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October 25, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Video Games | 25 Comments
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Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start! As promised, here is the music video I’ve been talking about (this is my 2nd time posting… the first time around, youtube’s video processing crashed so the link was broken). For those who didn’t get a chance to watch the preview video (which explains why I wrote this song), you can find it here. I really hope you like it… it’s my first attempt at machinima, so it might be a little goofy (as if getting all dressed up like a Blood Elf Druid with a fake ivy skirt and wooden staff isn’t goofy enough).

Thank-you to everyone who used their WoW characters to help me get Fraps footage for the video: George made a Gnome character for the purpose of having a bunch of Yetis beat him up, he and my Mom did a ton of dancing, Joe helped run us through Botanica so I could get the High Botanist Freywinn shot, and Wyatt hooked me up with a beta invite so that I could get a shot of the “singing sunflower pet”… so thank-you to all of you guys, you are awesome ^_^

Also, I uploaded the song to my bandcamp page if anyone is interested in downloading it!



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  1. Branch out? LOL
    Good luck, I hope Blizzard listens to your sage advice and doesn’t leaf out Blood Elf Druids too much longer!

    • Hahaha… I told you it was going to be very dorky XD I love the puns… hopefully they won’t “leaf” them out any longer! LOL

  2. So you did the editing on that? I’m impressed. I really liked the ending sequences and the dancing sequences. The music, of course, was gorgeous and geeky (which is a compliment as much as it is alliteration).

    • Yup, I did the editing… it was actually a lot of fun! It felt very similar to editing music in Sonar (except it’s a lot more CPU intensive). And thank-you, I’m really glad you liked it!

  3. Nice video, I liked your lyrics, but I hate Druids!!

    Feral is so overpowered right now, I run whenever I see one in battlegrounds <.<

    I can only imagine 2/3 of the Horde rerolling one O_O

    • Hehe… I’m not too up-to-date on the battlegrounds balance issues because I haven’t played BG in a really long time, but I believe you. I think George went Feral with his Tauren, but he usually just goofs off in BG (we both have macros that make us say really stupid things, and we’ll use them in a big crowd… like, “I’m gonna headbutt you so hard that your head’s gonna look like a butt!” haha XD)

  4. Isn’t Laura the awesomest & cutest? I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this song many, many times already and I still can’t get enough of it! What can I say, I’m a lucky guy! =)


    • Dragonmaster eh? Hahaha… Awww, thanks George ^_^ (And thank-you for letting me film you getting beaten down by Yetis so many times in order to get a good shot of the Gnome dying right in front of the camera… that took skills!)
      P.S. Do you eat cauliflower? NOW YOU WILL! ā¤

    • Hey George, yes, you are a lucky guy! Laura’s a pretty special talent. But I’m very impressed with your work as well. It’s really neat to see two people with such high levels of dedication and complementary skills working together. Each of you raises the other to new heights. I think that’s pretty rare.

  5. This is a fantastic music video. I hope people take notice!

    • Thanks Piccolo! I hope so too ^_^

  6. Nicely done Laura. Hopefully someone at Blizzard will take notice of this šŸ™‚

  7. Awesome! It came out great! Good luck!

  8. with this video, I bet Blizzard will make Blood Elf Druids hehe

    “Little Gnomes can’t really tank
    Night Elves aren’t well-versed in the arcane”

    I think gnomes and night elves are annoyed šŸ™‚

  9. Not bad for your first machinima. As much as I love your cuteness, having RL shots interspersed amongst game footage is quite jarring (especially when you compare the background colors). A single long RL sequence (maybe in the middle of the machinima) might’ve been better for the footage you’re using.

  10. GREAAT

  11. Love the song. It’s SO catchy. I’ve listened to it a few times in a row now! Awesome job!

  12. After watching the youtube clip for the Blood Elf Druids video heaps, couldnt resist any longer and bought the song from the store.
    Now I’ve listened to it like about 4 times in the past half an hour, and can’t get it out of my head, especially the “i know what youre thinking” chorus bit.
    Should also say, not a fan of WOW, but love the song to bits, very original, catchy, and can be played anytime of the day hehe šŸ˜€
    Anyway, keep up the great work Laura, and good luck with everything in the future. PVZ soundtrack and Melolune I cant wait for šŸ˜€

    P.S. You look absolutely cute in the video outfit šŸ™‚

  13. oh, and forgot to ask, are you and George going to dress up as zombies for Halloween? šŸ™‚

  14. Awesome music video, and the last seconds are like dreaming… i know of you thanks to Plants Vs Zombie final theme, i love your voice and style so much šŸ™‚ Keep it up. Ciao from Italy

  15. i miss u… šŸ˜¦

  16. i miss her too šŸ˜¦

  17. ā¤ for a nerd!
    awesome work, all of it, I'm impressed again =)
    I seriously missed your music in the pvz mini game south of the dalaran crater in the old world. well ok, at first it was more like a super nerdy "lol pvz in wow ftw rofl" thought, but after the first rounds… you know the rest ^^

  18. Awesome. Pure unadulterated awesomeness. I love your work!

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