What happened to Mitsuwa?

December 28, 2010 at 12:39 am | Posted in Video Games | 11 Comments
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Hi everyone! This post is gonna be super random, but I figure, gotta jump back into posting somehow! Based on the title I’m either going to talk about Japanese supermarkets or a Troll NPC in World of Warcraft… if you guessed the latter you are correct! I should start by saying, I’m really enjoying Cataclysm. Anyone else out there playing? And if so… what do you think of the new content? George, Tod, Lindsey, my mom and I all made new characters and we’ve been slowly leveling them and enjoying the new content. Overall, the quests are pretty interesting and I think they’ve really improved the flow of the game. There’s a plethora of fun little additions all over the place; the new water is gorgeous, there are now realistic looking sea turtles swimming around Thousand Needles, the Spiny Lizard critters are adorable, and of course the Peacebloom vs. Ghouls quest is pretty rad ^_^

But one thing made me sad… my favorite place in the whole game was this beautiful little black sand beach in Ashenvale called Zoram’gar Outpost. It felt like a Troll fishing village, and the beach had the best view of the moon over the ocean. Also, fun fact: There were these two Trolls who gave you quests that were named after Japanese supermarkets (Mitsuwa and Marukai). I always thought they were a couple or something. So I go to Zoram’gar… and it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT! There are burning ships everywhere, they erected all these big ugly towers and there’s half-built scaffolding all over the place blocking the beautiful moon and black sand. I actually felt kind of sad… it was like my go-to-place, and now it’s gone.

I couldn’t find any trolls at first either, but then I found Marukai ALONE in a building still offering the Naga BFD quest… but Mitsuwa was gone! Where did he go? Did stupid Garrosh come and kill him, too? *sigh* At least I have a lot of random screenshots of Zoram’gar when it was still a simple and serene black sand beach. And who knows… maybe someday after Death Wing is defeated and Thrall comes back they can tear all that down and Zoram will go back to being how it was before (one can hope right?)…

(Told you it was gonna be random :P)

♫ Plants vs. Zombies Official Soundtrack now online ♫

November 22, 2010 at 1:28 am | Posted in Video Games | 73 Comments
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After almost 2 years, I can finally announce that the official Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack is now online ^_^ If you’d like to help out, please help spread the news! And thank-you so much to everyone who has been supportive of my music… you are all so awesome.

George was kind enough to draw this wonderful cover art… I thought it would be cool if the Sunflower decided to teach music lessons and Digger Zombie joined the class, too (he has a softer side you know, if you couldn’t tell from his penchant for pink tricycles).

Videogame Music DVD and Darkspore

November 20, 2010 at 5:30 pm | Posted in Video Games | 2 Comments
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This is for all of you video game music fans out there: My friend Jeriaska (a journalist at Gamasutra who is known for his fantastic video game composer interviews) is putting together a DVD series filled with interviews of famous composers such as Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Hip Tanaka (Metroid), Daisuke Amaya (Cave Story) and many others.

I’m personally really excited about this because so many of these composers have been such great inspirations to me, so it’s fun to hear them talk about what inspires them and how they work. Jeriaska has set up a Kickstarter to help fund this DVD project, so if anyone is interested in checking that out, here is the link!

And for those folks who have been following Darkspore’s development: Our friends Dan Kline and Paul Sottosanti from EA Maxis did a fun co-op walkthrough of Cryos. The ice bridge that appears around 5 minutes into it looks so awesome!

Lastly… if for some reason you didn’t receive an add or invite to the Google Groups I started last week, here is a link to that ♫. Although anyone can sign up, due to Google restrictions I am unable to personally add all the people who contacted me over the last couple years about the PvZ soundtrack (but you can sign up yourself, there is no restriction for that). Unfortunately, I was only able to get a few hundred on there out of a few thousand, but I’ll keep adding to it as Google lets me. So if you get a chance, feel free to sign up — I’d love to have you on there!

I just learned the ASCII code for these connected eighth notes: ♫ Haha… I know it’s not that exciting, but for some reason I think it’s so cool. There are going to be musical notes everywhere now.


PvZ Soundtrack Release Date: Monday, November 22nd!!

November 18, 2010 at 12:11 pm | Posted in Video Games | 40 Comments
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Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been doing well… this past month has been very busy, but I wanted to let you guys know of some exciting news… After 1.5 years of waiting (and many many emails to PopCap), I’ve finally been given permission to release a Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack! I’m so excited about it, and so thankful that folks have been supportive and patient. I’ve decided to release it this coming Monday (November the 22nd) on my bandcamp page, and it will include all of the original music as well as the music you hear in-game. Additionally, George Fan will be drawing some awesome cover art! So if you can, please help us spread the word!

For those who don’t know, prior to implementing the music into the game, I composed MIDI tracks that were mixed with higher quality samples and instruments… but due to both space limitations and the need to make the music dynamic, my original midis were modded and lower quality samples were used. In the original tracks, the calm and intense versions are blended seamlessly because those versions were meant to be standalone musical pieces as opposed to blocks for dynamic usage (with the exception of Watery Graves, which has both a slow and a fast version). I really wanted to share these original tracks because this was how they were meant to sound, but I also wanted folks to be able to get the in-game music.

