Chrono Trigger – Frog’s Theme (piano improvisation)

April 8, 2011 at 3:31 pm | Posted in Video Games | 11 Comments
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This one is super short. I was messing around after finishing the recording of “To Good Friends” and decided to play “Frog’s Theme” as well… Originally I wasn’t going to post it because it’s not even 30 seconds long, but then I got a request for it… Now I’m really glad I didn’t just delete it! Hope you enjoy!

Also… who is your favorite Chrono Trigger character? Mine is either Frog or Schala… but then again, I also really like Robo. In terms of battle parties, my favorite was Chrono, Marle, and Ayla because it was fun to do Cube Toss and Falcon Strike!


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  1. I always liked Chrono, Ayla and Magus. Chrono because he’s just so suave with his silent-ness, Ayla because of she’s immensely powerful (I leveled up to level 99 just for the 9999 damage critical hit…) and Magus just because he’s really cool-lookin’.

    I agree that Schala was awesome though. Erm… Schala’s theme request? :p
    (There’s too many amazing songs from the CT soundtrack, I want you to play them all, really…)


    • Haha, I think I like just about every song on the CT soundtrack, it’s really tough to even narrow it down. What was Chrono, Ayla, and Magus’ triple tech? I can’t remember, but it was probably cool ^^

  2. Lovely. Thanks.

    Always amazing to hear you play.

    • Thank-you Dan ^_^ It just occurred to me, I think one of our first conversations was about Chrono Trigger.

  3. Love it! Frog’s theme is my ringtone 😀

    Chrono, Marle and Frog/Robo were my go to party.

    • What a cool ringtone! I remember on my old nokia I used to be able to just convert midi files into ringtones, so I had Protoman’s stage from Mega Man 5 as my ringtone for a while… I miss that phone ^^

  4. The party I used at the endgame was Crono, Frog and Lucca. Crono was my powerhouse, Frog was my healer and secondary attacker (or “paladin,” I guess you could say) and Lucca was the black mage. In terms of persona, I think Frog was my favorite.

    And oh my gosh, I love this song! I’m glad you didn’t delete it either.

    • Haha, I never thought of Frog as a “paladin” but you’re totally right 😛

  5. Brought back memories. Sounded good.

    • Thank-you Smthy 🙂

  6. Any chance we can get a longer version? This was beautiful!

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