Chrono Trigger – To Good Friends (piano improvisation)

April 7, 2011 at 12:21 am | Posted in Video Games | 16 Comments
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I love this song ❤


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  1. ^__________________________^

  2. Brings back memories 🙂 Do you do these in one take btw?

    • Oh I wish!! For the piano pieces it usually takes me 2-3 times because a plane will fly overhead, or Metroid will jump on the piano or something, haha…

      • When I first read this comment I thought it said “because a piano will fly overhead”.

        Thanks for sharing this with us! Such a beautiful piece!

  3. Wow! Chrono Trigger is probably my third favourite game ever, and certainly my favourite RPG. You truly did this great track justice… oil is flooding my visual sensors.

    • Thanks Joe! And yay, Robo reference!!

  4. Love the pink yoshi slippers in the background too 🙂

    • Oh haha, I didn’t even realize that until you pointed it out! I should start sneaking them into all my videos (putting them in different places each time, haha) 😛

  5. Laura, do you know Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way? Can you do a cover of it? And by the way, do you know Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure and Jeanne d’ Arc? Those are my favorite games hope you can make a cover of one of the songs in rhapsody. 🙂

    • Ah, I hadn’t heard of “Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure” so I went to read about it… Is it available in the US? It looks really cute and I like the idea that music is so central to the game.

      • I think it’s available in the US, I don’t really know because I’m from the philippines :).Yup it’s really cute 🙂 I love their songs. 😀

        • Laura, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is available in the US. ^_^
          Play it on the PS1. 😀 Please play their songs.

  6. Aaaah well done! So pretty!

    • Aww, thank-you small!

  7. Omg! I love this song! I got the MP3 of it years ago because I loved the music-box style of it. Very cool!

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