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I need to take a break from working on boss battles in Melolune (too many variables, my brain is gonna explode!!) so I decided to write a quick post asking all of you, “what are your favorite video games and why?” I love this question. It’s always one of the first things I ask people once I find out they play games. Here are mine:

1.) Chrono Trigger

This is by far my favorite game of all time. I love how the story is initially simple, but grows deeper and more complex over time. I still remember how moved I was when I found out one of the major plot twists in the Kingdom of Zeal, and how sad I felt when Azala said to Ayla, “we have no future” ;_; The art was incredibly detailed and beautiful, the music was memorable and evocative, and the gameplay was fun. I hadn’t experienced turn-based battles before, so at first I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t fight enemies the way I did in Secret of Mana… but I quickly acclimated and developed a great appreciation for how balanced everything was, and how fun the double and triple combination attacks were. I remember looking forward to watching the battle animations everytime I learned a new move. The ending was great, and the “New Game+” option made it easy to go through the game again looking for all the fun little secret endings… All in all, it was a fantasic game.

2.) Starcraft

Yes, that’s my Hydralisk figurine which was given to me by George when he still worked at Blizzard.

For starters, one of my secret nerdy-dreams is to someday commentate for a live Starcraft pro-match. I was first introduced to Starcraft back in college. My dorm floor was filled with gamers, and I was naturally curious about this game that everyone seemed to be playing all the time. I decided to ask about it, and soon enough it was installed on my computer and a bunch of people were arguing over how best to teach me how to play. Despite this, the most coherent explanation I got was, “Make guys who will make these buildings, then use the buildings to make armies and go kill stuff.” … Um… yeah… thanks guys… So as you can imagine I didn’t do too well at first. After a while though I decided I wanted to get good, so I played through all the campaigns (I loved the story so much that I ended up reading a few of the novels), and played a bunch on battlenet. I even spent some time playing in Korea, haha… but that’s another story. Basically, it’s an incredibly fun and engaging game (so engaging in fact that I often play a game instead of taking an Advil if I have a headache or leg cramp or something) with a really cool story.

3.) Megaman 5

I love the original NES Megaman series in general, but the reason I chose 5 was because I had such a personal attachment to it as a child. When we had to write about 3 accomplishments in school, I chose overcoming my fear of elevators, something else I can’t remember, and beating Megaman 5. The game was so fun, the levels were the perfect length and the bosses were the perfect level of difficulty… they didn’t frustrate me to the point that I was stressed out afterwards, but they were hard enough that I felt like I had accomplished something when I beat them. The graphics were basically top notch for the NES, and the music was SO GOOD. Oh and I got such a kick out of the intro and ending sequences… (“Protoman!??”)

4.) Yoshi’s Island

Cutest. Game. Ever. There is a level called “Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.” I actually first learned about Shigeru Miyamoto from reading the special Nintendo Power that talked about this game. I remember thinking, “wow, that guy must be so creative to come up with something like this.” Besides being cute and having a really charming art style, the gameplay was excellent… great player control, some of the most interesting and satisfying sidescroller puzzles I’d ever played (like that one bonus level where you have to navigate through a confusing pipe maze)… And I loved how in the very last bit of the ending credits song you can hear the original Super Mario Bros. riff worked into the score as they hold up Baby Luigi and Mario and it says “Our heroes are born!” ^_^

5.) Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

I don’t know how many times I’ve played this game… Yet every single time I play it, I’m just as excited to finally get Zora’s slippers or the magic hammer so I can explore those blocked off areas. I catch myself spending time just exploring the world… I love the little grove where that musician guy (Poe?) is playing his flute for all the forest animals who run away when you get close… I love how you can swim underneath that castle bridge and find a hobo who hooks you up with an extra jar. The dungeon puzzles make you feel smart. The only thing I didn’t like was how in the beginning your uncle says, “Zelda is your…” and then you never find out… she’s my what? My sister? A vampire and here’s a million dollars? (100 points if you get that reference)

It’s tough making this list… there are so many games that I enjoyed that it’s tough to rank them like this. I think my list changes a lot too depending on my mood. Sometimes Secret of Mana is up there, Twilight Princess, E.V.O. The Search for Eden (which is totally one of those games that no one has ever heard of, despite the fact it was awesome and I have a very strong hunch that it inspired Spore), Star Tropics, Maniac Mansion, Megaman 2-4 and ZX, the first Suikoden, Super Mario Bros. 3, Puzzle Fighter, DoTA… So many great games.

So yeah, how about you? What are some of your favorite games? ^_^


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  1. I feel like a big dork but my favorite games growing up were ET on the Atari 2600, BC’s Quest for Tires on the Commodore 64, and Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo 64.

    In college, I only had a 486 and only one game Family Feud. However, I was a total MUDder using the school’s computers. I loved how it was like a digital interactive choose your own adventure book.

    Currently, I like Guild Wars and PvZ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I forgot to mention… The Neverhood for PC and Skull Monkeys for PS1. Those games having amazing graphics and music!

    • That’s cool that you got to experience games from that era… my family’s first system was the NES, but I remember playing Atari games over at my friend’s place. We were late to the party because my parents saw how kids broke into arguments over video games and for the longest time they were like, “we don’t want that in our house!” (They finally caved after Mario 3 came out though)

      Also, your comment inspired me to play Mario64 (but the DS version) because I actually never got to play that.

      • I just realized… I just had the 8-bit NES not the 64. I keep reading all the comments and start remembering more games like Dr. Mario and Duck Hunt. The next door neighbors had a Coleco and I think it only played Pong! or some variation. Wow. This all makes me feel old but really I’m not, LOL!

        One of my friends growing up had a super geeky dad who would take handheld video games, build a console for it that you could sit inside, and make it project to a bigger screen and amplify the sound. I always wanted to go over to their house.

        • Ah, no wonder ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought N64 seemed out of place from Atari 2600 and Commodore 64! I loved the original 8-bit Mario too… I remember the first time we played it was over at a friend’s house. It was like drugs to little kids, we couldn’t pull ourselves away from it… and then after leaving, we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Ahh, Duck Hunt! I just remembered how the dog starts laughing at you if you miss the duck, haha…

          Whoa that’s so cool that your friend’s dad would build those things… the closest thing I’ve seen to that were those racing consoles. I used to go to this recording studio that was right next to a Subaru import store, and one of the guys there built a racing console by connecting car parts (seat, steering wheel, gear shift, etc.) with a PS2 that had Gran Turismo on it.