So… this week I’ve been trying my best to prepare! Over the past 1.5 years I’ve gotten thousands of inquiries about a soundtrack and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to contact everyone. Gmail doesn’t let you send emails with a BCC field of over 50 recipients, and there is a limit to how many BCCs you can send per day. I’ve also noticed that even if you’re using a mail client that allows for unlimited BCCs, the most common mail services will either spam or reject emails with large BCC fields. So folks have been telling me I should use a mailing list service… Someone also recommended Google Groups. Unfortunately, Google Groups has the same limitations, so I was only able to add about 80 people out of thousands. I tried sending out invitations once my “direct add” capacity was filled, but I’m not sure if they all got through. Shortly after sending out all these invites, Derek Yu told me (via Matt Wegner) about this mailing list service which seems really affordable and solid. So I might end up using it as my mailing list from here on out… it’s about time I got around to doing this!

There’s so much more to talk about, but this entry is already pretty lengthy so I’ll save those things for a future post. Again, thank-you guys for all your support, I’m so glad I’ll finally be able to release this soundtrack! And if you can help me let folks know that the soundtrack is coming out on November 22nd (this coming Monday), I would really appreciate it ^_^

Blood Elf Druids Music Video

October 25, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Video Games | 25 Comments
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Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start! As promised, here is the music video I’ve been talking about (this is my 2nd time posting… the first time around, youtube’s video processing crashed so the link was broken). For those who didn’t get a chance to watch the preview video (which explains why I wrote this song), you can find it here. I really hope you like it… it’s my first attempt at machinima, so it might be a little goofy (as if getting all dressed up like a Blood Elf Druid with a fake ivy skirt and wooden staff isn’t goofy enough).

Thank-you to everyone who used their WoW characters to help me get Fraps footage for the video: George made a Gnome character for the purpose of having a bunch of Yetis beat him up, he and my Mom did a ton of dancing, Joe helped run us through Botanica so I could get the High Botanist Freywinn shot, and Wyatt hooked me up with a beta invite so that I could get a shot of the “singing sunflower pet”… so thank-you to all of you guys, you are awesome ^_^

Also, I uploaded the song to my bandcamp page if anyone is interested in downloading it!


Lavos is a Giant Durian

October 22, 2010 at 12:13 am | Posted in Video Games | 17 Comments
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I’ve always thought that Lavos looked like a giant Durian…



Dota 2

October 13, 2010 at 11:39 am | Posted in Video Games | 8 Comments
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Oh my gosh, this totally just made my day!! Valve is making a DoTA 2!!

Dota 2 Morphling

I was really kind of sad that DoTA has been slowly dying ever since League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth came out. Don’t get me wrong, LoL and HoN are both great games (and League of Legends in particular has an outstanding community system)… but for me, DoTA is still my favorite in terms of gameplay and art style. I always thought it was a pity that it never got any community support. Despite people’s efforts to make banlists and listcheckers and all that, it was still so easy to just log off and make yourself a new character… resulting in a ton of leavers and excessively virulent players.

And now that they have pub games that try to utilize stats, it’s becoming even more impossible to start games with friends (and when you do get one started), your opponents are usually the worst possible leavers in the community since they aren’t trying to maintain their pub game record.

So needless to say, I am very very happy about this news. I think Valve is a great company, and they apparently hired IceFrog to help create the game, so I have really high hopes about DoTA 2. There’s still a small part of me though that’s sad Blizzard wasn’t involved (but only because I will miss playing as the Beast Master… I mean, I know there will still be a character who plays exactly like him, but he won’t be “Rexxar” anymore ;_;).

Indiegames Interview

October 12, 2010 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Melolune, Video Games | 10 Comments
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Hi everyone ^_^ Jeriaska from indiegames.com was kind enough to interview me about the Melolune soundtrack. Here is a link to the interview if anyone is at all interested in checking it out (it was just posted today):

Melolune soundtrack interview at Indiegames.com

Also… stay tuned for a song and music video about a certain race/class combination in WoW that I’ve been advocating for a while now, hehe…

Doo bee doo bee

October 4, 2010 at 1:48 am | Posted in Video Games | 26 Comments
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Thank-you Pokute for pointing me towards TotalHalibut’s recent video! I had heard from the folks at PopCap that the “singing sunflower” pet would have new art at some point, but I had no idea it had already been implemented until I saw the video this evening… I have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious:

Several years ago George told me I reminded him of Gir from Invader Zim… after watching this video now I know exactly what he’s talking about, haha 😛

Melolune piano version series #1

September 29, 2010 at 12:57 am | Posted in Melolune piano version series, Video Games | 7 Comments
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Hi everyone! I guess I was in sort of a musical mood tonight or something, because after I finished Rigor Mormist I felt like recording some stuff from Melolune. And that led to me thinking I should start a Melolune piano version series as well, since there’s so much music from it that I want to share with you guys ^_^ So… for #1 I’ll start with these:

Although I’m sure a lot of you have heard it already, the original version of “Carya de Mio” actually has lyrics… it’s a lullaby that one of the main characters’ mothers used to sing to him when he was a child. You hear it during a scene when he’s reflecting on all of the good things she did during her lifetime. His last memory of her was when she asks him to recall the lullaby right before she passes away… she explains that the lullaby is “sung during dark times to help us remember that even when things are looking dim, we try to be full of light… that perhaps some of our light, would help to make someone else’s world a little brighter.” She hopes that she shined enough light onto him that he would lead a good life as well.

I put it up the original song on my bandcamp page (the player is below), but you can download it for free as well using this link. I hope you enjoy it ^_^

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