your next album, and I can’t wait for Melolune to come out. They both seem like they’re going to be awesome.

  25. Hi Laura!!!
    I really enjoy your job!!!

  26. No record label ever offer you a contract ?

  27. Hello! I really enjoy your music, and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

    I have a couple questions about your song from Plants vs Zombies if you have time to answer them:

    1) You have an English and a Japanese version of the song. Which one did you write first?

    2) My Japanese is terrible. I can see minor differences in the Japanese version, but I was wondering if there were any big differences in the lyrics between the two versions?

    Thank you in advance for any replies, and keep making your wonderful music.


  28. I guess I only looked you up because you did the Plants vs Zombies music, but I must say that I’m really impressed by your own songs too! Really loving “Call me Home”, especially the lyrics :). The chorus is really sweet, and it’s nice having a reminder that no matter how many times we turn away, He’s still there to call us home.

    All the best,

  29. Could you link the MIDIs because i heard that someone put up the midis for plants vs zombies?

  30. Not to be overly blunt or anything… But you’re freaking amazing! Please, keep doing such a great job, and I hope to hear more from you soon. XD

  31. Your voice is amazing. I love “Haunting” song. Keep going and thanks for sharing with us your creation.

    For me, you are an example of a modern artist using Internet to share and make new fan.

    I hope listen new music from you.

  32. Hi, miss Laura.

    I am a fan from Indonesia. I love your work in plants vs zombies. Since then I’ve been listening on most of your songs and I think they are amazing. You are definitely one of the most talented Asian singer I’ve ever heard and you have a beautiful voice too! Please keep making wonderful songs, I would love to hear it when it comes.

    Best of wishes.


  33. Hi Laura I Know Your New Song Just Came Out “Blood Elf Druids” But Could You Write Down The Lyrics To It On Here Please,

    Thanks, -Matthew

  34. I love your music and paid to download the plants and Zombies soundtrack… but my favorite part is your singing… When do you plan on having another album available for download with more of the songs that you sing (like the MP3’s listed on the lyrics page)?

    • Lol so I fail, found the links to your other songs. Awesome work, thanks for sharing it with us all.

  35. Hi laura I am from Philippines and I am a fan of yours. coz I play plants vs. zombies, you had a nice voice and has angelic face. more power to you.

  36. Hi Ms. Laura Shigihara! Can I have a request? I was thinking, maybe you could greet me for my birthday this February 17. I would be turning 18! I posted this earlier because maybe you would be busy this February. I would be really glad if you could do that for me. It’s okay if you would reply on this message anytime but I would be very happy if you could on the exact day. Some personal greetings may do and some inspirational message to. (If you would greet me in one of your videos, WOOHOO!) That would be the best gift ever that I would ever receive! I would really appreciate it if you would do that for me. ^_^
    I’ve been listening to your music for quite a while now. Maybe it’s weird when a boy, like me, spends hours listening to your songs which would most likely to be fitted for girls. It’s my way of relieving stress, aside from playing my guitar Prometheus, after a day of thinking and solving math problems. (I’m an Electronics and Communications Engineering student and someday want to be a Sound Engineer like you!) By the way, your song “Traces”, which is a very nice song, slows down my breathing and my heart beat as I listen to it. It literally takes my breath away so I only listen to it occasionally. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the music, the melody, the lyrics, and top it all up with an angelic voice that makes it very depressing. Instead of being happy (which I get when I listen to your other songs), I get depressed when I listen to it. Not the “negative” type of depression, but the good one^_^. Keep it up. Keep making more great music! And hope you could read this and reply to it too. Have a nice day! God Bless You! – Joben G. Ortiguero
    (on the tune of “Blood Elf Druids”) So come on Shigi, reply to this message Please! ^_^

  37. Great music! The last 2 songs don’t have complete addresses for their file.

  38. Hi Laura! Your music is excellent! And i really loved the sunflower at the ending. I was hoping that you could the japanese kanji lyrics for Uraniwa ni Zombies ga, would that be possible?

    Thank you! ^_^

  39. Hey! Laura^.^ Do you know Poptropica? just type of the maplestory monsters look like Sun-shroom

  40. Laura! the dancing zombie looks a lot like michael jackson have you been to clipper and bought plants vs. zombies figures? they have a new set already but its soooooooooo expensive TT.TT But i have 2 now i also have summer business today and its about 1000 already.

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  43. I really like your music! I tell my friends about you a lot! I have a request! (Make that two!) Could you add Rewind to the lyrics section. When your voice is better, can you please upload Look yp at the sky on your toutube account?

    • Sorry I put this about rewind!. 😦 I thought it didn’t post it. So I did it again. Soo sorry

  44. Very Talented….

  45. Hei, Laura…I am your fan from Indonesia…
    I like your song Find Me very much….please can you give the lyrics…

    Thank you~

  46. I ❤ nyan =^+^= :]

  47. hi

  48. Hi Laura,

    Greetings from Melbourne (Australia)

    Just want to say how funny it is that the best singer and musician to me is found in a video game called Plant vs Zombie.

