Jim Raynor in the House!!

September 21, 2010 at 1:32 am | Posted in Video Games | 23 Comments
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As promised, here is a video showcasing the giant 3D Jim Raynor cardboard standee that the awesome folks at Best Buy were kind enough to gift us on the night of the Starcraft 2 release ^_^ I also talk a tiny bit about the “singing sunflower pet” in World of Warcraft.


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    • I know right? It looks so big in the house like that, haha 😛

  2. “But, now, there’s a giant Jim Raynor in the house” — I cracked up XD

  3. I’m having a better week now :p
    Seriously, this video just brightened my day quite a bit. I’m going to go play StarCraft I (can’t afford II yet) now…

    • Aw, I’m glad to hear that ^_^ And the first Starcraft is still an excellent game (and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to play it either, which is nice)

  4. Wow. I don’t know how tall you are but that thing looks huge. “Oh her? She’s the woman who did the soundtrack for Plants vs Zombies. Oh and she has a giant Jim Raynor in her house.” That’ll be my new introduction if someone asks me who you are from now on. I’m not so much a fan of SC2 that I’m jealous but that is still very awesome.

    Can you confirm whether or not you need the actual Cataclysm expansion to get the sunflower pet? I hear a lot of the world changes don’t require actually buying the expansion.

    • Hahaha… that does sound like an awesome introduction 😛 I’m actually not 100% sure about whether or not the sunflower pet will be something that comes with Cataclysm (or something that comes with a patch update) — but I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything!

  5. Watching this before Kendo Practice. Nice Jim Raynor cutout 🙂 Maybe you should try to collect all 3 for the series. When do you think melolune will be released? I’m really interested in the concept of a rpg about music turns out. Great video, made my day 🙂

    • Ooooh… it totally didn’t even occur to me that there would be standees for each version 😛 A giant Dark Templar and a Hydra, that would rock! As for Melolune, the goal is to have it done by the end of the year if all goes well.

  6. I love how enthusiastic you are about everything. Great update!

  7. oh sorry shigi i spoke lolcat.XD

  8. I can’t wait to buy Melolune. I really enjoy the interactions between all the characters, the dialogues of the bourgeoisie looking down on people, the familial closeness of the leeble village, and quirky zombies and warning signs. I really look forward to seeing the rest of it!

    • Thanks aniki, I’m always really happy to hear when people enjoy the character interactions and dialogue ^_^ I really hope I’ll be finished with it soon!

  9. miss laura, you’re hair now fits you well. you’re cute!!

    • Thanks Keito ^_^ I should leave my hair down more often, though in the summer I tend to tie it up since it’s so long that it feels like I’m wearing a scarf, haha 😛

  10. Hey Laura,

    I have a question: Since you were saying you’re busy with the game, does that mean you’re ALSO busy with reading my bug reports? ^^

    I sent them to you at the end of march and april and re-sent them at the end of June (not from the e-mail adress I used for this comment). There’s one thing in the reports I’d like to know from you before I continue playing and I’ll just quote it here in case you have too much to do to read the whole thing:

    “I am not 100% sure about comma rules but I kind of got used to expect
    one every time someone says things like „Yes, sir“ or „Yes, Dad“ or
    „You can do it, Achaius.“ or „You did it, brother!“, but I am the type
    who tends to put too many commas in his sentences, so I can’t be
    certain. ^^ Those sentences in your game (and many more) don’t contain
    these commas, but if there are hundreds of these sentences in the game
    it’s probably just not worth the trouble to correct every single one.
    I thought about not mentioning this to you at all if there wouldn’t be
    a single sentence which would contain this type of comma, but now I
    found one:
    Dolby says „And I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t fall into the
    wrong hands, Achaius.“ when they’re about to depart from the cave. [Melon Mountain]

    Now I’m not sure how to deal with these sentences. Should I tell you
    about every sentence where this comma is missing or not? There have
    been quite a lot of them until Achaius gets healed from the poison and
    I expect many more.”

    And what are the grammar rules on this comma anyway? ^^

    Regards, Squall83

    • Hey Squall83.

      No it is not grammatically required to place a comma between the end of a statement and a declarative noun. Commas in dialog are used to signify a slight pause for breath in the speech, if necessary. It differs from an ellipses (…) where there is a mandatory pause, or a double dash (–) or an em-dash that is used to signify a pause for emphasis.

      It is actually far more common for a declarative noun to have a comma following it, it it is at the beginning of a statement. For example: “Achaius, you can do it!”

      • Thank you, Nojh, that’s good to know. 🙂

    • Hi Squall, thank-you so much for taking the time to play Melolune and leave me feedback! I read all the feedback that folks send me, and I really appreciate it ^_^ To answer your question, you don’t have to tell me about every instance of the comma-situation (but thank-you for checking with me). I actually wasn’t sure of the grammar rules myself until Nojh explained it, which prompted me to look it up.

      • Hi Laura,

        you’re welcome. I love your game and I’m trying to finish it by the end of november so you’ll have enough time to include my reports. There are a few things in my earlier reports where I’m interested in whether or not you’re going to consider them:

        Do you intentionally allow the player to get as many Shila berrys as he wants, since the bushes are reset every time I
        leave the map, but I’m mentioning this just in case. ^^ I got 94 of them now. And do I need them at some point later in the game? Probably not, right? ^^

        Andy describes the place of Basho, because Achaius asked him. But I already went there and did that birthday cake sidequest, so they should know where it is. Furthermore I was at the check station and at Debonet, too, so they already knew that they needed a pass to get in. Do you want to block the player from entering those two places before they meet Andy?

        Is there any way to get more save states? I remember using the RPG Maker 2000 and it had 15 savestates. Furthermore those savestates were separate files, so I could easily get more if I copied the files somewhere else.

        Btw: How can I choose my icon in this blog?


        • I just noticed that I already was almost at the end of the demo. Too bad. ^^ But this way it won’t take me until end of November to finish, since I just sent you my final report.

          Will you accept reports for the full version, too? I’m not sure if I’ll have the time though.

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