“Kimi o Nosete” and “Everything’s Alright”

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I’m really excited to share a couple new videos with you! This week I posted my 2nd collaboration with lonlonjp, who is a really talented guitarist from Japan. We decided to do “Kimi o Nosete” which is the ending theme song from my favorite movie of all time, Laputa. If you haven’t watched this anime, I strongly recommend it… it’s adventurous, funny, sweet, and so whimsical! When I visited the Ghibli museum in 2005, I got Sheeta’s pendant as a souvenier (which I’m wearing in this video):

For the second video… I have a short announcement to go along with it: Due to copyright stuff, SOPA, etc. I thought it would be safe to post all my original music from here on out at my 2nd channel. Per request, I’m planning on redoing some older songs, as well as posting new songs and arranged/piano versions of video game soundtracks I work on. I really hope you’ll check it out and subscribe so that I can share these things with you! For the first song that I’m posting here, I decided to redo “Everything’s Alright” from the wonderful game “To the Moon.”

I hope you’re all doing well! And if you have any requests for my 2nd channel, please let me know ^_^

Bathing an elephant is hard work.

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Remember a while back I told you guys about how George took me to this place called Vision Quest? We tried our best to capture some of the moments on video (via iPhone), and I finally decided to edit that footage tonight for my 2nd shigiteatime vlog. There are no plasma cannons this time around, but we do give an elephant a bath. Hope you enjoy!

Aero Art Contest and Plasma Cannon Time!

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Random Thoughts:

1.) I’ve been watching a lot of Sledge Hammer lately (courtesy of George), and I’ve decided that I need to start using some of his insults because they are just so good and so random and so nonsensical. Yogurt-sucking creeps!

2.) I’ve noticed that a lot of products I really like get discontinued. Naturistics fruit flavored lip balm (especially those awesome watermelon tubes that actually tasted like real watermelon), Snickers Crunchers, and now Crest’s Vanilla Mint toothpaste. I bet some noob ate the toothpaste because it tasted so good, and they had to discontinue it out of fear of litigation. Well, if someone’s kid ate toothpaste and they tried suing Crest, you know what that would make them? A yogurt-sucking creep (thank-you Sledge Hammer). Apparently they still sell it in Canada, so there are a bunch of Canadian scalpers on ebay selling Vanilla Mint Crest for exhorbitant prices. Thanks a lot Canadian toothpaste scalpers, we all deserve vanilla minty fresh breath!!

3.) I met a really nice long haired black cat tonight while on a walk. It secretly followed me back to my place, where Metroid proceeded to freak out and scare her away. For whatever reason, I ran after this cat (DiVinci) in my barefeet for several blocks to see if she was okay. I found her again on a complete whim and she was just as happy to see me as before, so I was relieved. Then I realized I had to walk all the way back without my shoes. A random couple pointed out that I had “left my slippers at home.” Yes, yes I did.

4.) Aero Art Contest!

Topic: “Put Aero in Another Video Game”
Deadline: November 12th, 2011
Submit: supershigi at gmail dot com with the subject “Aero Art Contest”
Winners Receive: Cool Stuff (more details in the video, or at the forum thread)

5.) I started a new youtube channel for the purpose of posting entirely original material. It is called shigiteatime, and I encourage you to subscribe if you like plasma cannons and drinking tea (or if you just want to support my original material).

6.) This entry ended up being very random indeed.

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