  2. Hi,Laura,here’s my top 5 video games:
    5:Angry Birds
    Yep,that popular game on the i phone.I really like the graphics,but the game relies too much on luck,since it is almost impossible to aim at the green pigs’ hideouts.
    4:Wipeout Pulse
    Wipeout Pulse,like its predecessors is basically racing in anti gravity crafts and picking up weapons that damage and slow down your opponents’ crafts or items that can give you a speed boost,a shield that makes you invincible for some time or an autopilot program that drives your craft for some time.I enjoy the elimator mode where the aim is to destroy your opponents’ crafts,but after completing campaign mode,the game feels really boring.
    3:Halo 3:ODST
    Halo 3:ODST is about an ODST(Orbital Drop Shock Trooper,basically paratroopers deployed by pods that is controlled by the trooper)
    called’The Rookie’.After an operation gone wrong,he is separated from his squad,and through objects left behind by his squadmates,and has to find out what happened to them.After completing the campaign,there is the ‘Firefight’ mode,where you face off against endless hordes of aliens sent to take you out.You and your team are given 7 lives and once you lose all of them,the game ends.
    2:Plants vs Zombies
    No introduction required here.I love this game for the music(I love your music!),the gameplay and the really amusing note from the zombies every 10 levels.
    1:Halo Wars
    Halo Wars is a game where you control a base and an army.The campaign follows a human starship called ‘Sprit of Fire’.Soon,the crew of Sprit of Fire discovers a plan by the Covenant,a alliance made up of 7 races of aliens bent on destroying Humanity. I don’t know why I play this game so often.Maybe it is the fact that controls are easy to use,or that I feel great watching the enemy’s
    base being destroyed.I just don’t know.

    • Now I want to check out Wipeout Pulse… I haven’t gotten into a racing game since Mario Kart Double Dash, so I’m kind of curious about the idea of racing around in anti-gravity crafts. What system was it for?

      • PSP and PS2(As far as i know)

  3. Shenmue is my favorite game by far. The gameplay, story, music, characters, everything. If you haven’t played it, I suggest you find a Dreamcast and do so!

    • Ah the Dreamcast! What a cool but short-lived system… We actually got one for the sole purpose of playing “Typing of the Dead” which is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played.

  4. I always have a hard time deciding my favourite *anything* but here goes…

    1) Ocarina of Time
    This is hands down the best game I’ve played. I had the fortune of it also being the first major adventure game I’ve played by myself so in many ways Ocarina of Time became the benchmark against which I compare all other games. The Shadow Temple and the zombies still freak me out to this day, solely because of the impressions they left some twelve years ago.

    2) Civilization
    I’m a sucker for world-building games and none does it better than the Civ series. Civilization 2 is probably my preferred game (it is another one of the mythical genre-opener games for me) and the one I’ve spent the most hours with, but nowadays I mostly play Civilization 3. Unfortunately, 4 felt like a step backwards in terms of size and game duration so I mostly stay away from it.

    3) Final Fantasy IV
    This was the game that turned me on to JRPGs in general and Final Fantasy in specific, and it still hasn’t been topped by anything. The story, the execution, the “brilliant” translation… the way it felt like an actual struggle, rather than a bunch of teenagers just loafing about ๐Ÿ™‚

    4) Super Mario 64
    I spent countless hours exploring every nook and cranny of the castle and its surroundings, as well as hunting for all the stars in the game. Donning that winged cap and flying through the air felt like total freedom and unlike any experience any game has ever given me before. I have enjoyed all the Super Mario games, both earlier and later (I even liked and still like Sunshine) but 64 stands above them all.

    5) Lost Eden
    This is a rather unknown game, released by Cryo in ’95. Look it up! The game had stunning music and even though it was a simple point-and-click adventure game, it still gives me the chills to think about it. Oh, and it has dinosaurs!

    I can talk for hours about my preferred games and the experiences I got from them, and if you check back tomorrow they are likely to have changed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ooh, I love finding out about new games through people’s favorites-lists… I’ve never heard of Lost Eden, but the idea of a point-and-click adventure game with dinosaurs is undeniably very intriguing!

  5. I tend to find these lists to be very personal, and I think it says a lot about someone by the age of these games – true gamers, in my opinion, choose games based on the personal impact to them, rather than what they’ve enjoyed most recently.

    Anyway, top five games:
    5) Suikoden V – Ironically, this was the first Suikoden game I played, and I’ve heard that the prior games in the series are much better, so I look forward to playing them even more. 108 Characters! All with their own stories. What a beautiful concept and a wonderful way to integrate sidequests into a game. ๐Ÿ™‚

    4) Xenosaga series – Ok, I will admit to having an entirely unhealthy crush on KOS-MOS. This series took the idea of “game as story” to a new level. engaging characters met with hours and hours of story, and the result, to me, was some of the best storytelling I’ve seen in a long time.

    3) Final Fantasy VII – As much as FFIV introduced me to the idea of a gripping story in a game (see below), FFVII Changed so much about the level of engagement I had with characters. Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and especially Sephiroth were names and personnas ingrained into my consciousness for months. Add to that the extreme jump in production values that came from the move to a disc-based format and I was hooked.

    2) Zelda: LTTP – Like you, I’ve replayed this game more times than I can count. – first on the super NES, then emulated, then finally on the GBA. I’ve never truly nailed down what it is about this game that makes it so replayable, I think it’s the sheer number of accomplishments required to succeed, along with the perfect mix of skill required both mentally, and reflexively, to succeed. The story is light but workable, and there are so very many little minigames that abound. It’s a game I often want to return to, and expect I will continue to do so for some time to come.

    1) Final Fantasy IV (II in the US) – This was, absolutely, my first RPG. It changed everything for me and how I thought about videogames in General. Here was a story of redemption, of ancient civilization, and complexities I could only dream of in a game. It involved personal sacrifice (Poor Palom and Porom!), confronting your fears, everything that was needed to make for a great story.

    thanks for the opportunity to reminisce about all of these wonderful experiences in my gaming career. It saddens me a little that it hasn’t been since the PS2 that I’ve had any new games on my list. That being said, games like Heavy Rain may change all that..

    Take care, Laura.

    • I know what you mean about people remembering games because of the impact the game had on them… It’s interesting to me how games can have such different impacts too. On one hand you have story-based games that really endear the player to the characters… on the other you have games that just made you feel good because of how fun or engaging the gameplay was (I loved games like Puzzle Fighter or Smash Bros. for this reason). And then there are games that just conjure up happy memories for me… like, pulling all-nighters playing crazy LAN games of Starcraft back in the dorms ๐Ÿ˜›

      Oh, and I totally agree that you should check out the older Suikoden games… my favorite is actually the very first one. During the first hour of the game, I thought “oh, this seems boring, the plot is so generic…” but soon after, I started getting really drawn into the plot. At some point I was literally bawling during one of the scenes… I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say it really got to me ๐Ÿ˜› Also, the music was fantastic!

  6. I love the original NES Megaman series in general, but the reason I chose 5 was because I had such a personal attachment to it as a child. When we had to write about 3 accomplishments in school, I chose overcoming my fear of elevators, something else I canโ€™t remember, and beating Megaman 5.

    Okay, that is just plain adorable. My favorite games (in no particular order) are Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Plants vs. Zombies, Ultima V, and Tetris. I have a special spot in my heart for Animal Crossing because it was the first game I played with my niece and nephew. They’d send me letters with fruit or furniture or clothes and then ask, “Uncle Tim, did you get my letter yet??”

