Terra’s Theme

February 21, 2012 at 9:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments
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Hi everyone! I hope you’ll enjoy my first collaboration with my friend Britaney! She is a really talented violinist who does covers of video game and anime music on youtube. You can find her channel here. We decided to arrange and perform Nobuo Uematsu’s lovely composition, Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI. I hope you’ll enjoy!


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  1. Sounds great! ❤
    I wish I could play better violin. I will continue practicing.

  2. Gorgeous cover and it’s funny because I’m playing FFVI at this moment. Hahaha pretty awesome.

  3. Very nice. I used to go to the overworld and just sit there listening to the music. FFIII (I played on the SNES) had some of the best game music ever.

  4. This was exemplary. 😀 This is exactly why i subscribe. Beautiful.
    I passed it around to all my friends.

    Are you doing all the music for pvz2?

  5. Beautiful! Terra’s theme is probably second favorite piece of video game music and I adore the violin! I used to plugin the cartridge and start a new game just to listen to the song. I remember trying to emulate it on a virtual midi-software keyboard once. It was my only real foray into trying to make music.

  6. Fantastic….beautifully done, thank you very much for great work.

  7. This gave me goosebumps.. *_*

    One of my favourite game music pieces and both of you performed it so awesomely well. Love this version! ❤

  8. I don’t do any gaming…(leave that to my kids) but I love Laura Shigihara and now I’m a Britaney fan too. I know my boys have all played the Final Fantasy games…wait until they hear this!
    This was beautiful…I can see why it is a favorite among gamers….You both did a great job!

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