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Here are some videos that I’ve created music for (either on my channel, or elsewhere):

“From the Ground Up” is an original song I created this past year for one of Slamacowcreations’ animated Minecraft videos. It was played during the closing ceremonies at Minecon 2012:

If you’re here, then you’re probably familiar with my work on Plants vs. Zombies. I created all the audio in the game, including this ending credits song:

In addition to original music, I also enjoy coming up with new vocal arrangements for my favorite video game themes. Here is “Meet me above the clouds” which is a vocal remix of “Ballad of the Goddess” from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:


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  1. Speaking of requests, I hope you’re going to upload a video of you singing “Zombies on your Lawn.” You have to! You’re the sunflower! 🙂

  2. I have a request: Can you sing “Still Alive” from Portal? You have such a cute voice, I think it would match perfectly.

    • that would be AWESOME

  3. hi, wow you are so talented! what is the title of PvZ main menu/crazy dave theme? where can i download it? i really love that song. i usually run the game with my ipod jut to listen to the main menu music. pls do send me an Mp3 of that music. pls? thanks!

  4. Hello Laura, I’m a big fan of Plants vs Zombies & I got to know that you’re the composer of all these wonderful music! Great job! I enjoy all the music in the game very much! I’m wondering if you can release the music sheets for us to download & play it ourselves!

  5. helloo…. im from the philippines… i like your compositions…. Its my pasttime to play PLANTS vs ZOMBIES…. I had my kidney transplantation last dec 2009… and it become my inspiration to recover faster just to here you sing and play this game… Im only 19yrs old… I hope you add me in Facebook if u have and one last thing do u have the chords for PLANTS vs ZOmbies….. I want to learn it… oh pretty please… thanks for having the time to read this.. hope for a reply thanks

  6. Отличный голос, отличная музыка и игра отличная. И сама ты очень красивая! Творческих успехов тебе!


  8. Hi Laura! I’ve sent you a message on your youtube channel but I’m not sure if you read it or not. I was trying to find your email on your blog to send an email to you. I’m currently working on a game and would like to know if you’d be interested in making music + sfx for it. If you’d like to know more details about the game please send me an email :]

  9. Hi Laura. I just pass here to say, I LOVE your song in the zombie vs plants…. I from Brazil, and excuse for my poor english, actually, I’m using the google translator to sent this message. I hope you have very successful in the songs you sing.

  10. hi i wanted to no if u can make a plant my brother came up with like a garden n-ohh-m a i mean u no some one help me

  11. I love your music. Yoko Shimomura and you are definitely same level 🙂

  12. I wish That I can be ur friend…;)

  13. Hi
    How nice your music is!

  14. 来自中国的问候

  15. i ment nom or knom
    u no

    • I’m sure you meant gnome!

  16. I have a little thing for You Laura! A custom Cover Art for your “Blood Elf Druids” Album!

    Here it is:

    Hope You like it! ^_^

  17. My favorite part of the whole PVZ game is the credits song! Just had to look you up and see who in the world came up with such a funny song! Thanks! 🙂

  18. If you plan on doing any more covers on your youtube channel, I would love to hear you sing “Dance Away” from the Project A-ko soundtrack.

  19. […] von der reizenden Dame hier im Video. Laura Shigihara hat alle Songs komponiert und eingespielt. Im Video-Bereich auf ihrem Blog gibts Kostproben unplugged. […]

  20. 音乐太美了

  21. I am in loveeee with the Cerebrawl on the piano (and all the other works,) and I would like to learn how to play it. My problem is I can’t read sheet music. Would you be able to upload a tutorial video? Thank you in advance. (:

  22. I completed Plants vs zombies just to hear that credit song and it was so worth it and then I heard the rest of your work and I love all of it. You are so talented with such a beautiful voice !

  23. Really love your PvZ soundtrack – and I like your piano versions even more.
    I’d really love to see a CD/high quality download with your piano arrangements of the PvZ soundtrack – that would be a great addition to the “normal” soundtrack.
    Looking forward to your future work.

  24. OMG! could you make a vid of you playing cube land on the piano or at least email the notes to me?! Cuz I reeeeeaaaaaaally wanna learn it!

  25. love cube land, and love ur voice, I realy hope you do more minecraft type songs like that one. Good luck at your work 🙂

  26. cool i really really like it 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  27. I like your melolune so much,
    It’s kawaii especially!

  28. Your song “Everything’s Alright”
    makes me inspire at night

  29. i really love your voice.. its unique ;D

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