    • Aw, that is really sweet ^_^ Animal Crossing is a fantastic game… I’ve played the Gamecube and DS versions and loved both of them. I was so diligent about talking to Brewster everyday, but he never told me the secret of his Pigeon Milk ;_; I’m always hoping they’ll make an add-on that allows you to go on adventures with your AC character ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh boy, here we go…

    1.) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3+4
    Even though they’re wholly different games they share a ton of things in common. I love how deep their battle systems and stories are, and they’re easily the best rpgs (in my mind) that were released in the past decade. You can really insert yourself in the main characters’ shoes (who are literally named Main character in 3 and Protagonist in 4). I love how they incorporated ideas from different religions and philosophies in how they named things (and how the story went), and how you had to follow the strictest calendar known to man to max out all of your social links (relationships with key npc’s that would allow you to develop your personas better, personas being your biggest asset in battle). Overall a tough fun pair of games, that always left me wanting to play them again. (I’m on my 5th play through now ^^; )

    2.)Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
    I love shmups. Like, the kind of shmups that are top down and you have a 1 pixel hitbox, because of the intense array of bullets raining down at you. Perfect Cherry Blossom is my favorite shmup of all time because, well, it just is. It has an amazing soundtrack, and the bullet patterns are just so insane that I feel challenged every time I play it. To me touhou is the best bullet hell shmup series, and perfect cherry blossom is the one I come to back time and time again.

    3.)Super Mario World
    SMW will always be my favorite mario game ever. It’s perfect blend of being old school, yet not alienating; it’s aged perfectly. The drive of finding all of the secret exits to fill up the map was always my favorite part, I remember it being my first game that i truly conqured without any help at all. It felt like such an accomplishment! Though I always felt bad when i had to abandon yoshi to get that extra jump I needed ;_;

    4.) Chrono Trigger
    Because it’s chrono trigger ๐Ÿ˜›

    5.) Maniac Mansion
    It was probably my favorite adventure game ever. I remember figuring out all of the different ways to beat it, with all of the characters. and the music! the music was amazing! and the creepy people that lived in the mansion… and microwaving the hamster… and finding that stupid brick in the dungeon… and the tentacle that wanted soda(?) I loved it!

    That was tough!! And I’m sure that there’s about 7 others that could have filled that 5 spot. But there ya go!

    Oh, and you owe me 100 points! Because Trevor is a vampire and…

    poor trevor…

    • + 100 points! Yay, I’m glad someone caught that! ^_^

      Awesome, I’m so happy there’s some love out there for Maniac Mansion! That game was so hilarious. The only problem was that I found myself getting stuck a lot. As a result I ended up calling the Nintendo hotline, with full knowledge that I’d get grounded at the end of the month when the phone bill came and a 206 number was on there. Man, if only there were internet FAQs back in the 80s!

      • hahaha yeah, I made a few of those calls myself ^_^;; but luckily i had one of those awesome cheat guides you had to use one of those red filters to use… Do you remember those? they were awesome!!

        • Whoa, I don’t think I had anything like that! But I did have the original Star Tropics game (where you had to wet a piece of paper to read the “invisible ink” code, hehe) ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. My faves are AQW,It is a MMORPG game that you will battle monsters make friends if you played and you want to add me my username is Fightinggod_445 and im on Cysero server.World in Conflict,told ya.Ra3 a game made by EA.PvZ (duh!).

    Again if you want to add me here it is:

    Username: Fightinggod_445

    Server: Cysero

    I can be seen at Shadowfall.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Vincent! I don’t think I have enough time to play any other MMORPGs at the moment, but if I’m ever looking for another one I’ll make sure to check it out!

  9. Bomberman, Super Mario Brothers : NES
    Super Mario World : SNES
    Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker : Gamecube
    Legend of Zelda – Minish Cap : GBA
    Pokemon : Gameboy series (1st and 2nd generation only, Pokemon lost its cuteness from 3rd generation and so)
    Megaman X5/X6, Digimon World 2-3 : Playstation
    Ragnarok Online : PC
    and of course PvZ lol

    I love Nintendo (but I also other games as well)

    • I feel the same way about Pokemon… I was really into the first generation (the original 152), I watched the tv show and everything. But after a certain point I lost interest because I didn’t really like the new Pokemon, nor did I like the new 1-dimensional characters like “Tracy the Pokemon photographer.”

      Which color Pokemon did you play? I think I had Blue, but I can’t remember, hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

      • My first cartridge was a Blue Version I borrowed from my neighbor. Funny thing is even though it’s supposed to be blue, my favorite starting Pokemon was actually Bulbasaur. lol

        Then I borrowed Yellow Version from my classmate way back at 5th grade. Pikachu tagging along was enough to “stir my nerdy side”. Too bad no missingno’s were included in this version though.

        My favorite and my very first self-owned cartridge was Gold Version. The sight of Ho-oh triggered a memory of Pokemon’s first episode: where Ash saw a mysterious bird at the end.

        /end of nerd talk :p

        • I think my first version was Blue, too ๐Ÿ˜› But I don’t remember which Pokemon I got first… I do remember using a Drowzee in almost all my battles though, I really liked that guy, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

          Ohhhh that’s what that bird is!! I had always thought it was a Moltres until now!

          • Your Pokemon became confused! It hurt itself during confusion!

            Gack I hate that abnormal status! I was smashing the A button for no apparent reason thinking that it would increase the probability of my Pokemon doing sober attacks. Much like the rumored “hitting the B button when the pokeball opens” method in capturing Pokemon.

            • Hahaha… that totally reminds me of how I’d try to press buttons as fast as I could whenever Blanka started biting my head in Street Fighter II… I never found out if that really helped anything, but all of us did it just in case ๐Ÿ˜‰

              • That’s the reason why most arcade buttons remain depressed when you try to press them, hardcore gamers just whack the poor thing to smithereens.

          • Woops, that reminded me of something.


            • At the risk of looking silly for being so amazed by something like this… Whoa!! That is so cool, I can’t believe I’ve never noticed that before!

              • Reading the Pokedex when you’re bored can be rewarding at times. lol

                Pokerap all the way~

                • Hahaha… I loved the Pokerap!! When I hear the word “Articuno” I immediately think “Jynx, Nidorino, Beedrill, Haunter, Squirtle, Chancey—Pokemon!” (because those directly followed Articuno in the Pokerap) ๐Ÿ˜› I used to have the whole Monday-Friday rap memorized, but I’ve since forgotten a lot of it… I can still do a couple segments though, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • Too little space! Voltorb and Electrode’s silhouette still confuse me up until now.

  10. How could you get a screenshot from one of your favorite games wrong? As the silly, enraged fanboy I am, I must let you know that that screenshot is NOT from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but rather BS Zelda no Densetsu Kodai no Sekiban. Tsk.

    As for my personal favorites, I don’t think I can come up with an ordered list. I think I can pick out 5, though. Let’s see…

    Music game for the PS2. Under-appreciated, but extremely fun. Made by Harmonix who later made Guitar Hero 1, 2 and Rocks the 80’s.

    This game also made it to my list. I am by no means a good player, but I still love it. I’ve always been a fan of the RTS genre, but StarCraft takes the cake. I am also enjoying the StarCraft 2 Beta these days.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    This one, too. It was the first Zelda game I ever played. It’s probably my favorite in the series.

