Melolune Facesets: Andy’s Animation Test

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Andy! The stoic blue-haired scoundral who hangs around Izaya in search of someone to accompany him to Debonet…

Melolune Facesets: Dolby’s Animation Test

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Got another one for ya! Here is the brave and enigmatic Dolby of the Mountain Melon Farms:

Melolune Dolby Animation Test

In other news… is anyone going to GDC this year? I’ll be giving a couple talks there. One is a panel on audio in casual games, and the other is a panel given by the Plants vs. Zombies team. I’ve got to work on slides for those this week; I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do for them yet but hopefully I’ll figure something out 😛

I always encourage people to attend to GDC if they’re interested in getting into the video game industry because it’s a great opportunity to learn and meet folks (and some of the talks are really interesting). Satoru Iwata (the president of Nintendo) is going to be the keynote speaker this year. The conference is pretty expensive, but if you apply early enough you can go for free as a volunteer, which I’ve been told is a fun and rewarding experience (you still get to attend a lot of talks and there’s plenty of free time to talk to people and browse the showroom floor).

Melolune Facesets: Achaius’ Animation Test

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Melolune Faces

A couple years ago, my friend Hima asked if I’d write an ending theme song for “U.S.G. ~A New Beginning,” so I wrote “Starshine” in exchange for help with the faceset art in Melolune. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I received them a few weeks ago! I still have to send him my sketches for Sophie and Liele, but besides that, the faces are pretty much finished! Piti (his artist) did such a great job; he was able to improve them so much, but still somehow maintain the original style of my sketches.

Since they all have a number of different expressions, I decided to play around in Photoshop tonight. Here is Achaius’ animation test:

Melolune Achaius Animation Test

I’ll probably post some more animation tests later… especially once I get Sophie and Liele in the mix. I can’t tell you how fun and rewarding it is to finally see my characters come to life like this ^_^

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