IGF and Melolune

November 3, 2009 at 1:09 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long breaks in between entries… this month has been quite hectic! As some of you probably know, I’ve been working on an adventure rpg that I was planning on submitting to the IGF this year. After finishing the soundtrack for Plants vs. Zombies I basically allowed myself about 6 months to work full-time on it (I had been working on it part-time for probably about 2.5 years prior to that) and it’s at long last nearing completion. I’ve got about 80-90% of the linear gameplay finished… but as I’ve been told, the last 10% of the game takes the most time! At 10:40pm last night, I uploaded a demo of the game for the IGF (the submission deadline was 11:59pm PST so I barely made it)… it’s about the same length as the 2nd demo, but it’s quite different. I wanted to submit more, but George told me that it would be better to submit a portion of the game that was polished and bug-tested (I think that was good advice!).

I also changed the game’s name to “Melolune” to better reflect the central story. You play as a boy named Achaius, who comes from a land where people collect song fragments (otherwise known as “Melolune”) and put them together in order to keep their world alive. After his parents were killed in a mining accident, he becomes separated from his twin brother due to circumstances unbeknownst to you… and the rest of the game is spent following his life and figuring out the mystery behind their separation (amongst other things). As a game composer, I really wanted to include something in this game that reflected my love for composing and arranging… so I came up with a unique musical dungeon mechanic that allows players to experience combining melodies and harmonies in order to solve puzzles and progress through the world. As a child, this aspect was what fascinated me the most about video game music… there were so many complex parts (even in old NES games) that still managed to sound good together. This mechanic was basically the result of me wanting to share that with others ^_^

Anyways… I just had to update because I’m so relieved that I actually managed to meet the deadline! Hope everyone had a great Halloween, and thank-you so much to everyone who has sent me messages or emails with words of encouragement… it’s been so helpful, I really appreciate it!


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  1. Congratulations! Meeting deadlines is so hard, even worse when they are set by someone else. I will download the demo but I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo so I don’t know if I’ll have a lot of time to play it. šŸ˜¦

    I’ll plug it on my blog though. šŸ™‚

  2. i would start for the good comments right here:

    Melolune is a great game, the story , the characters…
    i liked the battle and evrything except one thing…

    i hate to say this but the graphics is not that good , i mean that the graphics is good IF it is like the graphics of Suikoden (the game in PS1) if you know about it… if not , i will describe it for you.

    suikoden is a game with good graphics, not that 3d but the characters move a lot and better.
    i was impressed by the gameplay of yours, Melolune but i am in favor of upgrading it into a better game…

    thats all.. all i want to say, but at least, i am playing with it finding a hard time playing melolune … enjoying the music of Shigi and MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYZ!!!


  3. Do ya play any other games besides Meloune.

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