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What a rush! I’m playing Rise of the Eldrazi release events now and I just had a very exciting game. Let me start by saying, oh my gosh, this card is really fun in limited:

This was my last round:
Turn 1: land
Turn 2: land, overgrown battlement
Turn 3: land, kozilek’s predator
Turn 4: land, emrakul’s hatcher
Turn 5: gigantomancer (total mana including Eldrazi spawn tokens: 10… 10 on turn 5 in limited!! I love this set!!)
Turn 6: alpha strike and make all five of my guys into 7/7s, he blocks with his two creatures, I get through for 21 damage. It felt really good since I had to mulligan to 4 the first game.

I was also kind of excited about the fact that I still had 2 brood birthings in my hand… I could have had 16 mana on turn 6 in a limited sealed game. That’s Emrakul-range. On turn 6. Man I’m such a Timmy.

So is anyone else out there playing this set? What do you think of it?


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  1. Yes, the new set is AWESOME. Huge creatures, Level Up… it’s like
    everything about the set is built to maximize fun. They should make more magic sets like this one.

    I haven’t gotten to play any turn 5 Gigantomancers yet, but I did manage to use Traitorous Instinct and Echo Mage to steal 2 of my opponent’s 7/7 creatures, attack with them, then sacrifice them to Bloodthrone Vampire before he could get them back. Borrowin! Without Askin!

    • Borrowin! Without Askin!
      101 stupid things to do!

      Hahaha… that must have been so awesome! You already know this, but I’ve been secretly trying to build a deck with Traitorous Instinct and Bloodthrone Vampire so I could do the crazy steal and sack move. It would be especially satisfying if you could do it on a creature that was being really annoying the whole game, haha 😛

  2. When im was a child i play card games

    • That’s cool, yeah I still like a lot of regular card games. I got into Magic about 4 years ago now… it’s addictive once you learn how to play.

  3. Yeah this set is great. I like how Wizards made it so that you could actually play all these big insane creatures. I haven’t gotten to play Emrakul yet, but I’ve had a bunch of games where I used 1-2 Ulamogs Crushers in my deck.

    • I know right? In other sets it’s really tough to integrate such huge creatures because of the mana cost… and if you do get to play something big and fun, it usually gets terrored right away anyway. The Crushers are great! I got to play a Pathrazer of Ulamog recently, too (I think that’s his name… the one that “can’t be blocked except by 3 or more creatures” and Annihilator 3), and he was great.

  4. Hi Laura, always liked reading your website after being exposed to the awesomeness that was PvZ and its beyond adorable music video.

    In regards to Rise of the Eldrazi, I can’t stand to no end how my friend keeps getting those annihilators out within a handful of turns due to quick mana >_<. It is not fun having to fight a 10/10 annihilate 2 trample Eldrazi spawn (which has killed me a few times out of simple humor). But all in all I do like the set, especially the levelers. It is quite satisfying to steal your opponents Transcendent Master and then level it up so you can fight back with your very own 9/9 lifelink indestructible. Or stealing a chronomage so you can have an extra turn every turn. I guess its also fun to just bring them out yourself too ^_^.

    I actually just recently started playing magic again with some friends so I had not collected too much of Worldwake or Zendikar, but I liked Worldwake just as much as Rise. I think mainly since it has fun elves, my favorites ^_^.

    • O ya I almost forgot, have you gotten a Spawnshire out yet? My friend made a deck dedicated around Spawnshire. Since for 20 mana it can bring out an entire sideboard worth of Eldrazi straight into play, my friend uses it to cast 12 Eldrazi that all produce Eldrazi Spawn and 3 Ulamog Crushers, then either sacrifices them to an Ashnod’s Altar (2 mana for sacrificing a creature, he usually has around 20-30 spawns now) to fireball everyone for 20, or he brings out a Broodwarden that makes all spawns 2/2’s and attacks with them all, or just annihilates you with the 3 Ulamog Crushers. It is a very sad experience 😦

      • I haven’t personally gotten one out yet, but my boyfriend got to play one during an online tournament. He had Training Grounds which allowed him to make Eldrazi Spawns for much cheaper, and then he paid 20 mana to put Emrakul along with a few other Eldrazis into play. Broodwarden is nuts, too… I ended up playing against a ramp deck with Broodwarden, and before I knew it there were a ton of little 2/2s attacking me >_<

    • Thanks Telgar 🙂 I’m really glad you liked it! And yeah, I totally know what you mean with the Eldrazis… it’s so crazy how a good ramp deck can get them out on like turn 5, and then you’re just like, “um, how am I supposed to deal with that?” Transcendent Master is insane!

  5. The deck looks awesome, but to me it’s a shame that the cards seem to get stronger and stronger with every new edition. I started playing MTG during the Onslaught cycle. Back then I was impressed of e.g. Timberwatch Elf (T: Target creature gets +X/+X, where X is the number of elves in play), but now there’s Gigantomancer – a creature which is way more effective in most cases. I rarely have 5-6 elves so I rarely can make a creature 7/7 and Gigantomancer he doesn’t need “team work” and he doesn’t even need to tap. Of course he costs more mana and can target only own creatures, but I think their difference in power is way bigger than their difference in cost.

    And I also could’ve done without that nasty annihilate ability some creatures have. Especially Emrakul. I mean Annihiliate 6, extra turn, can’t be countered, protection from spells of all colors, wtf??? O_O

    Oh well, I’m glad my friends don’t mind if we use proxy cards. That way we can have fun with each new edition without having to pay money for new sets only to see them become less and less effective over time.

    Btw, Shigi, does your E-Mail address work? Or do you want me to send my Melolune bugreports somewhere else?

    • Ya I think Wizards is starting to go a bit over the top with some cards. It does seem that older cards are not quite as strong as many newer cards, but there are still some gems that shine through. I know my elf deck of mine is still built up of older elf cards because of the insane power some of them can produce.

      If you hate Gigantomancer then I am sure you would hate Spearbreaker Behemoth just as much. a 5/5 that’s not only indestructible, but makes any creature with 5 power or greater indestructible until end of turn for only 1 colorless. With Gigantomancer he is just plain stupid powerful.

      • Oh god. *smiles madly*

        What kind of elf deck do you play? I also play one and I experimented a lot but I just can’t win against decks which do a lot of stuff outside of the combat phase (e.g. terror, shock, counterspell, wrath of god or various pingers (e.g. prodigal sorcerer or the worst one: Goblin Sharpshooter)). It’s kinda frustrating that my favorite color also seems to be the weakest. Even something like Gigantomancer can be taken care of by any of those. Green is the only color with hardly any control abilities. Therefore I used some Viridian Longbows, various ways of untapping my elves and the Wirewood Channeler + Pemmin’s Aura combo. And there’s also a Memnarch inside. XD But it still doesn’t cut it. Maybe I need a lot more blue…. don’t want any other color, since it’d be 3 colored then. So how do you play elves?

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