    Donkey Kong Country 2
    I love the whole Donkey Kong Country series on the SNES, but the second is my favorite.

    The Settlers II
    Unlike StarCraft, this is a slow-paced RTS game. It’s pretty unique in many ways.

    That was 5, but there are so many others that deserve a position on that list. To me, it’s all about what I’m in the mood for. The ones listed are some of those that always keep me coming back. Others include Diablo II, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker… and possibly Fallout 3 or Left 4 Dead 1 or 2, if I had to mention a shooter.

    • Aww, I was hoping no one would notice, hehe ๐Ÿ˜› I just really wanted to post a picture of Zora for some reason, and I couldn’t seem to find one from Link to the Past at the time I was writing this post. Amplitude is a great game… actually, my manager (Chuck Doud) was the producer on that game. I never got a chance to play DKC2, but I really enjoyed the original one. I remember raving to people about how good the graphics were… when Crash Bandicoot came out for the original Playstation I was like, what the heck, DKC’s graphics were better than these, and that was a 16-bit system!

    • Ah, I found one! He’s holding up the slippers and everything ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. 1. Chrono Trigger (SNES)
    2. Zelda-Link to the past(Snes)
    3. Megaman X (SNES)
    4. Super Mario World (SNES)
    5. Tales of symphonia (GameCube)

    Not hard to tell what console I grew up with….

    • Yeah, SNES is my favorite console too! What a great system ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. It’s a bit heart tearing, like choosing which of your friends will come to your birthday ’cause you don’t have enough room ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But, here is my list:

    5) Psychonauts
    Goggalor, and The milk is delicious ๐Ÿ˜€

    4) Portal
    One of the closest to perfection. You could feel every details was made with love.
    Some say it is too short, but I feel a longer game would have diluted it

    3) System Shock
    The ancestor of the great Deus Ex.
    This game scared the crap out of me! Great story, ambiance and sound effects.
    An abandoned spaceship with weird noises, few ammunitions and wandering monsters : you never knew when you’ll find one… or the other way around!

    2) Sam and Max: Hits the road
    The very first CD game I bought myself.
    I remember at the time a CD Drive was so expensive, and everybody wondered what was the use of so much space for a videogame ahahah.
    Actualy most of the CD was used to store better music for the game, the game itself would still have fit on some floppies.
    Anyways the game was so great, and I listened to the music with my father’s discman every days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1) Alone in the dark
    One of the first video game I bought myself. I so loved the story and all the Lovecraft references, even though I didn’t knew of Lovecraft yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ : the book that killed you if you read it, the monstruous worm under the house, the frightening dancing ghosts…
    The music was so great too.
    I also remember my love for this game was often meet with frustration, as it still was the dreaded time of DOS.
    But because, or thanks to this game, I soon knew all the arcane of DOS memory management with the HIMEM and EMM386 incantations ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I fixed the tag for ya ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ah, that is a great analogy! It was really tough narrowing it down to 5 games, especially because there are so many games that I feel could fit the 4th and 5th space depending on my mood. People keep mentioning games here that make me think, “Oh yeah, I loved that one too!”

  13. Oops, I actually meant System Shock 2, and I messed up my strong tag for portal :/

  14. 5) Final Fantasy V
    So, let’s start with a Final Fantasy. No worries, it’s the only one in this Top5. For me, it’s the huge variety of jobs and their abilities that make this game more enjoyable than any other Final Fantasy. The possibility to customize every single character really helps me getting involved with them.
    4) The Curse of Monkey Island
    Art. Music. Humor. Absurdness.
    3) Ragnarรถk Online
    I love this game’s soundtrack. This game relativized everything I believed about video game music. Other than that it’s a really great online RPG, but now it’s getting old. Lately, many updates have been somewhat game breaking in my opinion.
    2) WarCraft III
    Actually I like StarCraft about just as much. But I can’t macromanage for my life so I decided to play WarCraft III instead. I like this mix of RTS and RPG along with the colorful graphics. ^^ Didn’t really like the add-on Frozen Throne, tho. That’s why I kept playing Reign of Chaos most of the time.
    1) Alundra
    Honestly, I don’t think this game is better than all the other games I mentioned. But Alundra is special to me because I’ve seen this game at a friend’s long long ago (I think I didn’t even have my SNES yet). Later I realized that Alundra is both a great action adventure and rare (for some reason the game publisher thought that a small circulation would help selling the game). Unfortunately, my friend broke his copy of Alundra by that time. More than ten years later my brother found a used (but working) copy of it and gave it to me as a christmas present. I can’t describe how it felt to play a game for the first time in ten years. But I think you now understand why Alundra is special to me.

    • You know what’s weird… I still haven’t played the Warcraft III campaigns! I’ve seen the cinematics a bunch of times, and I’m totally addicted to DoTA (WC3 mod), but I haven’t actually played the game all the way through. It is definitely on my list of things to do though, I really want to know more about Rexxar’s background ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. 1. Zelda: Ocarina of time, by FAR. Got the original gold cart too.
    2. Super Smash Bros. Melee (gamecube). This was my college procrastination tool.

    No other games deserve mention.

    • BTW I notice you still use your OCF account hahah…they never delete those.

      • Hahaha… yeah, back in college I had a few friends who were on OCF staff and they kept trying to convince me to sign up. They were like, “you can essentially keep it forever!”

    • Man, we played so much Super Smash Bros. back in college (both the N64 and the Gamecube versions). I have a special place in my heart for the N64 one though; despite the low polygon graphics, for some reason I just had so much more fun playing as Yoshi! Have you tried out the Wii one yet?

  16. What the heck! Philippines is in rainy weather.

  17. 1.) Super Mario Bros. 2 – I was the only one of my friends who actually liked this game. I liked how you could choose your character, and I liked how Princess hovered. Attacking enemies by picking up and throwing things at them was a nice change of pace, too.

    2.) Zelda Wind Waker – This is another example of how I’m in the minority when it comes to which games I like… Most people choose Link to the Past or Ocarina as their favorite Zelda game, but I actually really liked this one. The main reason was because the art style made me feel as though I was controlling a cartoon character. Even though the newer DS Zelda games are like this too, I don’t like how I can’t use the control pad to move my character.

    3.) Plants vs. Zombies – My whole family plays this game. A lot. I mean, all of us have the golden trophy, all of us can sing the ending theme, all of us have lost sleep over it (in a good way of course)…

    4.) Portal – Great puzzles, hilarious dialogue, awesome ending song surpassed in epicness/coolness only by a certain song about plants and zombies ๐Ÿ˜›

    5.) Street Fighter 2 – My friends and I memorized all the different moves right when we got the game and then spent countless afternoons challenging one another when we got home from school.

    • Oh my gosh, I completely agree with you about the whole control pad thing!! I absolutely hate how they force you to use the stylus to move around! Good player control is so important to me, and I feel that the player control just isn’t as good when you’re using a stylus in this type of game… I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that when you use a control pad, your point of reference is the character… whereas your point of reference when using a stylus is where you want your character to move to (if that makes sense).

