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Oh my gosh, this totally just made my day!! Valve is making a DoTA 2!!

Dota 2 Morphling

I was really kind of sad that DoTA has been slowly dying ever since League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth came out. Don’t get me wrong, LoL and HoN are both great games (and League of Legends in particular has an outstanding community system)… but for me, DoTA is still my favorite in terms of gameplay and art style. I always thought it was a pity that it never got any community support. Despite people’s efforts to make banlists and listcheckers and all that, it was still so easy to just log off and make yourself a new character… resulting in a ton of leavers and excessively virulent players.

And now that they have pub games that try to utilize stats, it’s becoming even more impossible to start games with friends (and when you do get one started), your opponents are usually the worst possible leavers in the community since they aren’t trying to maintain their pub game record.

So needless to say, I am very very happy about this news. I think Valve is a great company, and they apparently hired IceFrog to help create the game, so I have really high hopes about DoTA 2. There’s still a small part of me though that’s sad Blizzard wasn’t involved (but only because I will miss playing as the Beast Master… I mean, I know there will still be a character who plays exactly like him, but he won’t be “Rexxar” anymore ;_;).


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  1. Oh cool. I’ve played DotA once at a friend’s LAN Party. I hated how hard it was at the beginning and there was nobody really to teach me. But once I found my class (one of the stalking invisible people) the game play became a /lot/ of fun. It was a fan mod right? So this means Valve will be making a whole game based off the idea of DotA? That boades well for making it far more accessible to noobs, or perhaps having a single player tutorial or something.

    • You’re totally right — DoTA is very much the kind of game that isn’t fun for the first several times you play, but then becomes incredibly fun and engaging once you’ve gotten into it. You basically have to trust that it’s going to get fun later on because you’ve watched friends play, otherwise it would be really hard to get past that initial part 🙂

      Yup, DoTA was a Warcraft III fan mod that happened to get really popular. According to that article, Valve is trying to stay as true to the original as possible while updating the technology and improving the community. I guess they’re going to have a system where people can receive certain benefits from writing tutorials or “coaching” new players through games (that kind of reminded me of “Tale in the Desert”), which I think is a great idea. I’m so excited!

      • Cool! Keep us updated, if you would. Maybe I’ll pick it up if I’m not too busy when it comes out. Steam makes game buying /way/ too easy. Le sigh…

        • I’ll definitely let you know if I hear anything else — I think it won’t be out for like another year (but perhaps that’s for the best… I need to focus on work right now and needless to say, if DoTA 2 were out I might have a lot of trouble staying focused, haha :P)

  2. Wow, this is a really good year for gaming. Starcraft, Mass effect 2, and of course Melolune 🙂 Next year already looks promising, especially now with DotA 2 and Valve (Valve will no doubt treat DotA very well). I’ve been putting off DotA and LoL with my friends, so I guess I should learn lol. Glad it made your day Laura!

  3. Man, with all these games coming out, I’m gonna go broke. Alas, my college classes take priority over fun and games. I guess I’ll be playing it at a friend’s house for the time being XD. Well, such is life, right?

  4. uber great

  5. Hontou ni?? DotA 2? Sugoi!!!
    I Love DotA, I Love puck, its cute =D

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