Play for Japan Album released today!

July 8, 2011 at 6:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

The Play for Japan Album has finally been released today on iTunes! I really hope you enjoy all of the wonderful video game music… and we’d love any help spreading the news about the album’s release! 100% of the proceeds will go towards the relief efforts in Japan.


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  1. I bought the album and tried to spread the word around to everyone I know!

    Your song is great Laura, very peaceful sounding.

    I hope progress on your game is going well πŸ˜€

  2. Just listened to one of the songs, and it was amazing. Definitely going to get the album later today.

    Also, I was wondering if you were able to get in touch with your relatives? Hope things are going well.

  3. Laura!! Please make a sequel for Plants vs. Zombies!! Please!! I would definitley love it if the title was Plants vs. Zombies : Zombies Revenge and we will be the one who will control the zombies πŸ˜€ PLEASE REPLY

  4. Purchased it! Great job on Jump! Awesome album overall, and for such a good cause: Thank you.

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