      • That makes perfect sense! In fact, you’ve basically articulated a concept that I’ve been having a really hard time getting across, so thank-you for this! I hope you don’t mind if I tell people about the whole point of reference thing. My other qualm about using the stylus is that in using it my hand will often block the screen, which as you can imagine is very annoying (especially during critical moments when your full attention is required). I’m not sure if this is a problem for everyone though, especially folks with small hands.

        • I don’t mind at all! In fact, please tell more people, haha… maybe word will get around to Nintendo and they’ll make their next Zelda game with people like us in mind ๐Ÿ˜› About the hand thing: it bothers me too, and I have very small hands (I always buy children’s mittens/gloves).

      • Plus it’s hard to use Link’s signature spin-attack with the current stylus setup, or is it just me. :/

        This is the reason why I prefer GBA’s Minish Cap/4-Sword Adventures over the newer Legend of Zelda DS Games.

        • I’m totally with ya on the spin-attack thing ๐Ÿ™‚ The battle feels kind of awkward compared to when you can use the control pad I think. Is Minish Cap the same game as the one where you can hook up the GBA to the Gamecube and play with 4 different people, or is that a different one? If it’s different, then I still have to check it out!

          • It’s different. The one where you need four players (either linked to one another or the GC console) is Legend of Zelda : Four Swords. The GBA version came with Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past and Legend of Zelda : Four Swords combo, so it’s pretty nifty.

            I prefer the cartoony Zelda games over the serious ones like OOT and TP. Minish Cap is original in its own way, I really hope you will like it!

            • Ah, that’s great news, I don’t know how this game managed to slip under my radar. George just told me that he has a copy of it so I’m going to borrow it from him and check it out… I can’t wait! If it’s anything like Link to the Past then I’m sure I’ll like it a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

              • It’s more similar to Four Swords than in LTTP when it comes to gameplay, but the plot is a little bit complex and cute at the same time. Too bad Link can only say “Hah!” in this version.

              • Is thinking of re-doing this game. Failed to acquire the Light Arrows so a 100% completion is impossible. Some quests must be done BEFORE moving on the story, that’s why I failed to get the arrows last time. But I managed to beat the boss anyway. ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. I can’t believe I didn’t mention this game somewhere in the original post: Little Nemo the Dream Master.

    I love this game. Besides being an incredibly fun sidescroller with a charming art style, and fantastic music (as many Capcom NES games had), it had a really interesting gameplay mechanic that I hadn’t experienced before. You could feed candy to different animals which would cause them to fall asleep… at which point you could either ride them (or transform into them) in order to access different parts of the world. The bee for example would help you fly to high places, the lizard let you fit through small paths, the mouse could walk up walls, etc.

    • That game was one of my favorites and I had completely forgotten about it! There are way too many games I have played and don’t remember because the collection in my head keeps filling up O_o. I always loved taking the bee and flying all over the place, as well as jumping into every pit to see if the pit actually had a secret passage in it. That always cost me many a deaths in Little Nemo and Megaman.

  19. Favorite Video Games? Tough question . . .

    5.) Plants Vs Zombies

    – The game was superb, hands down. Nearly everything about it was good. It retained simple yet addicting game play, fantastic even more addicting music and over the top kawaii – ness. The only negative thing about it is that it’s so addicting that I actually had to stop and catch up on my school work O_O. Oh, and Zombies on Your Lawn? Epic.

    4.) Portal

    – Mind blowing, head boggling and brain dropping fun. A odd twist from the traditional Valve shoot-em-up games, it was one of the oddest yet most addicting puzzle adventure. The negative thing is that only of the short game play, requiring only some hours to finish the game. Oh, and who couldn’t forget Still Alive? I certainly didn’t . . .

    3.) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    – What can I say, Beautiful melodies, unique game play and a gripping story. This truly was a piece of art. Although, oddly enough this was my first Zelda game, it certainly didn’t fail to make me addicted to the series.

    2.) Heroes of Might and Magic

    – Ahhh, one of my very first games, A true classic. A very beautiful and exciting strategy game that got me hooked in the first five minutes. Although it being a very old game, quite a number years older than the ones above, it still never fails to impress me to this day. I just wonder if people find it weird that I tend to like games a couple of years older than games of this age and decade.

    1.) Metal Gear Solid 4

    Truly a masterpiece by Hideo Kojima, one of the best games ever. I never got tired of this game, and to a point even up to now, It’s still pretty good. With so many options, secrets and easter eggs in this game, I never got boring. It’s also got a very good replay value. Hands down, one of the best games.

    • I don’t think it’s weird at all that you like older games ^_^ Come to think of it, my top 5 is comprised entirely of older games! I also really loved Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it was so much fun (albeit incredibly challenging at times… like the caravan part, or the undersea dungeon). I like any game that is beautiful enough to make me want to spend time exploring the world… and believe me, I spent a *ton* of time exploring in that game, haha ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Yup, Twilight Princess was such an awesome game! I often loved just riding around on Epona in Hyrule Field just to listen to the music, it truly felt great. Also, the addition of Wolf Link was a nice touch to the game, I really loved that part. What about you? What was your favorite/saddest part in the game?

        • Yeah, I thought they did a great job with the wolf. I liked how you could follow someone’s scent, talk to animals that you couldn’t otherwise communicate with, and howl songs at the moon. It was all very creative and charming. I also think that even though there wasn’t an in-depth story with lots of dialogue (like with rpgs), I still felt very much a part of the world they created… I was amazed by how my opinion of the Imp character changed throughout the game. In the beginning I hated her so much, I couldn’t even explain why… but by the end, I was very endeared to her; I thought they did an excellent job with that. I liked the Goran hot springs (because I love hot springs and bath houses), and I really just enjoyed exploring the world… the environment, music, and ambience were all beautiful.

          • Yeah, I completely agree with you on the little imp, Midna. I really did begin to dislike her in the beginning, but over the story my view of her began to change for the better. I really love these games where you can actually feel a bit of what the character your playing feels like. I really wanted a sequel to this awesome game. Sadly, haven’t heard news of one at all.
            PS: The ending of the game was really sad for me.

            • Although I know a new Wii Zelda is coming out this year, I heard that it’s supposed to be fairly different… I think they got rid of the typical dungeon format and have more of a focus on storyline, but I’m not really sure (most of it is just from online rumors). I’m certainly excited for it though! It’s been a long time… perhaps I’ll go back and replay Twilight Princess to prepare myself, hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Very tough question…
    1.Persona Innocent Sin
    The first part of the second game…Eternal punishment being the second part. I love everything about it!
    2.Earth Bound 1,2 and 3
    Epic. That sums it up.
    3.Chrono Trigger
    Me LOVES this game! The soundtrack made me cry the first time I played it.
    4.Silent Hill
    Frigging amazing! The story always made me greedy for more!
    5. Zelda : Link To the Past
    …Kill stuff…Awesome…
    6. Megaman Series.
    Every megaman game…Battle network is fun and has a deep story…Also I finnaly beat MM1 after 10 years ๐Ÿ˜€
    7.Diablo 1,2 and …3?
    I Adore diablo! It was one of the first games I played when I first owned a pc…Awesome…
    8.Starcraft , WC3 and DotA
    Blizzard always amazed me…With one exception…WoW…Shitty MMO…
    I love the battle system and controls so much!
    10.All the classic 3D shooters.
    Doom,Quake,Heretic… I grew up with this stuff… I love it…

    I can’t really talk about all my favorite games in a list… I can only talk per console…

    1.Earth Bound
    2.Chrono Trigger
    3.Soul Blazer , Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma

    2.Super Mario Bros

    …Jeez too lazy to type any more…

    • That’s cool you play DoTA ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that game… which heroes do you like to use? My favorites are Beast Master and Ursa.

