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I am happy to report that through sales of the Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack as well as direct donations, we were able to raise $2,937 to help the relief efforts in Japan! Thank-you so much for your kindness and generosity ^_^

Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack Sale for Japan

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that from now until March 27th, the Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack is on sale for $3.99 at my Bandcamp page, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the relief efforts in Japan via MercyCorps.

I would really appreciate any help in getting the word out about the soundtrack sale… I’m hoping to raise as much as I can to donate to the cause. Right now there are almost half a million people in Japan who have been left homeless in the frigid weather as a result of the earthquake and tsunami. MercyCorps is working with Peace Winds Japan to deliver balloon shelters to accommodate up to 600 people; large emergency tents; clean water, food and blankets for survivors in Japan.

Thank-you guys so much… take care and stay safe!

Updates and Requests

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Hi everyone, I just have a few quick music updates for you today!

First of all, Davixus and Q Flat Major (rad nickname!) realized that a lot of folks were asking for the “Zombies on Your Lawn” sheet music, so they kindly put together an arrangement that’s available for download here. Thanks guys! Also, several people have asked me to update the lyrics section of my website to include “Traces” and “The best it can be,” so I’ve added those in case anyone still wants them ^_^

Last but not least, one of my New Year’s goals is to come up with a good and consistent way to record piano and singing. Sadly, my webcam can’t handle either of these, so the audio is always incredibly distorted. A lot of folks have recommended recording the audio and video separately, which would be great except for the fact that my audio setup (which I use for work) is placed in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to record video (the Korg is right up against a wall and moving it would be difficult since it’s connected rather tightly to the Behringer and computer by a bunch of wires). I was about to rearrange my whole setup when I happened to read that most camcorders (even older ones) actually have pretty good audio (good enough to record piano supposedly)… so now I’m onto plan B: Find my old camcorder, charge it, and put it to the test!

Provided that it works, does anyone have any requests?

PvZ Soundtrack Release Date: Monday, November 22nd!!

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Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been doing well… this past month has been very busy, but I wanted to let you guys know of some exciting news… After 1.5 years of waiting (and many many emails to PopCap), I’ve finally been given permission to release a Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack! I’m so excited about it, and so thankful that folks have been supportive and patient. I’ve decided to release it this coming Monday (November the 22nd) on my bandcamp page, and it will include all of the original music as well as the music you hear in-game. Additionally, George Fan will be drawing some awesome cover art! So if you can, please help us spread the word!

For those who don’t know, prior to implementing the music into the game, I composed MIDI tracks that were mixed with higher quality samples and instruments… but due to both space limitations and the need to make the music dynamic, my original midis were modded and lower quality samples were used. In the original tracks, the calm and intense versions are blended seamlessly because those versions were meant to be standalone musical pieces as opposed to blocks for dynamic usage (with the exception of Watery Graves, which has both a slow and a fast version). I really wanted to share these original tracks because this was how they were meant to sound, but I also wanted folks to be able to get the in-game music.

So… this week I’ve been trying my best to prepare! Over the past 1.5 years I’ve gotten thousands of inquiries about a soundtrack and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to contact everyone. Gmail doesn’t let you send emails with a BCC field of over 50 recipients, and there is a limit to how many BCCs you can send per day. I’ve also noticed that even if you’re using a mail client that allows for unlimited BCCs, the most common mail services will either spam or reject emails with large BCC fields. So folks have been telling me I should use a mailing list service… Someone also recommended Google Groups. Unfortunately, Google Groups has the same limitations, so I was only able to add about 80 people out of thousands. I tried sending out invitations once my “direct add” capacity was filled, but I’m not sure if they all got through. Shortly after sending out all these invites, Derek Yu told me (via Matt Wegner) about this mailing list service which seems really affordable and solid. So I might end up using it as my mailing list from here on out… it’s about time I got around to doing this!

There’s so much more to talk about, but this entry is already pretty lengthy so I’ll save those things for a future post. Again, thank-you guys for all your support, I’m so glad I’ll finally be able to release this soundtrack! And if you can help me let folks know that the soundtrack is coming out on November 22nd (this coming Monday), I would really appreciate it ^_^

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