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Hi everyone, I just have a few quick music updates for you today!

First of all, Davixus and Q Flat Major (rad nickname!) realized that a lot of folks were asking for the “Zombies on Your Lawn” sheet music, so they kindly put together an arrangement that’s available for download here. Thanks guys! Also, several people have asked me to update the lyrics section of my website to include “Traces” and “The best it can be,” so I’ve added those in case anyone still wants them ^_^

Last but not least, one of my New Year’s goals is to come up with a good and consistent way to record piano and singing. Sadly, my webcam can’t handle either of these, so the audio is always incredibly distorted. A lot of folks have recommended recording the audio and video separately, which would be great except for the fact that my audio setup (which I use for work) is placed in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to record video (the Korg is right up against a wall and moving it would be difficult since it’s connected rather tightly to the Behringer and computer by a bunch of wires). I was about to rearrange my whole setup when I happened to read that most camcorders (even older ones) actually have pretty good audio (good enough to record piano supposedly)… so now I’m onto plan B: Find my old camcorder, charge it, and put it to the test!

Provided that it works, does anyone have any requests?


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  1. Most camcorders have a jack where you can plug in an external microphone, which can get you much better sound quality than the built-in one. An inexpensive Shure SM57 or SM58 will yield very good sound, or you can use a PZM style one like a SoundGrabber. Any of these can be had from $70-100 if you shop around.

    • Thanks John, that’s a great idea! I’ll have to check if my camcorder has that 🙂

  2. When folks make a request, do you play it by ear? Or do you have to get the sheet music? I can think of a few songs I’d want to hear you sing: Still Alive from Portal, Kingyo Hanabi, and Tears (Crystal Kay). Of course I’d love to hear a live version of Traces also 🙂

    • The first one is already covered:

    • Thank-you for the suggestions, I’ll try to see if I can do those (I’m actually a big fan of Crystal Kay’s songs). As Joe mentioned, I actually already covered Still Alive, although the audio is pretty distorted since I was using my webcam, hehe. And to answer your question, yes I would play them by ear ^_^

  3. With your voice, you could do an amazing 恋愛サーキュレーション. ふわふわる ふわふわり… think I’d melt.

    • I don’t think I’ve heard that one before, but I’ll make sure to check it out!

  4. How about a live version of your song ‘faster’?

    • That’s a good idea, I’ve been wanting to put together a live version of that one ^_^ I wonder how it would sound without all the percussion and everything! I’ll definitely try it out.

  5. I’ll put in another vote for ‘Faster’!

  6. One more for Faster!

  7. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for posting our arrangement! We really enjoyed arranging that song, it was a lot of fun trying to figure it out. 🙂

    I just noticed that the link you gave might not work, but linking to this page does:


    As for requests, I can’t decide between Traces or Faster. Hope you find your camcorder!

    • No problem, thanks for taking the time to make sheet music for it! And I’ll make sure to fix that link 🙂

  8. I have a 5 year old and she absolutely adores you! Have you ever thought about singing some children’s songs? I think you have the perfect voice for it, and kids love your music.

    • Thank-you Alice, that’s really cool to hear ^_^ There are a lot of random children’s songs that I still like to sing (I think my current favorite is “Rainbow Connection” as sung by Kermit the Frog, hehe), so maybe I can try one of those!

      • OMG, Rainbow Connection would be fantastic! That is one of my all time favorite songs!

  9. Hi Ms. Laura Shigihara! Can I have a request? I was thinking, maybe you could greet me for my birthday this February 17. I would be turning 18! I posted this earlier because maybe you would be busy this February. I would be really glad if you could do that for me. It’s okay if you would reply on this message anytime but I would be very happy if you could on the exact day. Some personal greetings may do and some inspirational message to. (If you would greet me in one of your videos, WOOHOO!) That would be the best gift ever that I would ever receive! I would really appreciate it if you would do that for me. ^_^

    I’ve been listening to your music for quite a while now. Maybe it’s weird when a boy, like me, spends hours listening to your songs which would most likely to be fitted for girls. It’s my way of relieving stress, aside from playing my guitar Prometheus, after a day of thinking and solving math problems. (I’m an Electronics and Communications Engineering student and someday want to be a Sound Engineer like you!) By the way, your song “Traces”, which is a very nice song, slows down my breathing and my heart beat as I listen to it. It literally takes my breath away so I only listen to it occasionally. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the music, the melody, the lyrics, and top it all up with an angelic voice that makes it very depressing. Instead of being happy (which I get when I listen to your other songs), I get depressed when I listen to it. Not the “negative” type of depression, but the good one^_^. Keep it up. Keep making more great music! And hope you could read this and reply to it too. Have a nice day! Thank you and God Bless You! – Joben G. Ortiguero

    (on the tune of “Blood Elf Druids”) So come on Shigi, reply to this message Please! ^_^

    • Hello Joben! I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to post exactly on the 17th, but I still want to wish you a wonderful belated birthday! I hope that it was a great one for you, and that you got to eat your favorite foods and spend time with friends and family ^_^

      I also wanted to say thank-you for writing such a nice message! I’m so happy that you like my music, and it’s great to hear that you’re studying to become a sound engineer! You sound like you’re very passionate about music, and I’m sure that if you keep studying and working on your music you will surely achieve your dreams! I wish you the best of luck in your career ^_^

  10. I request “Call Me Home” please. This one almost makes me cry like, every single time I hear it. Like I’ll be biking with my headphones playing music, and then, “Call Me Home” comes on, and time begins to slow down, the sun seems a little brighter, colors are more vibrant, a warm fuzziness fills my soul, and for a time, all is well with the world.

    • I’m so happy the song reaches you like that… I will try to do that one for sure!

  11. Thank You Laura! That’s okay that you haven’t posted it on that date. The important thing is that you greeted me. Thank you! (WOOHOO!) Though I haven’t spend time with my family on my birthday for that time I’m away from my family, so I felt kinda’ down. But this message really made my day! I have never imagined that someone that I have been listening for a long time would actually greet me! (still freaked out……..) This really mean a lot to me! Thank you!!!

  12. Hello Laura. I realize that this is a very old post, but I’ve been desperately searching for sheet music for the Plants vs Zombies title theme “Crazy Dave (Intro Theme) and a list of instrumentation for the final track that made it to the game. I’m not sure if this was the kind of feedback you were asking for, but would there be any possibility that you could make an arrangement so that I can at least see how it’s played on piano? Maybe you could even write up some sheet music if you’re bored enough.. Thanks!

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