Blood Elf Druids

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I wish Blizzard would hook us up with some Blood Elf Druids. I would really love to play as one. I don’t care if it doesn’t match the lore… it’s not like it makes sense to have Gnome Warriors. I mean, let’s be real here: the fact that a 2 foot tall Gnome-dude is able to tank is far more incongruent than a Blood Elf who happens to be in tune with nature, yeah? And from what I’ve read, there actually are some Blood Elf Druids out there… like this dude for example.

I can thoroughly attest to the fact that my character is not addicted to magic. She gave up that Bloodthistle stuff long ago, and she’s friends with many animals now… She really just wants to swim in the ocean and fly like a bird. See how Druid-like she is!

She’s friends with this pack of turtles!

And even trees!

And see how she’s communing with this giant flower?

And my characters never, NEVER kill Kresh.

Definitely Druid-material if you ask me.

So yeah, go Blood Elf Druids!

\geeky rant


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  1. I’m about three years clean of WoW by now. I don’t think I’d play again if they gave Blood Elves the Druid class. But I’ll support your cause! Go Blood Elf Druids!

    • Hehe, thanks! And congrats on being 3 years clean 🙂 Thankfully I’d never gotten to the point where I felt addicted to it, but that’s probably because we don’t really do the end-game material (I’ve been told that’s where a lot of the addiction starts). I’m more about goofing around and taking screenshots of funny and/or pretty things. My main is only lvl 70, and that took a really long time since I only played a couple times a week ^_^

      • Sounds like our gameplay style is very similar. My only problem really is that I like playing with friends, and all my friends are way more hardcore than me, so I always feel like I’m holding them back or wasting their time whent hey play with me. I like reading the quest lines and exploring the world and stuff.

        Wow 70? Awesome. I remember I hit like 60 a year after the cap was raised to 70 or something. I think my highest character is still 63…

        • Haha, I know what you mean. Some of our friends are pretty hardcore, so I also have that feeling that I’m holding them back. I love to read the quest lines and spend time exploring world. There are some places that are just so beautiful. I’ve jumped to my death a number of times just because I love getting that “falling” feeling, haha. And when we first got our flying mounts, I spend so much time just flying around… up and down waterfalls, over the ocean, around packs of animals, etc.

  2. just a suggestion, make a community about blood elf druid, let people think that it’s exist, maybe blizzard will respond.

    • Hehe, that’s a good idea 😛 I wonder if there are other Blood Elf Druid hopefuls out there!

  3. Yeah! Go Blood Elf Druids!

    • Woo hoo! Yeahhhh!!

  4. You are so cute. I’m totally with you on this, I would SO play as a Blood Elf Druid if Blizzard made them.

    And you know what else? Even though WoW probably already has a fairly large female player base, I feel like even more girls would want to play if they had this class. Don’t you think? It’s kind of a girl-thing.

    • Yay, I’m glad there are more people who would want to play as a Blood Elf Druid!! And I totally know what you mean about the girl-thing… even though I’m sure there are plenty of men who would also like to play this race/class, for some reason I feel that girls in particular would like it.

      Just the idea of being able to jump off a cliff and then switch to flight-form mid-fall… that would be so cool!


    • That’s cool… which type of character did you play as? I’m usually a Blood Elf Hunter.

  6. Just the regular i luv undead

    • Yay, for the Horde!

      • I hope they ill add Naga

        • I mean They will add naga sorry

  7. I totally agree! o_o
    Blood elf druid would be awesome. I can’t wait for cataclysm just to make a troll druid. (I love trolls!)

  8. Well I’ve always been playing the endgame content in a progress guild and still am (ally though – you murdering evil looking thugs with running meat as healers that overcrowd every bossroom!!!). The addiction for many people who cannot make out the difference between games and mmorpg social pressure starts exactly: well, there. First kills and the challenge of the new encounters are what makes it addictive even more. It’s like a huge gigantic chess match with different tactics. These days though, I understand your way of game play because I am running through the closed beta of cataclysm currently. If you’re interested you can see some selfmade screens of it here:
    Wish you good luck for your blood elf druid. Don’t step on gnomes anyway and be aware of rogues, somebody could slip on a dagger ^^

  9. Totally agree.

    As NE can be druid and use arcane magic, why not BE then?

    Blizzard please remove BE warrior, this doesn’t make sense like gnome warrior. In-addition, BE should be the race that get cured by nature power, not the Trolls.

    Nice song and video tho. 😀

  10. After creating a Troll Druid, I was thinking, hmm, I like playing as Blood Elves and was like – “I wanna be a BE Druid”
    Which made me Google it, led me to the Botanist, and the video 😛 (After watching PvZ of course :O)
    Within thinking of the Botanist. I remembered that during the events of WoW Blizzard has been MAKING UP lore to seem like it had a age of background (Tauren Paladin >_>)
    And with Freywinn around, and the fact they need to heal their homeland, it wouldn’t be such a bad suggestion/action…


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