Twitter and Forest Theme from Zelda: Link to the Past

August 15, 2011 at 10:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So I finally did it. I signed up for Twitter a couple nights ago. I don’t quite understand it all yet… why do people use hashtags, and what is trending? I am embarassed that I thought that FF stood for Final Fantasy, as opposed to Follow Friday (an acronym used to encourage folks to follow people you like). Legitimate mistake! I mean, I make video game music, and my friends (many of whom are also video game composers) were typing FF in tweets about me… Maybe Final Fantasy was slang for video game composer? >.> <.< Well anyways, what can I say, I'm a latecomer: @supershigi

Also, I hope you enjoy my piano improvisation of the Forest theme from Zelda: Link to the Past. Koji Kondo is such a versatile composer; he knows how to make fun, light-hearted pieces like the Mario themes… but he’s also really good at whimsical and mysterious. Sometimes if I go on a walk at night (especially when there’s lot of leaf-shaped shade from the moonlight shining through tree leaves), I’ll get this music in my head. I also added a short section in the middle because the loop is fairly short. I just made it up as I was playing, so hopefully it fits^^

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  1. Welcome to Twitter!

    Hashtags are basically used to categorize. You can tag something with a hashtag and anyone clicking on it will automatically go to a search results for tweets with the same tag. Sometimes there are events that get tags, sometimes its a topic) Other people, myself included sometimes use hashtags alternatively as a way to sort of add extra comments to our tweets. Sort of like slash/backslash comments on some forums.

    Twitter is basically what you make of it, follow people you find interesting, tweet or don’t what you want, its really pretty flexible, fun, and sometimes addicting 🙂

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