Kiki’s Delivery Service music and cosplay

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When I first watched Kiki’s Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便), I remember relating a lot to Kiki’s character. She was very optimistic and excited about trying out new things; very determined. But her ability to perform her special gift suffered as a result of self-doubt. I loved how she took a break from flying to hang out with her artist friend/older sister figure. She learned a lot about herself during that time, and later on was able to rediscover her gift when it was most needed. I know it sounds strange, but sometimes when I experience anxiety, self-doubt, or lack of motivation I try to think about this movie. It helps me look at the bigger picture.

Anyways, today I bring you a collaboration video that I did with my friend lonlonjp. He is a talented classical guitarist who posts video game music covers on youtube, and he is providing the lovely guitar you hear in this video. And since Metroid always manages to walk into my videos (and since he is a black cat), he gave me the idea to do a bit of cosplay. He makes a pretty good Jiji, don’t you think? Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I love your take on Kiki. I really like the movie a lot, and I wish I knew what the words in the song were. I feel a lot like Kiki too sometimes. 🙂

    You did a great job.

    • Thank-you Aimee^^ I’ve always thought the song’s lyrics were cute and kind of funny, I’ll try to translate: The song is about a girl who is riding a train to visit her boyfriend’s mother. She is upset because he’s kind of flakey and won’t commit, so she plans to tell his mother about his behavior. She leaves him a message in rouge in the bathroom (I’m guessing she writes it on the mirror) saying she won’t return unless he gets serious about their relationship, hehe. One of the lines is really funny to me, she says “asu no asa, mama kara denwa de” (tomorrow you’re gonna get a phone call from your mother) “shikatte morau wa my darling” (and you’re going to get scolded, my darling) Haha XD

      • Oh my goodness! That is too cute and funny. I love it even more now. Thank you for translating. 🙂

  2. Well you’ve got a black cat, perhaps this was inevitable. 😛

    I love that movie, it’s so much more honest than a lot of kids movies out there. I always think of the part where Kiki walks past a store and sees these fancy red shoes in the window. In any other movie, there would have been a scene later where she went back and bought them and started strutting around. But she never does, cause she doesn’t need them to be awesome.

    • Ah, I had totally forgotten about that scene until you reminded me just now! It is a lot more honest… Especially the part where she works so hard to help the older ladies prepare a birthday dish for their granddaughter, only to be treated very rudely after she delivers it through the storm. Thinking about that movie makes me want to give 110%, so sometimes if I’m feeling sluggish at work I think about it 🙂

      Oh, I got your email! I’ll try to respond soon!

  3. This brings back a lot of good memories 🙂
    You did an awesome job! Hope you do more Ghibli titles in the future! xD

    • Thank-you, I would love to do more music from the Ghibli movies… I’m actually planning a couple more right now^^

  4. This brings back a lot of good memries 🙂
    You did an awesome job! Hope you do more Ghibli titles in the future! xD

  5. Beautiful!! ♥
    Amazing cover! I love this movie!
    You also make quite a lovely Kiki^__^

    • Thank-you very much ^_^

  6. Such warm feelings! Very cute cosplay too. I love how Metroid was like “no.” in the beginning.

  7. Beautiful little song. Have you ever tried teaching the cat to flick it’s tail in time with the music?

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