Dr. Zomboss’ theme hurts my hands

April 27, 2010 at 1:30 am | Posted in Plants vs. Zombies piano version series | 21 Comments

I guess I haven’t been doing enough Hanon exercises lately, because some of the stuff I’ve been playing for the piano version of Dr. Zomboss’ theme has really tired out my hands, haha 😛 On the upside, I think it’s coming along nicely. It was a bit tougher for me to just improvise a piano version for this theme because the original arrangement has so much going on. And since a lot of what makes up the song has to do with the beat and various synth instruments, making it sound good on the piano is a bit challenging… but hopefully you guys will like the end result!  My goal is to have it up sometime this week.

I’m also working on Ultimate Battle; I wanted to make sure to cover those two songs since a lot of people have been requesting them ^_^


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  1. I just played Dr. Zomboss’s level! (I’m playing through the game again ^^) I don’t see how you could possibly play that as a piano piece! Yesterday I did the last level in the backyard at night time, and it was so bizarre without your music O_o! I look forward to the new piano pieces 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I thought at first! I was like, “how in the world am I going to make this sound decent on the piano?? I don’t have enough hands!” Haha 😛 Hopefully it will be okay though! The last backyard-night levels always make me nervous for some reason… I think I’m afraid something is going to jump out at me or something, haha XD

  2. Oh, I’m looking forward to that. The music is both melodic and nice to listen to, and intricate, so it’s a lot of fun and instructive to watch you play it. I really appreciate you making these arrangements and putting up the videos. I’m looking forward to the CD if Popcap lets you release it!


  3. Thank-you for doing this! I’m probably one of the many people who has been making requests for the Dr. Zomboss theme, I absolutely love it! I’m really curious to see how it’s going to turn out. Have you ever thought about putting up some youtube videos of you singing? That would be so cool if you ever did.

    • Thank-you Lena, I do remember your request! You know, I’ve thought about putting up some singing-videos, but I’d have to figure out a good way to record them… I don’t think I could sing an entire song looking up at the iPhone as I do in the PvZ vids, haha 😛 I’m also a bit shy, but maybe I will try in the future!

  4. Ahhh I love Brainiac Maniac!! I like to listen to it whenever I work out. My kids also go crazy when they hear it.

    • Hahaha, that’s cute XD I’m always really flattered when kids like these songs.

  5. Waaah, you’re about to finish your 6th piano arrangement while already working on the 7th. I only got 3 guitar versions done so far.
    You make me look all lazy and slow. =(

    Well… Looking forward to Brainiac Maniac. ^_^

    • You have 3 guitar versions done so far? That’s awesome! Have you posted them online yet? I’d really like to see them! And the only reason I can go faster is because I wrote the music, hehehe 😛

      • Yes, they’re online. I even made videos of myself playing two of them.
        Grasswalk (Video)
        Graze the Roof (Video)

        • Whoa these are super cool! Graze the Roof is great on classical guitar! I’m going to link your youtube video for it in my next blog entry so everyone can check it out 😛

  6. Oh wow, Hannon! That takes me back to my childhood piano lessons 🙂 I guess I should start practicing again too if I want to be able to handle all this great music! Thanks so much for doing this! You rock!

    • Thanks David! That’s cool that you also played the piano! I’m now realizing what a big impact those piano warm-ups and exercises actually had on my fingers, because my hands (especially my right one) are seriously tired out after practicing Brainiac Maniac, haha 😛 I gotta figure out a way to turn the iPhone so that my video will capture the entire keyboard (this piece jumps all over the place).

  7. Fantastic. I can’t wait!

  8. hey laura, hope your hands are better after all the practicing it would take to perfect this song 😛

    i was wondering if you could possibly upload the piano score for this since my friends and i love it and it would be awesome to be able to play it 😀

    thank you for the trouble!

    • whoops, soz bout that, forgot you alredy replied on the other link, haha

      thanks for the reply btw!

  9. Howdy from Cape Town, South Africa!
    Great tunes you have in PvZ! I really
    enjoy the diversity particularly the
    pizzicato when one gets a new item
    at the end of a level. Its great to
    read that I’m not alone in my musical
    influences of my musicial development
    coming from old video games.

    Keep up the inspirational melodies –
    I dabble in 8bit bach inspired counterpoint
    type chiptunes and some looping.
    Thanks for the ear candy.

  10. heyy could you pleaaaassseeee put the piano sheet music for dr zomboss online, i really want to play it it sounds aweeesome!!! thanks 😀

  11. hey, i played the boss level and the mini-game lotsa times! its sounds so cool! can you make a tutorial on dr.zomboss’ theme thanks ( if you can’t that’s okay because i saw it on youtube and it was AWESOME and hard) p.s there’s a zombie on your lawn lol

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