One good natured Siberian Lynx

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So a few weeks back George took me to a place called “Vision Quest” for my birthday. It’s basically a big animal reserve; a lot of the animals there had been abused or abandoned at a young age, but were later rescued and brought there to live. There’s also a few animals who have done work for Hollywood, either starring in films or acting as models for animators.

As part of our tour, we got to hang out with a Siberian Lynx. Amazingly, she’s about the size of a Golden Lab, and she’s incredibly easy going and friendly. Her trainers explained that she was bottle fed and socialized with humans early on… additionally, she’s just remarkably good natured for a Siberian Lynx. I love how she’s sticking out her tongue in this picture

George Fan, Laura Shigihara, Siberian Lynx

And this one…

I was under the impression that this type of wildcat wouldn’t purr, but she purred just like a domestic cat… only louder… and she continued to purr the entire time we saw her.

She kind of went nuts on the grass… she couldn’t stop eating it. All the domestic cats I’ve known have been the same way… my first cat loved eating grass.
George Fan, Laura Shigihara, Siberian Lynx

Besides hanging out with a Lynx, we also bathed an elephant… it was like washing a really really big car that occasionally looked back at you with giant onyx eyes. The elephants all hang out in this wide open area occupied by a zebra and a couple ostriches. One of the ostriches decided to dance for George…

I was a bit disappointed to find out that he wasn’t actually trying to woo George with a mating dance… we later learned that it was a territorial dance meant to warn us. He also might have been showing off to the lady ostrich as if to say, “This is my territory, I will protect us!”

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