Hot Metal!

October 5, 2012 at 11:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

I think if you’re reading my blog, then you probably know by now that I’m a huge Megaman fan. I’ve mentioned a number of times that I used to record the music from the originl NES Megaman games onto casette tape so that I could listen to them later, and I might have mentioned that I learned how to play all of the themes from Megaman 2-5 on the piano by ear when I was in grade school. But did you know that I also used to subscribe to the Capcom newsletter, and I’d re-draw all of their Megaman comics? I also dressed up as a (girl version) of Megaman for Halloween in 5th grade. And when no one was looking, I’d spin around and pose like Quick Man or Metal Man.

Okay now that I’ve sufficiently outed myself as the biggest nerd ever, please enjoy this metal Megaman 2 medley that I did with my friend Fernando. He rocks, and you should totally check out his channel for great metal covers of video game music. Our medley consists of the intro music, Metal Man’s theme, Heat Man’s theme, a plasma cannon, and wearing a box (and possibly a beanie with a CD taped to the front? I’m not sure, but I still can’t stop laughing whenever I watch the intro)… Hope you enjoy ^_^


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  1. Is Shigi metal enough? (yes)

    I’d love to see you do a collab with Meine Meinung! I know you’re a fan too, and they’re one of the best YouTube musicians out there!

  2. OK, Laura. I love you and your work instant. I wish be your friend forever.

  3. Did you write the music for Plants vs Zombies? I am a piano teacher and one of my music students badly wants to learn to play Dr. Zomboss’ Revenge. Is the sheet music available anywhere?My email is Thank you very much.

  4. Biggest nerd ever? I don’t know about that… but I could vote for the most desirable girlfriend that most men would want these days… Sorry for being childish in this comment.. I just love people being authentic about themselves… It’s what make the life so beautiful…
    Keep dreaming and turning your dreams into reality… you will motivate a lot of people…

  5. Happy New Year Laura! I miss your posts. ^_^ …(T_T)

  6. You are SO crazy talented. I’ve been keeping an eye on your blogs for years. Hoping to own a copy of Melolune some day 🙂

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