Rewind and Crazy Eggs

April 24, 2011 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

I wanted to do an original song for this week’s youtube video, so I decided to do a song I wrote fairly recently… it’s called, “Rewind.” Originally I was going to do “Traces” but as some of you know, I’m finally getting over a cough that I got after GDC (which lasted literally over a month, and affected my singing voice a lot — so I decided to go with a song that was easier on my voice). I hope you enjoy!

Also, happy Easter everyone! We hung out with Stone, Toby, and Dylan for Easter again this year and it was a ton of fun… we made a bunch of crazy eggs, did an egg hunt, and had a mini jam session. Thanks you guys! Here are some of the egg pictures:

My MeGGaman and Beat eggs:

George’s TMNT eggs:

Stone’s Bunny Crime Scene and Toby’s cool patterns eggs:

Dylan’s Zodiac eggs:

Yoshi Eggs:


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  1. Remarkably lovely, that song.

    Thanks for brightening my day somewhat.

    • Thank-you Magnus^^

  2. A beautiful song. Thank you for sharing it.

    And those are some awesome eggs. My compliments to George. The TMNT eggs amuse me, especially their expressions.

    • Thanks Nojh! And I’ll tell George you said that, hehe 🙂

  3. Love those eggs xD Turtle Power!

    Yoshi eggs rule xD
    all of them look cool

    Good day people!

    • Hi Ozl, thanks!

  4. Thank you for the video of the beautiful song and piano. The melody and your voice sound really sweet and compassionate. Happy Easter to you too 😀

    • Thank-you, I’m glad that I could express emotion even though my voice was kind of weak at the time.

  5. Happy Easter Laura! Haven’t made eggs in awhile. Looks like you had fun 🙂

    Rewind sounds really good. I don’t think I’ve heard you sing/play this style before, but it sounds amazing.

    • Thanks Davixus! Yeah I think sometimes people are surprised when they hear my songs where I’m not singing as softly/childlike as the Sunflower. I’d like to gradually release some of the songs from my album on youtube (perhaps with some machinima MVs or something, hehe). Did you do anything for Easter this year?

  6. Great performance! I hope your voice recovers to 100% soon!

    • Thanks Piccolo! I’ve since recovered from being sick, but some days I still feel like it’s not quite back yet… hopefully it’ll get back to normal again.

  7. Yo Shigihara! I was curious, will you be in SoCal for this?

    • Hi C. Empire! I won’t be attending, but a few of my friends will be there. I remember thinking the article’s title was kind of strange (“Meet basically every game composer ever”) because the most noteable composers aren’t even on the list (Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, Akira Yamaoka, Jason Hayes, etc.)

  8. Maybe you should make a personal album 🙂

    Your musics is great! =b

    • Thank-you ^_^ I do have a personal album on my bandcamp page, but I am hoping to make another one in the future that has more of my recent songs on it!

  9. Er, the Zodiac eggs are actually a reference to a webcomic called MS Paint Adventures. The zodiac symbols are the symbols used for twelve alien characters (known as “trolls”) in the comic. The ones at the bottom are the symbols of some other characters in the game. The blue wolf is the symbol of Becquerel, a powerful dog-like creature. The others are the symbols of the four main human characters in the comic – the atom is the symbol of Jade Harley, the squid-thing (known as a “Squiddle”) is the symbol of Rose Lalonde, the record is the symbol of Dave Strider, and the slug-thing (“Green Slime Ghost”) is the symbol of John Egbert. You can check out the comic at, or look at the wiki for more information on symbols/etc. at, if you want. You could also just ask Dylan about it I guess??


    • Thanks for the explanation! Dylan told me a little bit about it (he’s a huge fan of MS Paint Adventures), but otherwise I wasn’t too familiar with it… are you one of his friends?

      • Nah, I’m just a fan of MSPA myself so I recognized the references.

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