Indie Game Dev Themed Magic Cube Set!

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Hi everyone! This post is for the Magic the Gathering players out there… and the indie game developers… and ESPECIALLY for the indie game developers who PLAY Magic the Gathering.

So earlier this year, my friend Andy Hull decided to spearhead an initiative to create an entire indie game dev themed Magic the Gathering cube set. We spent many many hours on this (coming up with the cards, talking over Skype, printing out and sleeving up test copies, etc.) and it ended up being really fun to play. The set came together around GDC, so all 7 of us (Andy Hull, George Fan, Ed McMillen, Kyle Pulver, Tommy Refenes, Derek Yu and I) got to hang out and draft during the conference.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the official site with a full visual spoiler (and some goofy pictures of the creators) is live and can be found here.

Derek can be pretty messed up if you don’t have removal!!

The Funktrollers present… Tapped Out!

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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! As some of you know, TIGJam was last weekend. For those who aren’t familiar with it, TIGJam is a yearly event where indie developers get together to work on their projects. People bring their laptops and work together on all different aspects of the game making process (coding, art, music, etc.). It’s also a nice time to hang out with folks, grab a meal together, play games, and participate in some of the multi-player indie game tournaments like the big MADHOUSE bash on the last night. Overall, we had a great time, and thankfully, I was able to get some work done on Melolune… Now I have a more concrete schedule set up for finishing the last section of the game.

A few days before the jam, I had some particularly strong coffee and got weirdly inspired to make a rap video about Magic the Gathering. I asked my friend Andy if he’d be interested in participating (since he’s also into freestyle/rap as well as MTG)… So during the jam, we worked together to write/perform the lyrics, and George helped us film the scenes while on break from working on our games. Afterwards I produced the song/edited the video (I finally upgraded from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere, yay!). It is super silly, but we had a lot of fun with it so I hope you enjoy ^_^

On a side note… while we were filming in the parking lot, someone called the cops on us! We ended up bringing a bunch of plastic swords and axes for use as props (they weren’t even full-sized; they were children’s toys we got from Toys ‘R Us for like $5… although admittedly they do look pretty cool). But apparently, some people thought they were real and called the police. When I saw a police car pulling up into the parking lot, I thought it might be neat to include him in our video (I had no idea he was there on account of us). So I ran up to the cop car decked out in thug gear, and lifted the shades I was borrowing from DannyB. The conversation went like this:

me: Hello sir, would you like to be in our music video??
cop: Haha, I’m sorry, if I did that I would lose my job.
me: Aww… well, would it be okay if we just filmed you chasing us?
cop: I’d lose my job for that, too.
me: Oh well, thanks anyway.
cop: So is that what the “weapons” are for?
me: Weapons? Oh, you mean our plastic Toys ‘R Us axes?
cop: Hahahahaha
me: Yes.
cop: Have fun!

I was also sad to learn that the Magic Show is no longer being made. But I understand, Evan sounds very busy (with a family and full-time job, it would be pretty tough running a weekly show). Since we were working on the song at the time, Andy threw in a shout-out towards the end… “Rest in peace Magic Show, I’ll crack a pack for ya.”

Last but not least, here are a few bloopers/outtakes:

This post is for the Magic players out there

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What a rush! I’m playing Rise of the Eldrazi release events now and I just had a very exciting game. Let me start by saying, oh my gosh, this card is really fun in limited:

This was my last round:
Turn 1: land
Turn 2: land, overgrown battlement
Turn 3: land, kozilek’s predator
Turn 4: land, emrakul’s hatcher
Turn 5: gigantomancer (total mana including Eldrazi spawn tokens: 10… 10 on turn 5 in limited!! I love this set!!)
Turn 6: alpha strike and make all five of my guys into 7/7s, he blocks with his two creatures, I get through for 21 damage. It felt really good since I had to mulligan to 4 the first game.

I was also kind of excited about the fact that I still had 2 brood birthings in my hand… I could have had 16 mana on turn 6 in a limited sealed game. That’s Emrakul-range. On turn 6. Man I’m such a Timmy.

So is anyone else out there playing this set? What do you think of it?

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