    • Finally! Someone mentioned Illusion of Gaia, Soul Blazer, and the epic Terranigma. Terranigma was such a gem of a game for the SNES that so few people know about, and it had such a deeply sad ending that it actually made me tear up more then any other game. Soul Blazer for some reason I never finished but I loved what I had played O_o. Illusion of Gaia was awesome, another great game, but unfortunately one of the many I no longer remember well.

  21. Since I couldn’t find your e-mail:

    I’m from the wiki on Plants vs. Zombies (at plantsvszombies.wikia.com) and some of us were wondering whether you would come and post some of your music videos of the different themes. We’d be honored to have you as a contributor.

    • Hi Swampert! I’d love to, but I don’t really know how… If you show me how to do it, I’d be happy to contribute!

  22. here’s the games that i like.

    Playstation 1,2, PSP

    5. Final Fantasy series

    Love this game. The story of the game is awesome and gameplay is great. That’s why it is one of the popular game ever played. Oh, love the movie too!

    Gameboy Advance

    Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town

    This is the best game I played on my gameboy advance. I love the way I plant , harvest , and earn money.


    Plants vs Zombies

    All I can say was AWESOME.

    I almost forgot , PvZ are popular in Philippines too!

    • I love the Harvest Moon series… the first one I played was for the Super Nintendo, but I also played Friends of Mineral Town (the girl version) and enjoyed it a lot.

      • I played HM too when I was little. At that time, I thought anyone could “marry” anybody by giving them random farm stuff.

        • I was surprised when i’ve known that even kappa ( the green weird at the mother’s hill pond ) can be married and have a kid too in Harvest Moon Fomt

          • Whoa seriously?? You can marry and have kids with the kappa? What do the kids look like?

  23. Favorite video games:

    1. Portal – and I figured out how to not kill the companion cube and still continue!
    2. Plants vs. Zombies
    3. Fate
    4. Assorted Pokemon games

    • Wait really?? You can pass the game and not have to kill the companion cube? How do you do this? I never personally passed Portal because I couldn’t bring myself to kill the companion cube ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I found what seems to be a possible glitch when collecting radios for an achievement. If you hold the companion cube over the incinerator, if the cube is in the right position when it closes the cube should be stuck in the half-closed incinerator. I haven’t tested this yet but it seems to be true based on experience with other in-game doors.

        • Ah that’s cool, you’ll have to let me know if it works or not! I still wish you could somehow bring the cube with you, hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. 1. Breath of Fire III – I just love the story, battle mode is a lot of fun, the music is great, even if you finish the game, there’s still a lot of stuff that you can discover, it was the first RPG i ever played maaaaany years ago on my PSX ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Chrono Trigger – I don’t think I have to point out what a great story this game has, music in this game is amazing

    3. ๅคช้ผ“ใฎ้”ไบบ (Taiko no Tatsujin) – i have both games on my nintendo DS, i play them at least once a week ever since they were released, spent maaaaany hours playing

    4. Red Alert 2/3 – I love to play those games, it’s a lot of fun to play with friends

    5. Plants Vs Zombies – finished the game many times, and I like to go back to it every now and then

    There’s many more games I love, but the list would be huge if I started to point them out, so I’m gonna leave it at top 5.

    • Although I haven’t played Red Alert before, I’ve always been tempted to check it out because I heard it was like Starcraft. The “engineering” soundbite also cracks me up ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I couldn’t think of a better place to put this than the latest entry, so forgive me if there’s a better place to have posted it!

    I just read the IndieGames.com interview with you, Alec Holowka, etc, and realized it wasn’t yet mentioned here, so I came to suggest that you do just that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure a lot of people who might be interested don’t know about it.

    Link to Interview: http://www.indiegames.com/blog/2010/06/gdc_music_chat_baiyon_danny_b_1.html

    • Thanks Atreus, that’s a good idea! Doing that interview was actually a lot of fun. We met at this Japanese restaurant during GDC and just talked about random music stuff the whole time ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. There are so many games that I loved and affected me throughout my life that It is hard to list a top, so I will just simply list 5 of the games that made me either ball like a baby for how sad or amazing it was, or games that had such epic endings it totally made up for the entire game (one of my biggest requirements for an epic game is an epic or multiple endings)

    SNES – Chrono Trigger – This game had a vast amount of endings, some of which were quite sad and touching. The story was also very sad yet so powerful and mesmerizing. By far one of my favorites.

    SNES – Final Fantasy VI – Final Fantasy 4 and 5 were great games and I did love the job system too, but Final Fantasy 6’s story just blew the gameplay of the other two straight out of the water. One of my first long and epic RPG’s played, the story and graphics for FF6 surpassed anything I had ever seen before, and I honestly think FF6 was the crysis of the SNES at its time. The ending of FF6 is also by far the most epic, longest, most amazing ending I have ever experienced. You HAVE to see it at least once, if not by beating the game then by you tubing it.

    In fact here is the links to all three endings. its over 20 minutes long! I think that’s the longest SNES ending ever, and probably longer then most games now!

    *The sound is a bit bad quality, but it is because of the upload and its the GBA version which did not have as good of a sound quality as the SNES*

    SNES – Terranigma – By far one of the most awesome and mesmerizing RPG’s I have ever played. Being able to grow the cities around you and mold the entire world based upon the actions you take during the game is just simply awesome and fun. Also by far one of the saddest endings ever.

    SNES – Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals – This game was so fun I just could not put it down when I first bought it for the SNES. I played this game for hours upon hours upon hours trying to make my way to the bottom of the Ancient Cave, a randomly generated dungeon that is 99 floors deep and forces you to start at lv 1, with no equipment and spells, and somehow make your way from 1 to 99 and beat the final boss. This game was one of my favorites too, and had some memorable scenes in it too as well as a very sad ending.

    There are a plethora of other games I absolutely love like Breath of Fire 3, Psychonauts, Secret of Mana 1 and 2, Secret of Evermore, EVE – The Search for Eden, etc. Most of them I no longer remember, some I do. The SNES was by far my favorite system though.

    • sorry bout the blockieness of that post, forgot that it wont let me do new line whitespace.

