What happened to Mitsuwa?

December 28, 2010 at 12:39 am | Posted in Video Games | 11 Comments
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Hi everyone! This post is gonna be super random, but I figure, gotta jump back into posting somehow! Based on the title I’m either going to talk about Japanese supermarkets or a Troll NPC in World of Warcraft… if you guessed the latter you are correct! I should start by saying, I’m really enjoying Cataclysm. Anyone else out there playing? And if so… what do you think of the new content? George, Tod, Lindsey, my mom and I all made new characters and we’ve been slowly leveling them and enjoying the new content. Overall, the quests are pretty interesting and I think they’ve really improved the flow of the game. There’s a plethora of fun little additions all over the place; the new water is gorgeous, there are now realistic looking sea turtles swimming around Thousand Needles, the Spiny Lizard critters are adorable, and of course the Peacebloom vs. Ghouls quest is pretty rad ^_^

But one thing made me sad… my favorite place in the whole game was this beautiful little black sand beach in Ashenvale called Zoram’gar Outpost. It felt like a Troll fishing village, and the beach had the best view of the moon over the ocean. Also, fun fact: There were these two Trolls who gave you quests that were named after Japanese supermarkets (Mitsuwa and Marukai). I always thought they were a couple or something. So I go to Zoram’gar… and it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT! There are burning ships everywhere, they erected all these big ugly towers and there’s half-built scaffolding all over the place blocking the beautiful moon and black sand. I actually felt kind of sad… it was like my go-to-place, and now it’s gone.

I couldn’t find any trolls at first either, but then I found Marukai ALONE in a building still offering the Naga BFD quest… but Mitsuwa was gone! Where did he go? Did stupid Garrosh come and kill him, too? *sigh* At least I have a lot of random screenshots of Zoram’gar when it was still a simple and serene black sand beach. And who knows… maybe someday after Death Wing is defeated and Thrall comes back they can tear all that down and Zoram will go back to being how it was before (one can hope right?)…

(Told you it was gonna be random :P)


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  1. That’s why I can’t play any more 😦 A thousand little quiet places I love have now become quest hubs for efficient levelling. I much preferred the old, difficult, annoying, impenetrable game, because although the game – the fun – was bad, the world had such lovely little corners.

    I suppose that’s just nostalgia, though.

    • I totally know what you mean… Ashenvale used to feel really serene and beautiful (both the surroundings and the music). Now it really feels like a place of war… they even added two new musical themes that emphasize how torn apart the place is, it’s kind of sad. What were some of your favorite places?

      • I really loved the coastal areas of Desolace, they had a lovely sort of windy beauty – similar to the Arathi Highlands. And The Barrens! I suppose it was because I was there when everything was new and a mystery, but I love the sense of baked-in heat, and the sizzling, hazy air. And the autumnal forests of Azshara!

        I also always found Ashenvale enchanting – when I first explored there I was such a low level that everything was terrifying, and that feeling has never left me. A place where it really feels wild 🙂 And yes, I always went to Zoram’gar on each character!

        I don’t really like the war-torn theme – Hellfire Peninsula, the areas around Blackrock, etc.

        • I think I’m the same way, I really didn’t like the war-torn areas… we rushed through Hellfire Peninsula as quickly as we could so that we could move onto other areas (Nagrand was such a nice break from that).

  2. Wow. It sounds like they were very successful in translating the feel of a cataclysm to you, if they’ve managed to take away one of your favorite locations (but still give you tons of fun content).

    Still need to try this out. It sounds like they’ve actually made the game more my style, rather than just a bunch of grinding with a few interesting quests in between.

    • If you end up checking it out, you’ll have to let me know what you think of it ^_^

  3. I believe Mitsuwa has moved inland to Hellscream’s Watch.

    • Thank-you for letting me know! I was so curious about what had happened to him!

  4. I think it’s cute that your mom plays. I stopped after WotLK

    • Haha, yeah I think it’s cute whenever she gets pumped up about playing. For some reason she gets the most excited about having her weapons enchanted (one fiery and one icy for the red and blue glows, hehe)

  5. I’m very impressed with the levelling from 1 to 60, but less impressed with 80 to 85. Done 85 a couple of times now, and it’s getting quite old already.

    The things that made me sad were the drowned tortoises in the shimmering depths (shimmering flats as was), and the dead cows in the burnt-to-the-ground ruins of southshore 😦 Why did they hsve to kill the poor moo cows?

    I’ll let blizz off the hook though, cos I really enjoyed finding the critter war on the plateau north of Mulgore. There are axe wielding rabbits and gun-toting rodents fighting each other!

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