One good natured Siberian Lynx

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So a few weeks back George took me to a place called “Vision Quest” for my birthday. It’s basically a big animal reserve; a lot of the animals there had been abused or abandoned at a young age, but were later rescued and brought there to live. There’s also a few animals who have done work for Hollywood, either starring in films or acting as models for animators.

As part of our tour, we got to hang out with a Siberian Lynx. Amazingly, she’s about the size of a Golden Lab, and she’s incredibly easy going and friendly. Her trainers explained that she was bottle fed and socialized with humans early on… additionally, she’s just remarkably good natured for a Siberian Lynx. I love how she’s sticking out her tongue in this picture

George Fan, Laura Shigihara, Siberian Lynx

And this one…

I was under the impression that this type of wildcat wouldn’t purr, but she purred just like a domestic cat… only louder… and she continued to purr the entire time we saw her.

She kind of went nuts on the grass… she couldn’t stop eating it. All the domestic cats I’ve known have been the same way… my first cat loved eating grass.
George Fan, Laura Shigihara, Siberian Lynx

Besides hanging out with a Lynx, we also bathed an elephant… it was like washing a really really big car that occasionally looked back at you with giant onyx eyes. The elephants all hang out in this wide open area occupied by a zebra and a couple ostriches. One of the ostriches decided to dance for George…

I was a bit disappointed to find out that he wasn’t actually trying to woo George with a mating dance… we later learned that it was a territorial dance meant to warn us. He also might have been showing off to the lady ostrich as if to say, “This is my territory, I will protect us!”


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  1. What!!!!!!A Siberian Lynx maybe it bites people in the wild luckily it’s domesticated.What!!!!!!Cat eats grass!!!!!!I only heard cats eat mice.Our neighbour’s dog can hunt and tear big rats into pieces.Here is the story,before theres a rat the dog will hunt it but the rat bit the dog and dog is so mad it catched the rat and the dog tore the rat into shreds.

    • Yikes! He sounds like a good hunter!

      • Log in on you tube dog kills rat and its real

  2. And when I was 7 i saw a rat on a canal no head maybe it was killed by the dog.

  3. Iv’e not washed a elephant but fed a elephant with sugarcane inthe zoo when im in Malaysia.My homeland is Philippines.

    • That sounds like a lot of fun! Feeding the elephants was an amazing experience… they are such massive creatures, yet they are totally gentle when they take the food out of your hands.

      • Hey shigi on the place where i fed the elephant there is also elephant massage and our place is may 8 on your place it is may 7

      • Sugarcane is plenty in Asia.

  4. That lynx is so cute! What was her name? I think that ostrich was actually trying to impress George ๐Ÿ˜› . I’m glad that place exists though ^^ I hate it when animals are abused/abandoned. I’ve volunteered at a couple animal adoption places so I’ve seen all sorts of animal slike these… But that lynx is so cute! haha I’m glad you had fun! Did you meet other animals?

    • I think her name is Nadia (if I remember correctly). Yeah, it really upsets me when people abuse animals… whenever I see those ads that talk about animal abuse I’m always compelled to read them and I get depressed (like the one about bear tethering… it’s so awful). What kind of work did you do at the animal adoption places? I worked at a couple animal places when I was younger; one I helped out with cleaning and bottle feeding, and the other I did mild vetrinary work and showed the animals to children as part of an education program.

      Hm… besides these animals we also saw lemurs, a variety of primates, a hyena (they are so much bigger than I imagined… they are actually much larger than dogs), lions, tigers, bears, a capybara (the world’s largest rodent), a mara (the world’s only monogomous rodent)…

      • It’s a safari named Afamosa Safari a part of Afamosa resort,Malaysia.I also saw there a show the parrot will fly past the ring. I even volunteered,I saw tigers,lions,parrots,snakes(my favorite animal to hold at).On Manila Zoo i saw a really massive elephant as big as as 3 cars stacked up,snakes,eagles,peacocks.On Palawan i fed a giraffe saw a bearcat,held a turtle,saw a crocodile,and i missed the monitor lizard or bayawak in Tagalog.On somebody’s house in Pangasinan we saw venomous snakes up close cuz he catches it we saw 3 cobras,one are tame to the owner and two are still wild they are even angry at us cuz some of us wear red,i did not,a python hiding in the sack cuz before on our place it is el nino,a turtle.Im pretty annoyed on animal abuse that’s why i sign up on youtube watch the animal abuse before and flag it.

      • I love capybaras! They’re so… cute? I guess they’re cute! haha. I used to work at a local humane society, where i mainly worked with the poor feline leukemia cats. Since they can’t go into houses unless they’re the only cat or all the other cats have feline leukemia they were hard to get adopted. I spent a lot of time with the sick animals too — taking care of them the best that I could. These days between work and school if I get a chance I work at a local cat adoption place, I don’t get to go there as much as I’d like to though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There, I mainly just clean up, and feed the cats. Yay animals! ^^

  5. Oh, that’s wonderful! We made a point to visit Lowry Park Zoo when we were in Florida in March. Many of the animals there are rescues. The ones that can are re-introduced to the wild when they’re ready, and the ones that wouldn’t do well in the wild get to stay in the zoo. But you don’t get to pet the animals there! Looks like you two had a wonderful time!

    • Yeah, most places don’t let you pet the animals… the only other place I’ve been to that has tours where you can interact with the animals is “Safari West” in Napa Valley (it’s a remarkably cool safari/wildlife preserve out in the middle of wine country).

  6. Ahhh! That’s what domestication does to cats! It turns them into herbivores!

    I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

    • Hahaha… I’m not really sure why my cats have liked grass; the vet told us it’s less about flavor and more about the feel of it. Maybe it feels good in their mouth or helps them clean their teeth, haha ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I have trivia did ya know it is the Eurasian lynx they live in Siberia,Russia and Europe and in Sweden to hunt one first go to the so-called “protective hut”.

  8. That has to be the craziest territorial dance ever. I think I watched that 3 times now.

    • Haha… it is crazy! I can’t believe I went my whole life without seeing an ostrich do that on a nature documentary or something ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. […] mybluedream (Laura Shigihara’s blog, the awesome music composer for the gameย Plants vs. […]

  10. I’m definitely going to take a look next time i’m down in the Bay Area. Man if i didn’t love Seattle so much I definitely would choose there to live!

    They have a website (that looks like it was built in the 90’s hehe) for people who want more information!

    • Seattle is great! I always have a good time when I go up there, or to the Pacific Northwest in general… I think the air is just nicer and less polluted or something. And the Salmon is really good! Yeah, that website totally looks circa 1995 ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Awww kwaii! It’s so small! I’m guessing it’s still young? I find it funny that it eats grass like domestic cats. I think it’s when cats have a stomach ache. I hope it got better if so. :O I have a big cat too, but he’s a domestic sort ๐Ÿ˜› my silver tabby, tiger is actually bigger than my min-pin brute by quite a bit! o.o

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