Plants vs. Zombies piano versions #3

April 23, 2010 at 8:03 am | Posted in Plants vs. Zombies piano version series | 31 Comments
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Hi everyone… for the 3rd installment of my PvZ piano series I’ve uploaded 3 new videos. I’m sorry the video isn’t as sharp as last time, the sun kept coming and going so my lighting wasn’t as bright. But hopefully it’s not too bad!

The first one is called “Moongrains”… you can hear this music during the first night level.

This one is called “Choose Your Seeds”… it is the music that plays right before each level where you have to (you guessed it) choose your seeds 😛

And lastly, here is “Watery Graves”… this music is heard during the pool levels. Actually, if you listen carefully to the in-game music, you can catch the underlying melody that inspired the main theme song.


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  1. You stand up at the end of every videos :D:D:D
    Out of all of the above, I like Watery Graves best, well, at least it sounded like my digital mp3 version of it 😀

    Come to think of it, when will the PvZ soundtrack album be released? I’m waiting like crazy here =.=”

    • Haha… ah, the reason I stand up at the end of each video is so that I can stop the iPhone from recording (I put it above me so that people can see the keyboard) 😛

      Aw, sorry about the soundtrack! To be honest, I’m waiting like crazy too 😛 I keep bugging Popcap about it, and they keep telling me they’ll get back to me about it 😦 It seems like their legal department has been in the process of approving it for ages now… but hopefully it’ll work out okay. I really want to share the original versions with everyone 🙂

      • If their issue is they’re not sure if enough people will buy it, you should have them try something like 🙂 or, let people do preorders which only go through if they get enough. I would love to buy it!

        On that note, if you happen to have flac copies of the music and would want to do a personal sale, I’d be down! Alternatively, if you wanted to record piano versions of each and do a release on bandcamp..I think people would praise you forever :O

        • Thank-you for the suggestions Atreus ^_^ I’m actually not quite sure what the hold up is with Popcap; both George and I have told them that there seems to be a demand for it (I’ve gotten literally over a thousand emails asking for one)… so my guess is that it’s less about whether or not people will buy it, and more about Popcap having a lot of things to do (with the soundtrack always being near the bottom of the priority list :() We’ll keep bugging them though!

          And thank-you for offering to support the music! I really appreciate that… what is bandcamp?

          • Bandcamp is a wonderful site for smaller companies/bands/whatever that lets you publish your music for digital download in a variety of awesome formats, including FLAC (lossless), MP3 V0, MP3 V2, OGG, etc! You can also set it up for physical purchases.

            For example, Alec Holowka (composer of the amazing indie game Aquaria) put Aquaria’s soundtrack up on there – – It would be a great way to distribute, say, a Piano album (hint :D!) if you wanted to. I don’t know the portion of profits they take, but it’s a really snazzy system.

            If you have further questions about bandcamp, I can try to answer them or even get you in contact with Alec Holowka, as he’s a really great down-to-earth guy 🙂 If you don’t know, but are curious what “FLAC” is, or what “V0” and “V2” mp3s are, I can explain that as well.

            Basically, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get an album put out, especially a Piano one done by you — it would be amazing to own.

            • Wow, that seems like a pretty good system for distributing music… thanks so much for the information and support! I really appreciate it 🙂 Perhaps I might be able to do something like release a compilation album of themes from games I’ve worked on; that way it wouldn’t be specifically Plants vs. Zombies even though it could have several PvZ piano themes. I think legally speaking my contract might allow for something like that. That might be nice, at least until Popcap lets me do an official version 😛

              And thank-you for offering to introduce me to Alec; I’ve actually talked with him a few times in the past few months (he gave me some advice about CD Baby, and we participated in the same video game composer chat during GDC). He seems like a pretty cool guy! How do you guys know each other?

