Radical Dreamers and Cardboard Cutouts

August 12, 2013 at 3:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments
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So earlier today I was trying to explain something really weird that has happened to me at least twice in my life. I’ll tell you about the one incident I remember most clearly. I was in Home Depot, walking with some friends, and I noticed a man standing in front and slightly to the right of me. I wasn’t making eye contact with him, but I was aware of his presence. And for some reason, my brain decided that he was a cardboard cutout.

At this point, we continue walking towards him, and I’m now looking directly at him trying to figure out what this cardboard cutout is advertising. “Is this a paint advertisement?” “Is this for garden supplies?” Then suddenly he moves, and I get so startled that I scream right at him! Of course, this startles him and he looks very confused. So after I catch myself, I start profusely apologizing, and awkwardly trying to explain to him that I thought he was a cardboard cutout. Then I thought, “wait, is that offensive?” So then I dive into all these weird disclaimers like, “n-not that you look like cardboard… I mean, I just, from far away you were standing so still… and I… I don’t know, I’m sorry!!” He was nice about it.

Time for a weird weird segue!! I had the pleasure of collaborating with Meine Meinung on one of my favorite video game songs (Radical Dreamers 盗めない宝石 from Chrono Cross, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda). This cover has 2 guitars, double bass, and vocals… and if you are familiar with Chrono Trigger, you should be able to pick up the nice throwback they put in the arrangement ^_^ Originally they asked if I wanted to come to their studio, but I’m not in Japan right now, so they edited me in. And I think it looks pretty cool… sort of like I’m there, and sort of like a cardboard cutout (get it? Because of my story earlier? Ah… ehhh… sorry)

For real though, these guys are awesome. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you will not be disappointed. They have some of the best video game music covers on youtube, they’re fantastic musicians, and they have a really good sense of humor ^__^ I hope you enjoy our new video!


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  1. I was wondering when this collaboration was going to happen! Awesome job by all of you!

  2. Haha, I did pretty much the pretty much opposite of that one. I bumped into a mannequin, started apologizing profusely only to look up and realize I was talking to plastic. I think I pretty much ran out of the store.

    I mentioned it on Twitter, but I LOVE the Chrono series and Radical Dreamers and this match-up (especially the duet parts) knocked it out of the park. Great job, all of you! More collaborations please \^o^/

  3. The good thing about embarassing events is bystanders (your friends?) will usually forget it before you do.

    Unless its your younger sibling

    They wont let you ever ever forget!!!!!

  4. So pretty! I asked you to do this song a few years ago, you probably don’t remember now. So glad it finally happened, it was worth the wait!

  5. Love the music and the collaboration! This cover is so awesome, might I ask whether there’s any possibility of a iTunes or Bandcamp release? I’d already had this video on loop for 2 days… I will totally buy this!

  6. Very beautiful song. I was wondering why you chose to use the cut-out look for your part in the video; knowing the anecdote behind the inspiration for your part in this video is quite amusing. Always nice to see an artist put so much thought into every aspect of their work.
    Nice touch. 🙂 Cheers.

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