      • Oh, no worries ๐Ÿ™‚ I only recently figured out how to create separation between paragraphs in these wordpress comments. I just skip a line, type a dash, and then write on the next line… like this:

        Hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

    • That reminds me that I still haven’t gone back and finished the GBA-version of FF6… I started it a long time ago during a trip, and I think I stopped playing around the town of Zozo ๐Ÿ™‚ I really loved that game back on the SNES… such beautiful music and a really touching story. Even the first story arc you encounter with the ghost train was enough to make me tear up.

      You know, I’ve been meaning to play Terranigma for a while now… my boyfriend recommended it to me a few years back. I should really check it out. And that’s cool someone else has heard of E.V.O. The Search for Eden… that was a really random and not well known game, but I enjoyed it a lot.

      • ya EVO is just amazing, and I really think you will like Terranigma Laura because it is somewhat the same as EVO. In EVO you evolve from a fish to a human, where as in Terranigma you literally raise the very earth from a single sea, to empty land masses, to a world covered in plant life, to a world with animals, to a world with humans. You literally shape the world from nothing to a living, breathing civilization with technology and all. It is almost like you play as a god walking among the rest of the people in the game, it is truly awesome. If you ever get the opportunity, you must play it. I am actually in the process of playing it again myself right now from how hyped I feel from talking about it ^_^. – I think I got that right O_o. Anyways I have never played the GBA version of FF6. It really was a great game with good music and a very expansive story. There are just too many games out there though, and unfortunately most old style turn based rpg’s I cannot stand replaying anymore, though the action ones like Terranigma I can replay and enjoy. – Now that I think of it, I need to replay Breath of Fire 3. I never beat that game, and I only got roughly 1/5th through it before loosing my save and quitting it.

        • Darn it, still didnt get it right.

          Wanted to test it one last time again…

          • It worked that time ๐Ÿ˜›

            • Awesome ^_^

  27. Shigi, that’s like asking a parent to point out their favorite child in front of all 8 of their children. It’s really tough! But here goes.

    1. Chrono Trigger

    Is ANYONE SURPRISED that it’s on so many people’s top lists? At all? I mean this game, this freakin’ wonderful game caused me to cry manly tears like, 12 times! (YES they WERE MANLY even though I was 10!) I still listen to the soundtrack today, and get that warm fuzzy reminiscent feeling whenever I listen to Epilogue, or Marle’s Theme. The story had me glued to the screen, forcing out hours of leveling, just to see what happens next, being BLASTED AWAY by seeing the changes made from past to future done by my own hands, forging friends out of old enemies, hostility cloaked in hospitality, saving humankind on like, 5 different accounts, (I might be off by 1 or 2…) ((SPOILERS)) They even had me thinking the main character died for a bit!! What fantastic and gut wrenching storytelling! Everything about this game was so memorable, it hurt! After beating the game, I didn’t have the heart to turn the system off for like 3 hours. It was a bittersweet moment. Then I played the HECK out of new game +.

    2. Super Mario Brothers

    Alright, so this isn’t exactly my favorite to play, but it has a deep sentimental value to me. The game was released to North America in 1986, and my dad bought it on my first birthday. I remember watching him play for a few hours here and there, getting further in the game every time. At the age of three, I sat next to him, as he played, then he paused to look at me. “You wanna learn to play?” “I dunno how.” “Here, I’ll teach you.” He set the controller in my hand, and taught me the basics. Sure, I got killed by that first goomba like, 30 times, but ever since then my gaming habits were full steam ahead.

    3. Zelda 64

    So yes, I HAVE played the previous Zelda’s, saved princess Zelda 3 times, found the bomb-able tree (through the help of Nintendo Power of course) screamed at the man who called himself ERROR, and made some darn good use of that handy boomerang. But when 6th grade rolled along, a new Nintendo system was borne. They called it 64. Nintendo 64. And I begged and I begged, I got on my knees, forehead to the floor, promising a world of chores, and I begged some more, but alas, my mom wouldn’t have it. “Your too addicted to these things!” She’d say. “Your brain will rot away!” She claimed. And that was that. An year later, during 7th grade, a brilliant idea struck me. A starvation strike. A sneaky one, oh, my parents wouldn’t have a CLUE that I’m on a starvation strike, because I’d eat at home, and act completely normal. But every week, I’d get a fresh 20 dollar bill in my little hands for lunch at school. And I refused to eat school food. Week after week, collecting 20 dollars each time, finally, two months rolls by and I had enough to buy me a 64. But it wasn’t ready yet. A game I had been hoping to play for 3 years had finally been announced to come to fruition. I had another 60$ to go. 3 weeks later, I marched my victorious self 3 miles to the nearest Target, slammed down my money, bought the Nintendo 64 and a reserved copy of Zelda 64 gold cartridge, and marched back home with a grin going cheek to cheek. When Zelda 64 finally hit the shelves, I hit the ground running. It was a school day, but I didn’t give it a second thought. 6 AM is when Target opened, and 6 AM was when I was huffing and puffing at the sliding glass doors. And when I played the game, the mood, emotion, and appreciation was oh SO MUCH sweeter than most other kids who got it the easy way. It was a victory won by me. I can still replay this game with a high level of enthusiasm and joy, and knowing that this game will be revamped for the 3DS, I have no words for joy, just excited gasps and noises that just can’t seem to form words.

    4. Megaman 3

    I would sometimes just turn the game on to hear the background songs as I clean my room or read comics. This was the one Megaman that I could beat in one sitting without the use of passwords. I was able to perfect Snake Man and his level. I made a ton of friends in school with the line, “Wanna come over to play some Megaman?”. We even found out about the second player controller trick, without any use of the guide. I couldn’t get enough of this game. PS, I loved Megaman 2 music even more, but Dr. Wily’s castle stages were just so frustrating! That dragon always knocked me off like, 70% of the time!

    5. Snowboard Kids (1 and 2 [you have to let me call both])

    1 out of every 300 people I meet might know what Snowboard Kids is. 1 out of those 300 people who know what it is, have owned one. But anyone who’s played a Snowboard Kids is part of the Snowboard Kids cult following. In short, imagine Mario Kart 64, but replace everything with a snowboarding race theme, and there you have it. I don’t know what it is, and I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but I’ve put at least more hours into that game than Final Fantasy 3, 4, 6, 7 and Tactics all mashed together. I’ve practiced to perfect every turn and every movement, I’ve practiced to aim my shot exactly right, and dodge just as well. I’ve played my friends and cousins for countless hours, whenever they came over, that was the choice game that everyone wanted to play. The music is gorgeous! I tape recorded the music so I could listen to it at school! I don’t know why, but the extremely simple, one dimensional personality characters interacting and getting along as a group in part 2’s story always just made me feel so happy. The simple ending animation always felt bittersweet, like seeing friends leave for the day or something to that emotion. I was heartbroken when Atlus bought the rights to the game, and then had the nerve to poop all over it with Snowboard Kids DS. It was such a terrible failure that Snowboard Kids will never be made again! I only hope and pray that someday I might see it on Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console. God I hope I will.

  28. hi laura! i just came to know you the other day when a friend of mine posted your piano video. i play PvZ but never got the chance to research on the composer. and since i’ve read your blog, i do hear alot of megaman influence in your music. you have an amazing talent. keep it up..

    oh, oh.. btw, my favorite game of all time is link to the past. =) although, i have the soundtracks for almost all the FF games.