              • I don’t know him personally, but I’ve talked with him a good amount via the Aquaria forums (and on IRC when he gets his bum on :P). I started becoming more active in the Aquaria community when the news of a soundtrack began

                • That’s cool that you’re so supportive of us indie game composers 🙂 And I just now noticed that your avatar is a Megaman character! That reminds me that I still need to go back and pass Megaman ZX 😛

                  • Gotta support what you love 🙂

                    I’ll wholeheartedly look forward to even the possibility it’ll happen! Heck, if you include tracks like Lighthouses on it that’d make it all the better 🙂

                    ps. Didn’t finish Megaman ZX? It’s great! If you aren’t aware, they’re actually releasing the Megaman Zero 1-4 collection on the DS in a month or so 🙂 June somethingith

  2. Great, I’ve always loved listening to piano versions of VGmusic.
    And now I’m even more tempted to arrange all the PvZ songs for guitar. If it just wasn’t as much work to do that. =(

    • Thank-you Marcus! Your arrangement of “Grasswalk” was really great; it makes me want to get back into playing guitar again! Please let me know if you put together anymore guitar versions and I’ll post them here ^_^

  3. I’ve always loved both the pool and night songs the best! I always liked it when the pool level got intense so you could hear the theme song come out a little bit… So I always liked playing the survival pool level! haha. It was a fun game but it definitely wouldn’t have been so much fun without your amazing music! I love these piano versions by the way. 🙂

    • Thanks Josh 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoyed those songs; I think the pool level is one of my favorites because the more intense parts have kind of a “happy” feel to them, hehe.

      • So it just dawned on me, as we were talking about how that song made us feel… that you composed it! I just wanted to say that your unique approach to composing is quite wonderful! I seriously listen to your music nearly every day on my commute to college or work and it always cheers me up if i’m dreading either! You have this common element in all of your music without making it feel repetitious, that’s so cheerful even if your lyrics are sad! It’s really quite amazing. You’re an amazing composer (and singer/piano player by the way) and I hope you keep following your dreams in such areas. I always love listening to your music 🙂 it never gets boring. Haha I better stop before I sound like a pathetic fan. 😛 -Josh

        • Aw, that’s really wonderful to hear *^_^* If my music can cheer someone up then that makes me very happy!

  4. Excellent performances, once again! I’m again amused but your setup and how you lean into the picture. It is very cute. I saw from the other comments that Popcap is being slow about the Soundtrack. Don’t worry we’ll be patient. Just keep us informed!

    • Thank-you Nojh, I’ll definitely make sure to keep you guys informed! And I’m glad my ghetto-setup isn’t too off-putting, haha… maybe someday I’ll figure out an easier way to record playing the piano (one that doesn’t involve the iPhone being placed in a precarious fashion… one time it fell and almost hit me in the head, haha).

  5. Awesome job on the music. I’m a bit of a game music fan, and not only is PvZ a riot, the music fits the visuals and helps the game feel very solid.


    • Thanks Scott! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the game and its music! It’s good to hear from other game music fans; back when I was growing up no one was really interested in video game music, but these days I think there is a greater appreciation for it.

  6. Did you single handedly create all of the songs of PvZ? You are amazing!

    • Thank-you *^_^* I did create all the music for PvZ myself… but given how funny and creative the game was, it made my job a lot easier!

  7. Awesome music Laura! Your piano pieces are just really amazing. The VGM you make is one of the catchiest I have ever heard. One of these days I hope to try out your music on the piano. Anyway, take care!

    • Thank-you Stephen!

  8. ^^ I like the music!!

    • Thanks Marccus 🙂

  9. ms. laura,

    i love your music for plants and zombies.
    i was wondering if you could write down the music for the piano version.
    i play piano myself and would really like to learn it.

    • Hi Leah, I’m really glad you like the music ^_^ Unfortunately I’m not very good at accurately transcribing this type of piano music… (I’ve just been improvising these versions). But Sebastian Wolff has transcribed a few pieces over at his website if you’re interested!

  10. I think these are very well played on the pieno. This inspires me to play more.

    • i just gotta love your music, and your playing. could of never played better myself.

    • Thank-you! I’m always happy to hear that my music has inspired someone 🙂

  11. Hello there! My friends keep talking about PVZ that the game is so addictive, I was cynical at first but then when I tried it myself, the rumors were true. Anyway, I really love the effort of providing a piano versions of the PVZ themes. By any chance, do you have a piano sheet for these, especially the night theme? I really want to play. I think it’s cool.

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