Plants vs Zombies piano versions #6: Zombies on Your Lawn!

June 23, 2010 at 6:56 am | Posted in Plants vs. Zombies piano version series | 63 Comments
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Yup… I finally got around to this one πŸ˜› But I didn’t do it alone! I had help from zombie-George…


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  1. It’s hilarious (in a good way!) LOL! And you guys looks so adorable β™₯β™₯β™₯

    One thing about this video’s brightness, I had to set my brightness *really* low to see your face =3=”
    Maybe you can fix it somehow next time? πŸ˜‰ The piano was fine πŸ™‚

    You looked you had to hold yourself back a lot right LOL!!!! Lucky me I didn’t have to hold anything back =)!!

    • I almost forgot, George is funny LOL!!!!

      • Haha, yeah George totally cracks me up… everytime I think of him galloping across the room pretending to be a zombie dolphin I start laughing XD

    • Thanks Ken! Yeah, for some reason I couldn’t tell how bright it was until after we recorded it and I watched it on my desktop computer (I used a laptop to record). We thought about re-recording it at that point, but then felt as though the video might lose some of its funny spontaneous parts if we did another take πŸ˜›

      The other funny thing is that for the longest time, the video looked super dark… I turned on all the lights in the room in order to fix that, but then apparently it made it too bright >_< So hopefully if I do another video, I can find a happy medium πŸ™‚

  2. Ah, wonderful to be able to actually hear you! Cute kitty, too! Super awesome. Now I have the unreasonable request of the rest being redone with the cam once you get it all configred, though!

    • Haha, thanks Atreus πŸ™‚ Maybe at some point we’ll go back and do another take… although I’m not sure if we could capture the same feeling of spontaneous goofiness the 2nd time around πŸ˜›

  3. Tweeted:
    “PvZ composer Laura Shigihara furthers her piano editions with the long-awaited “Zombies on your Lawn” now with HD Webcam!

    • This isn’t HD LOL ^_<!

      • Haha… the HD setting is kind of unnecessary for me I think. I actually recorded myself singing the theme song to Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), along with a short intro in Japanese; but when I tried merging the two together in Windows Movie Maker it smushed the “HD widescreen” video together so everything looked all narrow XD

    • Yay, thanks for the tweet!

  4. lol, my cereal is everywhere, I had a terrible nights sleep but seeing this made me feel much better. Now to clean up my laughter spew.. lmao.

    • Hahaha XD Aww… I’m sorry you had a bad night’s sleep Chris, but I’m glad we could cheer you up a bit!

      Oh, on an unrelated note… I was wondering, is Dust coming out on XBL or PSN?

  5. I fell off the chair while watching this xD
    Good job on the video! xD

    • Thank-you Jax!

  6. Okay that was probably the funniest and most adorable video you’ve made, except for maybe the one where you fell over. Kudos to both you and George. I was laughing along with you at his antics. And I appreciate the new camera! It is far easier to hear you now. The prior videos you have a very soft voice. And Metroid makes an appearance! Yay!

    • Metroid totally wanted to get in on it… I love how he just randomly ran by right after I started the camera, haha πŸ˜› I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Aw man, super – kawaiiness Laura ^o^, I can’t believe how well you sing!
    George was really funny too! XD, also who couldn’t forget Metroid :D. Anyway Laura, it’s nice to see how willing you are to sing and play piano to us all the time. I truly won’t forget how much you’ve done for all of us :).

    • Sorry about the previous comment, I think I made a mistake while posting, please refer to the one after πŸ™‚

    • Thank-you for the comments Stephen ^_^ Oh, and whenever I sign onto Steam again I’ll approve your request! I haven’t really signed on in ages because I’m not currently playing any games there.

  8. Too much kawaii – ness ^_^, Man, Laura you really sing so well, well that’s an understatement, seeing as you sing so beautifully and so peacefully, like a wonderful melody :), and man George was awesome! You guys are really awesome together!! :D, and guys keep on jammin, we’ll be with you till all the way!!! Take care you two, stay safe and God bless!

    Oh and Metroid was adorable ^_^

  9. Good job, was waiting for this for awhile. You should do more of your songs like this. Super fun to watch though looks like you had a good time

    • Thank-you Davixus! Hopefully I can try to come up with some more videos to do πŸ™‚ We did have a good time making it, I wasn’t expecting to crack up so much πŸ˜›

  10. That was the cutest video ever!!!

    • Thank-you makila!

  11. Great video! ^^

    Is it just the camera brightness or do you really have blue eyes? Because here: your eyes look very dark.

    Did you heighten the pitch by a note?

    • Thanks Squall! Hm, you know I should double check, I don’t remember if I recorded the original song in C or Bb… in this video it might be a whole step higher. And about the eye color, I have central heterochromia so there’s a green ring on the outside and a brown ring on the inside… I think the brightness is making it look blue probably.

