Happy Easter and Lyrics

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I haven’t done an Easter egg hunt since I was a kid… so decorating and hunting for eggs was both fun and nostalgic for me. We went over to Stone, Toby, and Dylan’s place on Sunday to hang out, watch “How to Train Your Dragon” again, decorate and hunt for Easter eggs, and get Dylan started with Sonar 8 since he’s been making video game music on his keyboard. Toby also made a really delicious dinner. We each got 6 eggs to decorate… George’s eggs were made to look as though they had increasingly large cracks in their heads, until finally yoke bled out and the egg died and became a zombie (see above picture).

Also… for those who have been asking me about it, I finally got around to updating the lyrics page. If anyone knows the html for linking to different places on the same page, please let me know… I forgot how to do it, so the lyrics page is just one song after another without a table of contents or anything πŸ˜›

Anyways, hope you all had a great Easter!


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  1. You are so cool I want to be like you when I’m older :D.

    • Hehe, thanks Ashely πŸ˜›

  2. At first I couldn’t find George’s zombie-egg, but then I realized it was sitting in the back of the carton, haha! You guys seem like such fun people. Also, thanks for posting the lyrics, I love your music!

    • No problem! I’m really glad you like the music πŸ˜›

  3. For the HTML thing you have to set up an anchor. If you were making a “Lyrics” section or something you’d input
    Song a’s title
    Then to have a hyperlink to that section you’d input
    Jump to song a’s lyrics!
    If you wanted to link to an anchor that’s on another page you’d input
    Jump to song a’s lyrics on my lyrics page!

    I hope that’s clear enough!

    Also, those eggs are quite adorable! I dyed some too (even though I’m way too old). I always like to make mine look like no-face from spirited away! haha. Hope you had a good easter!

    • Oh no, I just realized that the html I put in decided to render itself! So I’ll replace the ‘s with {‘s and }’s this time to avoid confusion! (and I’ll just put in the code in the order of each example from my last comment)

      Anchor: {a name=”SongA”}Song 1’s title{/a}

      Hyperlink to anchor on same page: {a href=”#SongA”}Jump to Song a’s lyrics!{/a}

      Hyperlink to anchor from other page: {a href=”http://Insertwebsitehere/lyrics.htm#SongA”}Jump to Song a’s Lyrics on my lyrics page!{/a}

      OK! I hope that helped this time instead of rendering! haha. If any of it’s unclear just let me know!

      • *sigh* ok this is my last chance of doing this. I’m replacing the html tag markers with {‘s and }’s (which you probably guessed anyway) It decided to NOT render the tag markers in my last post! sorry if I just confused you more!

    • Hehe, thank-you Josh! Good news: I can actually open up comments into a text box, so I was able to see your code in its unaltered form ^_^ It took me a few tries, but I think the anchor-stuff in the lyrics section should be functional now. Yay πŸ˜›

      • I just checked them and they’re working perfectly! yay!

  4. I didn’t quite notice the zombie eggs when I first looked at that picture. Wow, you are SO creative LOL! I think they look adorable, and I want to have one of my own too πŸ˜€ Hmmm, Happy Easter β™₯ πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, happy Easter to you too! Haha, the zombie-egg was George’s πŸ˜› I totally cracked up when I saw that… (oh!! that was an unintentional pun right there!)

      • Just between me and you: According to you, George is so into zombie. Just curious, is there anything else on his mind beside zombies πŸ˜› LOL


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