What’s your favorite Starcraft moment?

July 27, 2010 at 10:36 am | Posted in Video Games | 18 Comments
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  1. Haha! Revenge. Trees for Battle Cruisers sounds like a fair trade. I didn’t do the whole midnight thing. I’m not that much of a fan but I did pick up my copy a few hours ago and I’m two missions in and really enjoying it. I love the atmosphere and detail they put into the game, especially the in between missions scenes where I click everywhere to learn more about the story. Its like a click-adventure game! So far my favorite thing in SC2 is the photo of the “Hydralisk Durby” which just struck me as so… right. I mean the Brood Wars are over but there are still Terrans out there, rootin’ out Zerg, holding Durbys over who can kill the biggest. Otherwise I don’t have a neat story like you but maybe with this game I will!

    So jealous of your statue. I’m not a Zerg fan either but that looks awesome!

  2. That was perhaps the only time I associated a Hydralisk or any Zerg for that matter with cuteness. I think you’re the only one who can pull that off Laura 🙂

    My favorite (starcraft) moment was during a ZvP game (me being zerg), my friend built up a large fleet of carriers (as always) and I decided to to ambush him with defilers and hydralisks. So halfway across the map, I cast Plague on his bunched-up carriers and promptly hear him the the other room yelling and cursing, followed by “YOU POISONED ME!!”

    Needless to say he wasn’t too happy about all his carriers being at 1HP, but he decided to rush anyways, and my 75 hydralisks were happy to destroy his 30-some carriers.

    That’s my Starcraft story 🙂 Hope you enjoy the game

  3. That was pretty awesome to listen to 😀 Sounds like you’re even more into the SCII release than I am 🙂

  4. DOWNLOADING IT! because that’s all I’ve been able to do so far! 😛

  5. so quite a number of ppl in our office are Star Craft fans, and we used to play it in the office late at night.

    So this one night, our CEO (Zerg) was in a match with one of our interns (Protoss). The intern had several computer allies to help even out the odds (I don’t think the intern could beat a computer one-on-one).

    If I recall correctly, our CEO took out all the computers, but the intern by then amassed a major carrier fleet (24? 36?). The intern butchered the CEO’s forces, down to the CEO’s last base (down to the last hive). The CEO begged for a 5 minute truce, which all the bystanders say “no just finish him!”, but the intern was very generous and ceased fire.

    Five minutes later, the intern lost.

  6. wait, that’s a regular Star Craft moment, not a SC2 moment >_<"""

    • Haha, yeah the intern totally shouldn’t have agreed to a truce! And no worries, I was asking about your favorite Starcraft 1 memory (not 2)… I thought it was appropriate at the time I made the video since it was the last day before the sequel was released :).

      And wow!! You guys play SC at the office?? That is so cool!!

  7. So far? My favorite moment is when I took it out of the box. XD

    • Mine too! XD

  8. Watching Boxer’s replay of the SCV rush was the greatest moment I ever witnessed in professional play. I wish we had professional gaming in the USA just like in Korea…

  9. My favorite multi-player moment was the time I managed to sneak a trio of ghosts in behind one of my opponents main base. I set all three to launch a nuke hoping that at least one would go undetected. Turned out that two got away safely and the double nuking basically destroyed their hive and all the drones leading to an easy (for once!) victory 🙂

    Single player? Hmmm, thats a toughie, its been so long since I played but probably when Kerrigan first returned as the Queen of Blades. It can be fun sometimes to see the good guys turn bad 🙂

  10. Hi Laura have you ever played the beta version of starcraft 2? If you did my favorite moment was when me and my friend played 2v2, I was zerg and he was terran and the othere team was protoss and zerg. So when we were playing we decided to attack their base by surprise so my friend got a nuke and i got about 50 roaches with burrow and we both just walked into the protoss base undetected and my friend nuke the nexus while i killed all his pylon and just because of that it change the game around while the other trying to attack our base with little units and that was game. Im glad to find someone that actually likes starcraft 2 =D

  11. well the most memorable moment for me was that my newbie friend force attack his allied base not realizing it was his ally.. that made our day.. good old memories..

  12. We need to battle in SC2 someday

  13. Out of curiosity, would you have any interest in at some point playing SCII with any of your blog readers/fans/whatever you want to call me/them/us? I can totally understand not wanting to if that is the case, but it’d be pretty fun on my end to get to play it with you at some point (though I’m pretty sure I’d get stomped :P)

  14. By far my favorite moment in Starcraft 1 was the secret mission with Zeratul and Duran the badass. I personally want to see a Xelnaga unit in the game and so far we still have yet to actually see one (there is something close but not quite in SC2), but it would be cool to see original Xelnaga in the game.

  15. I like playing Protoss. Terran seems too much commom to me, and i’m not good enought to play zerg. 😀

    If someone wants to play, you can add me in the Battle.Net.
    Name: CRamonNS
    ID: 408

    Go go go! o/

  16. Ha, that’ll show him not to mess with the town! Also, I’m probably the only Korean guy on earth who actually really stinks at RTS games. I try playing every now and then, but I end up blanking out. “Ok, so I guess I should set up the building that makes me money… Which one is that? Ah, I dunno, lets just click this big looking one… Oh, dang it makes fighter units… I don’t have enough money to make those yet… Wait what the? They’re attacking already?? Ack crap!! (death)”

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