      • WOW! Now there’s even more for me to idolize you β™₯β™₯β™₯

      • Well I don’t know about the original, but the one during the credits of PvZ was in Bb. I felt a lot more white notes in your video, but I wasn’t sure whether I should call it C, because in the accompaniment I hear more A minor and E minor than actual C major. ^^

        • PS: Now that’s an interesting eye color! ^^

  12. WAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    Cute and funny!


    • Thanks Samu πŸ™‚

  13. YOU’RE FAMOUS NOW!! Haha adorable video! Did you use the webcam? Or still the iPhone? Zombie George is so funny ^^

    • (I didn’t meant to imply you weren’t famous before! ^^;)

    • I was so happy when I first saw that! I couldn’t believe how quickly it spread, especially considering the video’s low production values… I used my new webcam to record it, but as you can see, the brightness/contrast was out of whack. I think this was probably because I couldn’t get enough light at first and ended up turning on all the lights in the room to compensate. Yeah, George is such a goofball, hehe πŸ˜›

  14. […] Laura Shigihara, den Song Zombies On My Lawn fΓΌr Plants vs. Zombies, dem wohl besten Game des letzten Jahres, geschrieben hat kredenzt uns eine Piano-Version ihres eigenen SongsΒ and my heart is melting like ice-cream ❀. Nach dem Klick noch einmal das Original […]

  15. yay finally a plants vs zombies piano version! love it!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Keito!

  16. I saw your video on topless robot and decided to check out your blog and found out some very important things:

    1) You are the most incredible woman on the face of the earth.
    2) I would go on an epic quest (battle dragons, explore ruined temple, etc) just to get a glimpse of you.

    just wanted to share πŸ˜›

    • You bet πŸ˜‰

      • Same here πŸ˜›

    • I don’t think coming such a long hard way just to see isn’t worth it. Wait until she releases her new studio album, get it AND then go and get her autograph, take some pictures, tape some videos, ect… Now that’s worth it.

    • Hehe, thanks for your comment dmnyo ^_^ I just learned about what topless robot was from your comment! I don’t think I’m incredible, I just love making music πŸ˜›

      • You know, that’s why you have so much people who likes you a lot, a lot!

  17. I love watching people have fun and making music! Yay Laura, George, and Metroid!

    • Thanks John! I think Metroid enjoyed his camera time, hehe XD

  18. This version is better than the original! mp3 please πŸ˜›

    • Hi Ed, you’re in luck! Jonathan Rodriguez kindly converted the youtube video to mp3 for me (complete with laughter and me totally messing up in the middle of the song, haha). Here is the link.

  19. Your giggles put a smile on my miserable face. Thank you.

    • I’m glad it could make you smile πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment Dinh!

      • Hmm … that avatar you provided for me suits me well, don’t you think? No need to reply.

        I hope you will go far with your amazing talents.

        • I think mine does too, it’s randomly generated for each user who don’t have an avatar, right? I like mine a lot, and Laura’s too :D:D:D

  20. […] Auto Draft 28-06-2010, 19:48 | En dat wel met het nummer Zombies on Your Lawn. Vrij vertaal: “Zombies op uw gazon” met support van haar vriendje George Fan als de stem van alle zonbies. Weet niet wat je er van vind, maar ik vond het even storend, toch grappig en al met al een nieuwe dimensie aan dat nummer geven. via […]

  21. This was as cute as a kitten wearing a little crown, riding on a pink carriage drawn by a team of tiny baby ducklings through a gingerbread landscape.

    Also, that was the best zombie dolphin impression that I have ever heard!

    Those two things in combination finally made me get around to picking up Plants vs Zombies!

  22. WOW, this is awesome!
    George makes a hilarious zombie..especially the dolphin zombie!

    I love PvZ..did you actually sing the original song?

    Ps – Metroid is a gorgeous cat!!

  23. Bless you, Laura and George, you guys are cool and sweet at the same time… Favourited on my own channel!

  24. Awesome. This was the best part of the game, glad to put a face to the voice.


  25. can someone tells me what is the piano chords for that song? pls..

  26. hey can u tell me where u got that music sheet?…i want the score sheet for piano

  27. could u post a piano sheet? please?

  28. Hello Laura,

    I’m a big big big fan of PVZ. My mum and dad are big fans too and we love all the songs in the game. I’m learning piano now and would love to have the score sheet for this song. Can you please send me a copy to my email pleaeeeze :). Thank you very much.

  29. Hey, I noticed a lot of people wanted the music to this song.
    My friend and I arranged it awhile back, so here are the instrumental parts on my site:

    Unfortunately, it isn’t just for piano, but it should give enough notes to make a piano arrangement in short order. Enjoy!

  30. Sorry, phosgene is my wordpress account πŸ™‚ Please check out the music there


  31. Nice, I recently started playing the piano, and I also recently played the PVZ game.

    the soundtrack is awesome!
    Hope you make more of these

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