Plants vs. Zombies on Classical Guitar

April 27, 2010 at 11:44 pm | Posted in Plants vs. Zombies piano version series | 18 Comments
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I’ve got to share this with you guys because it’s just so cool… Marcus has been doing classical guitar arrangements of some of the Plants vs. Zombies themes and uploading the videos to youtube. He’s even made the guitar tabs available for anyone who is interested in learning!

Guitar Tabs:
Grasswalk (the theme from the first area)
Graze the Roof (the roof level theme)
Cerebrawl (the theme from the more cerebral mini-games like Vasebreaker)


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  1. Awesome! I’ll definitely have to learn these! I have a random question. When you compose music do you like to put little lyrics in it in your head even if it’s instrumental? I like to do that 😛 How do you come up with melodies?

    • Most of the time I’ll come up with the melody before I come up with the lyrics. I have had times when the lyrics were written simultaneously, but usually I tend to add the lyrics after the melody and chord progression are already there. As for coming up with melodies… it really depends 😛 A lot of times I’ll just be in a particular mood and a melody or song will start playing in my mind… I’ve found that this usually happens when I’m feeling more emotional (either really happy or really sad).

      • I have another question! who are your favorite VGM composers? My personal favorites are nobuo uematsu, tenpei sato, and daisuke ishiwatari (you are of course my most favorite 😛 ). do you have any other classical composers or more modern artists you pull from?

        • Ah, good question! My favorite VGM composers are Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura, and Nobuo Uematsu. Chrono Cross has got to be my favorite video game soundtrack of all time, even though I wasn’t that big on the gameplay or story (I much preferred Chrono Trigger, which is my favorite game of all time). I also love how I keep finding out that more and more of my beloved NES soundtracks were created by Shimomura (Little Nemo the Dream Master and Megaman 5 for example).

          Hm… as for classical composers, I really like Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Chopin’s compositions are also particuarly beautiful to me. In terms of modern composers, I like a lot of James Horner’s lesser known work (like the “Land Before Time” soundtrack), and I think John Powell’s “How to Train Your Dragon” soundtrack is absolutely incredible.

  2. Wow, when I looked at your blog this morning I was like “Wait, isn’t that me?” Took me a second to realize, haha …
    Anyway, I’m really glad that even you – the composer of the original pieces – like my renditions. Thanks alot ^_^

    • No problem! I’m glad I could share it with folks!

  3. this is a beautiful tune. is there a guitar version piece of music I can download?

    • I’m not sure if he has posted a downloadable version of these guitar version or not, but if I find out about one I’ll add it to the original post.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Unfortunately I don’t have a downloadable version to offer.
      Maybe I should make one…!?

  4. You must be so happy, your music is inspiring so many people to do things like this! My little brother has been trying to learn how to play these songs by copying your youtube videos.

    • It does make me very happy ^_^ I’m so happy and humbled by the positive response. And I think it’s so wonderful that your brother is trying to play the songs on the piano, let me know if he has any questions about the chords or anything! I have to say that I couldn’t have made this music without inspiration from the game (it’s so creative and funny that it really put melodies into my head!) 😛

  5. WOW THAT’S DANG AWESOME, both the arrangement and the original song :O
    Very nice job, both of you…I gotta put that on my iPod or something…
    Hey, SuperShigi, I have a quick request… while you’re putting together your soundtrack, could you PLEASE produce some sheet music for your songs?? **kneels down and begs** I’m also trying to play these songs, but it gets hard at times to find the right rhythms… D:

    • Thank-you Nonny ^_^ To be honest, I don’t think I’d do a very good job making sheet music for these! My timing is so crazy because it’s all improvised based off of the original arrangements; so I don’t think I couldn’t transcribe it very well. However, there’s actually some sheet music out there if you’re interested in checking it out… I know Sebastian Wolff has a few themes at his website. And another friend mentioned transcribing a few more based off of my youtube vids… so I’ll be sure to let you know about those when they come out!

  6. hahah XD whenever i hear this i will shake like sunflower XD

  7. […] para los que son más de guitarra que de piano hay un post en su blog con arreglos para guitarra española con los temas de Plantas contra zombies 🙂 AKPC_IDS += "1154,"; ¿Te ha gustado? […]

  8. Cool! ^_^

  9. alguien sabe las tabla-turas?

  10. […] para los que son más de guitarra que de piano hay un post en su blog con arreglos para guitarra española con los temas de Plantas contra zombies AKPC_IDS += "1154,";Be Sociable, Share! […]

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