Portal is free until May 24th

May 14, 2010 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Video Games | 12 Comments
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Just a friendly public service announcement via my friend Luna: Until May 24th, Steam is offering Portal for free to celebrate their new Mac compatibility. Yay!

You can download the game here.

I’ve never personally passed Portal… I’ve only watched George do it. Why you ask? Well because I didn’t have the heart to kill my companion cube. Never have, never will.


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  1. Hehe I still remember when GLaDOS said that I had killed the cube in record time. I never felt more guilty in a video game T_T

    • Awww… >_< Poor companion cube! When I watched George play the last stage I thought it was so funny/evil how GLaDOS kept going on about how she was going to have a party for you, but she didn't know who to invite since you had no friends and even killed your companion cube, haha 😛

  2. Thanks for the link! My husband had it, but he lent it to a friend and we never got it back. So guess we can just download it and stop bugging our friend about returning the orange box, hehe.

    • No problem! I just downloaded the game myself… never had it on this computer, so I’ll probably play it again until I get to the cube-stage, haha… they should return your husband’s orange box!

  3. On second thought, there’s like 4 other games on there, so we will keep bugging him…

  4. x3

    Steam on Mac FTW. Tired of using Apple’s buggy bootcamp drivers.

    • Bootcamp drivers? Is that like a conversion thing that lets Mac-users play PC games?

  5. Did you draw that? Its adorable!!

    • Oh I wish! Hehe 🙂 I’m actually not sure who drew it… a friend sent it to me a while back and I just thought it was adorable.

  6. Aw, poor cuby! Rarely a game surprised me that much – maybe the expectations started really low, but it dramatized and personalized just every little bit to a maximum and became an instant classic. It’s just… i mean… it’s just, I believe in the cake 😥 gotta 😥 … cake 😥
    Greetings from the realm of beer, the kingdom of breweries and the empire of hop and malt,

    • Hi Sebastian 🙂 Yes, the cake is true! It must be!

      • It is it is!!!

        And Shigi, I got awesome news for you!

        Our companion cube can be spared! For what new world it would be if we would kill him in the first place!

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