Are You Quick Enough??

June 15, 2012 at 3:40 pm | Posted in Video Games | Leave a comment
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Hi everyone! Today I have a pretty silly video to share with you all. Last week my friend Phuong released his game, “Are You Quick Enough 2,” which is a fun and addictive iPhone game where you can play a ton of Wario Ware style mini-games. So if you like virtually arm wrestling your friends and throwing ninja stars at bad guys, and want to support a fellow hard working indie developer, be sure to check out his game! Also, I thought it appropriate to pair his trailer (which I made sure to fully dorkify with scenes depicting the “wrong way to do mini-games” (as demonstrated by me) with some Megaman 2: Quick Man on the piano (the theme is Quick!! I guess the theme could also be the number 2… or just: games I like). Anyways, I hope you enjoy:

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