    Thank you for the privilege for listening to all your music. They are all very beautiful. World class stuff.

    Got the full album (My Blue Dream). They are definitely worth more than just $5.

  49. Hi HI I am wondering if you can put up “another time” lyrics up, I love that song!!!

  50. Hello Laura :3
    I was wondering if you had lyrics to “Melolune (vocal)”?
    I’ve been wanting to learn to sing it =3

  51. Hi my idol Laura Shigihara,
    I am Michelle Jade Lavador Robles from Philippines,I am the girl who likes your profile on facebook,Beacause i really love your songs and some lyrics.I wish i would be like you,Since when me and my parents are going to Baguio city,I really remember your song “Faster” is already in my mind.I’m so sorry that i search for you,But thank you because of you angelic voice! 😀

  52. Hi to my idol laura shigihara,
    Like when,I am replying you again because i have a GOOD NEWS,
    I have a declamation piece titled “The Murderess”,But yesterday i won 4TH PLACE!Thank you to the song “The Best It Can Be” because it makes my talent the best it can be too.I know that my parents were so proud of me because i’m talened,I can sing,dance,and my ever-first time is to act in my declamation.thank you to support me laura!

    -Michieteatime loves

  53. Please transcribe that Melolune theme! I have no idea what it means, but I think it’s epic…

  54. Hey Laura, i come from Brazil and i like so much of you’r Songs. can you post Rewind’s Lyric, please ?


  55. Hey Ms. Shigihara, I was wondering if you could possibly post the English version of melolune (the lyrics). I know the Japanese version,but no matter what, I can’t find the other. Just wondering.

  56. Hello,

    I love these songs! In fact, you are my favorite singer! I especially like It Can’t Be, Stay the Same, Call Me Home, and The Best it can Be. You have great potential. Can you add the lyrics for It Can’t Be, Another Time, and Stay the Same? I would be grateful.

    P.S. Who is the rapper in It Can’t Be? Rekcahdam? Or someone else?

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    I think you composed a really good song called Jump? I think it was a long time ago, but I would really appreciate it if you would give me the lyrics to it. Did you play it on the piano? If there is sheet music to it, and you have time, please give me a link to print it!
    Thanks! Your singing and music is really good!

  58. Hi Laura! I’m a huge fan of yours! You’re my favorite singer! Your lyrics to each song really have a lot of meaning, and I really enjoy listening to your music! Thank you for inspiring me for life with your music! =)

    • I also use your songs for extra credit in school. My teachers love your music! ♫

  59. Could you post the lyrics to the song “Meet me above the Clouds”? I really liked your Zelda Ballad Remix and would love to know the lyrics.

  60. I wanted to ask, what was the inspiration for the songs in “My Blue Dream” ? One of my favorites is 2.75. I just wondered what you were thinking when creating the lyrics.

  61. Hi Laura, do you have the lyrics for the Aether song? It’s really beautiful and I’d like to try and learn it 🙂 Thanks!

  62. Hi Laura !! im a big fan from Philippines ! ❤
    I really love your songs and i almost downloaded all of your songs ,.
    i listen to your songs almost everyday ^_^ especially the full soundtrack of "To The Moon"
    I started playing piano these days , it was fun , .. i can't wait to play your songs in my piano ,… especially "Everything's Alright "
    I really admire you Laura ,. please keep composing songs ,.

    You're so AWESOME !!

  63. Hi Laura !! im a big fan from Philippines ! ❤
    I really love your songs and i almost downloaded all of your songs ,.
    i listen to your songs almost everyday ^_^ especially the full soundtrack of "To The Moon"
    I started playing piano these days , it was fun , .. i can't wait to play your songs in my piano ,… especially "Everything's Alright "
    I really admire you Laura ,. please keep composing songs ,.

    You're so AWESOME !!

    #I'm looking forward to your reply ❤

  64. Do you have the lyrics for “Aether Song”? I am so in love with that song and your voice! Keep up the amazing singing!

  65. Hey, Laura! I just wanted to say how much the song “Look Up at the Sky” means to me. I just recently experienced something similar, and I found myself humming the song. Thank you for writing music! You are amazing!

  66. What is the meaning to the lyrics in “Call Me Home”? I feel like it’s someone communicating with someone who has passed, even though they misunderstood the person. But the person is going to try and speak to them, and the person wants to join them in the afterlife?
    Those are my thoughts. Probably a long-shot, though.

    And is “3.75” about racism or being judged by your appearance?

  67. omg, i love ur songs because are the best ❤ please can you upload the lyrics of "it can't be" ? it's my favorite 😦 ly

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