Coin Song

July 21, 2011 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

In my lifetime I’ve been to three video game music concerts: Dear Friends, Video Games Live, and (my personal favorite) Play. Even though I always loved video game music (and I wrote in some journal I kept in middle school that I thought it would be cool to work as a composer for Capcom), I don’t think I knew for certain that it would be my career path until I had some sort of epiphany while listening to Frog’s Theme played live by an orchestra at the Play concert. I realize this is a fairly esoteric thing that such an event moved me so deeply as to make me sure of what I wanted to do with my life… but I guess we all have our weird quirks.

The Play concert was the second time I had the pleasure of meeting Nobuo Uematsu. I didn’t want to rehash everything I had said to him the first time out of fear of it sounding canned or contrived, so I simply told him that I loved his work. But since it was the first time I had met Yasunori Mitsuda, I said quite a few complimentary things about how creative and beautiful his compositions were, how he inspired me greatly, and how I really looked up to him. At that point Uematsu-san said, “Wow, all I got was an I like your work…” I felt bad! So I tried to tell him why I was so concise… I think he might have been just joking though ^_^;

Anyways… Here is one of my favorite Uematsu compositions, “Coin Song” from Final Fantasy VI. Even though it makes me feel sad, I still love listening to it. I had taught myself how to play it by ear on the piano about 10 years ago, but I had since forgotten a lot of the middle sections. So on a whim I decided to listen to it today, and relearn it. I hope you enjoy!

Incidentally, I’m back and forth about whether I should post this other video I recorded… Someone requested I play music from Little Nemo the Dream Master (which is a GREAT game), so I did this random 8 minute long video where I go through and play all the different background songs. The thing is, I hadn’t heard any of that music in years and years, so I think I could have played it more cleanly… but maybe I’ll post it soon anyway^^


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  1. It’s so cool how you ended up ‘following your dream’ xD

    • Thank-you ‘muff… I’m really thankful to be able to do this 🙂

  2. Love your music, especially without any voice decorating. ❤

  3. Little Nemo, cool game!

    • Glad you’ve heard of it! Nemo was one of those games that none of my friends had heard of, but it was so much fun. I loved how you could feed candy to the animals and you could ride them to hidden places.

  4. Coin Song… One of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite games. Reminds me of when I was younger, watching my mother play FFIII/VI til 3am. The FFIII/VI soundtrack has always been one that could pull on my emotions, and I am glad to see others enjoying this song for years to come. Thank you for the video and post.

    • That is so cool your mom played FF games! I’ve only recently gotten my mom into video games (started her with Animal Crossing and now we play WoW together).

  5. Thanks for the video! Finally purchased your My Blue Dream album over at Bandcamp and I’m just waiting for the full Melolune double album to be completed to get that.

    As for the Little Nemo “jam”, why wait? Release the video at once!

    • Thank-you for your support, I hope you like it^^ Yeah, I think I’ll post the Nemo video soon.

  6. wow, I really like your video.
    Continue releasing your video and we will support you ^^

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