Blood Elf Druid video preview

October 18, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments
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  1. Oh god, the bloodthistle in the brown paper bag gag cracked me up.

    I hope you’ve gotten authenticators now that you’ve started up again.

    If you’re having trouble buying the keyfob version from Blizzard, there’s also the mobile authenticator that you can download for free from Blizzard. Here’s the FAQ on it:

    You do need one of these cell-phones though.

    This thing’s saved me from being hacked a couple of times, including a 0-day flash exploit, so I definitely think it’s worth the trouble.

    BTW, did George used to go by “Ma Fan” online?

  2. good costume and video
    Typhoon/Hurricane Juan is in the Philippines

  3. Hey, a fellow WoW player here, just saying I fervently support your desire for Blood Elf Druids! While I was content for a while writing them off as an unfortunate impossibility due to lore, when I hit level 70, I ran Botanica – and lo and behold, inside it is High Botanist Freywinn, who is none other than a Blood Elf Druid!

  4. Is it just me, or did the video quality go up? Either way you’re becoming adept at making videos for youtube 🙂 Loved the flashbacks, and looking forward to your new music video 🙂

  5. Great update!

  6. This comes from a computer geek that has been using computers for almost 20 years now: Get Windows 7 if you haven’t done so already, an AntiVirus (Avast is a good one, and is free), and FireFox with two plugins – RequestPolicy (to block websites that are linked to the website you are browing), NoScript (blocks javascripts on websites, you can make a whitelist of the sites you want to have the scripts allowed on). For your account make a random password with numbers, normal letters and capital ones. There is no way in hell someone will steal your account ever again. People that are stealing accounts either guess the password or fish it with scripts that are located on websites.

  7. OMG, this was hilarious! I can’t wait to see the video! Oh, and I think you should wear the ears around all the time, i’m sure no one will notice 😉

  8. That was totally the greatest thing ever. Especially the blood thistle and the nerd montage :p

    Pity I have no idea about ANYTHING WoW based.

  9. Funny video 😀

    For the Horde!!!

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