Plants vs. Zombies piano versions #5

June 17, 2010 at 1:42 am | Posted in Plants vs. Zombies piano version series | 23 Comments
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For some reason, I had a sudden burst of energy today and decided to record some more piano videos ^_^ For the 5th installment of the series I finally got around to recording “Grasswalk” (the music that plays during the first part of the game):

This next one is called “Cerebrawl”… you can hear it during the more serious mini-games like Vasebreaker. Get it? It’s called Cerebrawl because you have to think more, and you’re having a brawl with the zombies? Ohohoho… I know, it’s so lame. On a side note, if you play as a Hunter in World of Warcraft, you can learn a move called “feign death.” When you cast it, you fall over and groan. I love this move because it’s the best way to respond to dorky jokes. So feel free to feign death in response to all the punniful names I’ve been giving to the PvZ music tracks 🙂

And this last one is actually not from PvZ… I felt like playing Aerith’s theme, which is one of my favorite pieces from Final Fantasy VII. It’s just an improvisation, so it doesn’t sound exactly like the Piano Collections version. I fell in love with the music from Final Fantasy VII even before I got to play the game… I used to make Winamp playlists of the soundtrack so that I could listen to it when falling asleep.


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  1. Great pieces 🙂

    • Thank-you 🙂

  2. Very beautiful pieces! It’s very nice to see that you are very flexible with all kinds of VGM’s even from other games. 😀

    • Thanks Stephen, I actually love to play music from other games… when I was a kid I spent so much time improvising video game pieces instead of practicing my lesson pieces 😛 I ended up having to cram on the day before my piano lessons, hehe.

      • Hehe, oh well, at least we can see where that led too, and I think you really did well. Truly, your piano pieces are really beautiful and if you may allow me to say as beautiful as you.

        • Aw, thanks Stephen 🙂

  3. Reminds me lots of PvZ. all the best for Melolune. 🙂 can’t wait for it to come out 😛

    • Thank-you! I can’t wait to finish it, hehe 😛

  4. Hehe. Cerebrawl. I do love a good pun!

    And I do like Aerith’s theme. I wasn’t as enamored with FF7 music as much as FF6 but that was a good song.

    Excellent performances! I really do hope you get to make a album of the piano versions, as well as pop cap releasing a CD of the soundtrack.

    • The music from FF6 was also very beautiful… I think my favorite piece was “Coin Song”… for some reason the piano version of that piece was so sad to me. Even though it was a very simple arrangement, it always evoked so many feelings everytime I listened to it. I also like the music from the opera scene where Celes impersonates Maria. I actually just recorded that one, so I’ll post a link to it in a sec…

  5. whoa. You love Final Fantasy 7 soundtracks too? How about Final Fantasy 10? Give it a try 🙂 you’ll not regret it. Can’t wait for Melolune too.

    • Oh definitely! FFX has some wonderful music. Like many other people, I really enjoyed “Road to Zanarkand” and the main theme “Suteki da Ne.” The violin in that song was incredibly powerful. And I’m really glad you’re looking forward to Melolune! I’m trying my best to work on it each day 🙂

  6. You are far too awesome, and I want a piano album that much more now! I go back and listen to the piano versions you’ve put out relatively often (I ripped them to FLAC for listening on the computer with no loss of quality)

    • Aw, that’s great to hear 🙂 I think that through these piano videos, I’ve gotten myself back into the habit of practicing the piano, which I’m really happy about. It’s a weird thought that your fingers can actually get out of shape!

  7. oooooooohhhhh…..very nice.:)

    • Thanks Vincent 🙂

  8. argh, you need a ‘subscribe to comments for the is post’ button, that i dont have to submit a comment for 😦 I always forget

    • Haha, no worries 🙂 I’d probably forget to do that too!

  9. Haha based on your comment on stephen’s post…I did the same exact thing during piano lessons, with FF music :P. Your music is beautiful as always; I’m very glad you put up cerebrawl 🙂 it’s one of my favorites, since i spent so much time trying to get the I, Zombie and Vasebreaker achievments :P. It seems like you’re still using your blackberry. I saw a nice webcam recently and actually thought of you the price isn’t to bad, and It has 90 fps! which is the fastest the human eye can detect, so that seems like what you want :P. It usually runs for about 65ish dollars. anyway, keep up those piano pieces 🙂 they’re wonderful.

    • Hehe, yeah I’m still using my iPhone to record these… but actually I did get a webcam! I found the one you recommended (the Logitech 9000 or something like that), I just haven’t gotten it setup yet. I should really get around to doing that soon if I ever want to record any singing-stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!

      And that’s cool you played FF stuff on the piano! What were some of your favorite pieces to play?

    • No point bothering to get a 90 fps camera.
      Y A monitor will only refresh at 60 frames a second, so those extra frames wouldnt be rendered, they would be lost.
      And a constant 24 fps looks very smooth to most people, its what films are recorded it.

  10. Is it possible to get a transciption for piano, of these pieces?
    Id love to play these fantastic tunes, people will ask me where they are from, who composed them.
    Imagine, people actually liking computer game music! 😉

  11. hi laura 😀 ❤ i love your videos.. amm…. i need the sheets for pool stage :c u have? (sorry XD but i dont speak english :$$ )

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