  29. The Metroid series is definitely numero uno on my imaginary list. I think Metroid Prime, the first one, is my favorite.

    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is perhaps my second.

    Third, Pokemon Gold (by far my favorite of the series).

    I have to have something from Mario, since I grew up with it. So, I’ll go with Super Mario World? I’m not sure on this one.

    • The reasons:

      For Metroid Prime or any of the Metroid series, I always enjoyed earning or finding power-ups to access
      or advance to areas previously inaccessible with my current arsenal of weapons. I preferred Metroid Prime due to the ability to scan environments, objects, enemies, etc. Echoes was good, but it had some really annoying enemies, and you are actually forced to watch your ammo. Corruption was pretty good, but it just could not top the first one.

      Wind Waker: pretty much the same reason as Metroid Prime and your reasons for Link to the Past. I enjoyed the beautiful and unique cartoony style of the game. I loved to explore and sail the sea, and I love the music.

      Pokemon Gold: well, I love raising animals, so I love raising Pokemon. As to why I chose Gold, I have no clue. The other Pokemon games just don’t seem appealing to me.

      Mario: it is just plain unadulterated fun. Personally, I am getting pretty tired and bored of these tedious and realistic first-person military shooters. I miss the creativity and uniqueness of games. I am glad Mario is still kicking after all these years. Have you played Super Mario Galaxy 2? It is absolutely creative, imaginative, and fun. There’s also Yoshi!

  30. 1. Secret of Mana
    fantastic world and great characters. beautiful story and awesome dialogues (the German version was made hilariously, it’s so much more fun than the original text work) – first game I ever played in co-op, first rpg I ever played apart from pen and paper. the music is fantastic, metal made midi paired with an incredible game score.
    2. Secret of Evermore
    like in SoM this game is pure fun because of the German translators who did an awesome job and did their own work. far more fun than the original text work again. i loved the idea of alchemy for the spell system and the feeling that you are NEVER able to see, and play through the whole game, because there are always and everywhere secrets, new formulae and hidden passages that are not necessary to play through the story.
    3. Deus Ex
    dark and innovative cyborg drama / thriller. any game that gives me the feeling of living a good movie could stand here instead of Deus Ex. i consumed every bit of this game, it’s small but relevant rpg features though it’s a fp shooter. the story was amazing, dramatic, full of turns and taking sides. the characters were unique, your actions ones of consequences. an interactive cyber thriller with dramatic turns!
    4. Outcast
    the most beautiful game I played that time. the amazing game score by the moskva simphony orchestra gave this open world game the last bit of perfection. fun, great story, action and a detailled society in a new world you can explore through “stargates”. I am so longing for the final “Open Outcast”. The voxel engine did a great job to create this world beautifully and at that time graphically awesome! Sadly it was a flop concerning sells and is still a rarely known game.
    5. Illusion of Time
    Woho, mysticism and a dramatic character development made this an unique experience until today.

    in this top 5 there could also stand equally: Monkey Island 3, Baldurs Gate 1 + 2, Starwing, Dark Forces, Lands of Lore, Dungeon Keeper, Starcraft, Warcraft 1 – 2, Lost Vikings, Zelda – A link to the past, the Gameboy Zeldas, Mystic Quest (the SoM MQ for GB AND the SNES MQ of a different universe) Outlaws, Half Life … i really mean it, they fit all the top 5 – you cant have favorite children either ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Most awaited hopes: Open Outcast, Deus Ex 3 (part 2 was a pure dissapointment)and well – Bioware, just everything that may come.

  31. My current five fave’s:

    #5: Pokemon Crystal Version
    Because it was my first ever RPG and hand held game, and I still play it.

    #5: Melolune
    The only reason this isn’t higher, is because its not complete yet, but it still one of my top five anyway. (not just to win brownie points) Your game has successfully hocked me, my brother, and my friend as well as gotten a compliment on the music by my mother (a musician in her own right). The story is wonderful, the music is amazing, the maps are beautiful, and the whole fact that it’s currently just a demo has both my brother and I on “Melolune Watch” for any updates on this wonderful game. In fact its currently the only game my brother is waiting to come out at the moment, now that star craft 2 has come out. (Its just one of many for me though…But by far the most anticipated one.)
    Truly awesome, and free! It makes me happy just seeing the little icon for it on my desktop.

    #3: Emerald City Confidential
    (just gonna borrow part of a summary from the official site…)
    “The magical land of Oz, as written by L. Frank Baum, is put through the gritty filter of 1940s film noir. Harsh city streets, grey rainy skies, femmes fatales, tough guys, trenchcoats, fedoras and plot twists. It’s Oz, seen through the eyes of Raymond Chandler.”
    …Or otherwise, pure awesome, with character’s you love, and just enough play time to feel like it was worth playing. (not to mention the fantastic graphics and puzzles.)

    #2: Syberia
    Syberia is a beautiful 3D point and click adventure that is, at times, more story with puzzles than game.
    I first discovered it for DS, while browsing about online for some new games to play. It interested me, but I soon forgot about it, never finding it in stores.
    Then just a few months ago while looking for a new game to play, I came across it again, only this time for computer. Deciding that the price was just to good to pass up ($7.00!) I bought it, downloaded it, and began to play. After a frustrating few minutes of trying to figure out how to open up the menu, I soon discovered the gem I had unearthed.
    It was long, it was twisting, it was challenging, it was touching, the characters were well, real. And by the end of the journey, the end of the game really, you almost felt like you knew them.
    Plus there’s a sequel, Syberia 2, so that’s always a plus.
    Definitely a game to check out if your in the mood for a fantastic story, and some amazing locations!

    #1: Drawn: The Painted Tower
    There’s a bit of a story that goes with this one. I was wandering through the electronics section at the local Walmart while on a shopping trip with my parents, just before Christmas, and I caught sight of this game with an amazing cover. All blue and painting-y and calling out to me to pick it up and take a look. Well, never one to deny interesting covers, I took a look, and instantly fell in love. The screen shots were as beautiful as the cover, and the summary simply made me want more. When I glanced at the price I knew I simply had to have it; at only ten bucks it was a steal! After convincing my parents to buy it for me, I then had to wait a few sad weeks to play it because it was to be a Christmas present. Then came Christmas day, the game became mine, and I fell in love.
    I was immediately pulled into the game as soon as it began. The graphics enchanted me, the music was simply perfect, the puzzles challenged me, and I could never ask for a better story. Half way through the game when I found out the enemy was coming, I think my heart stopped for a moment.
    Sadly it was not a very long game. An evening of play time, and it was over. And it ended on something of a “To Be Continued”!
    Happily there is a sequel! That just got released!
    An amazing game if you’d like something short, and with some amazing graphics.

  32. Hey, Laura! I agree with your list except instead of Mega Man 5, I say Mega Man X for SNES because it totally 1-up’d all the NES games :P……I also had to play Chrono Trigger again since you mentioned it ;D

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