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August 18, 2009 at 7:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

Okay, so last week I made the mistake of working far too many consecutive hours on the computer in order to finish this new area in my game.  After a 13 hour stretch (the last hour being mostly devoted to setting map passabilities by repetitively clicking) my wrist really started hurting.  Given that I’d already been experiencing some fairly distracting neck pain (yay for martial arts injuries coming back to haunt me), I decided that I really needed to take a break >_<  So I took a few days rest, including a day spent at the Korean sauna, and I feel a lot better now.  But I’m back to using Workrave to remind me to take breaks so I won’t mess up my wrist.  These next few months are critical if I plan to finish my rpg by November… there’s so much left to do, but pain aside, I’m really enjoying the development process.

I also wanted to share a new song with you today!  It was an unreleased track from Plants vs. Zombies that I called “Zombotany”… It’s one of my personal favorites, but by the end of production there was so much music that we just couldn’t manage to fit it in.  So here it is, I hope you enjoy 🙂


Several people have asked me about PvZ sheet music… so you’ll be happy to know that Sebastian Wolff has arranged 3 different pieces from the game, and he did a wonderful job!  I’m actually a very terrible sight-reader (I play everything by ear), but these inspired me to go back and play the PvZ songs on the piano. You can find the arrangements under “Sheet Music”:

Sebastian Wolff’s website

Lastly… I’ve received hundreds of messages asking about a Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack.  And I want to let you know that I would actually love to release one… but unfortunately, I need Popcap’s permission to do so.  So if you are interested in a soundtrack, please let Popcap know… I’m all ready to assemble one, but I need their “okay” first 🙂

Okay, Workrave is telling me to take a break so I’d better do it ^_^


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  1. Wow, I can’t believe this is an unreleased track, it’s so good. It almost makes me wanna dance, haha. I don’t play the piano, but I have a couple friends who were talking about how they wished they could find the sheet music for the Plants vs. Zombies songs. You should totally release a soundtrack, I’d buy one.

    • Haha, nice 🙂 I’m always glad to hear that my music makes someone feel like dancing. I still haven’t heard back from Popcap yet about the soundtrack, but I’ll keep you updated!

  2. I would like to hear the PvZ songs on the piano, if you find time to record them. 🙂

    Glad to hear the game is somewhat on schedule. Don’t hurt yourself too much!

    • Thanks, I’ll try my best to keep taking breaks! 🙂 I’m hoping to do some more recordings as soon as I finish my game… I’ve been playing Graze the Roof (that’s the Roof level BGM… I came up with such lame names for all of the tracks, I’m such a dork, haha) and Loonboon on the piano now and then, so I’m hoping to record those later.

  3. Hi Laura, I loved your work in PvZ and can’t wait to play your RPG! Good luck with that and Nojh is right, don’t hurt yourself too much!

    • Thank-you 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have something beyond the 2nd demo for you guys to play come November! “Workrave” (the program that reminds you to take breaks) has been really helpful, my wrist feels much better so long as I don’t spend too many consecutive hours in from of the computer 🙂

  4. Don’t hurt yourself! My friends and I had trying to find more of your music online and we find this on youtube:

    What a great song! You really should release another album, because you have so many good songs that many people can love.

    • Aw, thank-you for saying that 🙂 And that’s really cool that they posted that video… Faster is my favorite song because the lyrics are really how I feel about my life sometimes 😛

      I definitely would like to release another album soon. I’ve been working with the director of music at Sony (his name is Chuck Doud) on a new album, and I’m so excited about the music we’ve been recording. I’ll probably be able to devote more time to that once the rpg is finished.

  5. omg your song very cool i just wana knw where can i hear your Japanese version and i am looking forward to your new RPG game (= gd luck hav ample rest too

    • Thank-you 🙂 Workrave is telling me to take a break as I type this, so I’ll go do some stretches right after I finish this comment ^_^ You can find the Japanese version here:

      Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!

  6. Aw, it’s a shame that one didn’t get released. But on the flip side, one of Chrono Trigger’s greatest songs, (in my opinion) never got released into the game. The one called “Singing Mountain”.

    As for wrist pains, being an animator, who heavily uses flash animation, I can totally understand what that’s like. Especially when I begin pouring all my concentration and inspiration in a segment of animation, and 5 minutes later, the clock tells me 7 hours just went by, and there’s a strange tingling in your wrist. Keep yourself safe and sound! You’ve been called to create wonderful things, and you need your body in working condition for that!

    Your passion for creation inspires me, thank you!

    • Ah, I also really liked “Singing Mountain”… I’m actually listening to it for the first time in years right now as I type this message 🙂 Thank-you for your comment! My wrists feel a lot better ever since I let them have a much needed vacation ^_^ Hope yours are also feeling better!

  7. Hey Laura, I love the extra track! Your PvZ music actually inspired some of my own compositional work, even though they were just little college assignments. So when is that PvZ soundtrack coming? 🙂

    I’m also looking forward to The Blue Star, and you can bet I’ll buy it! Support indie developers!

    鴫原のゲームを楽しみにしていますが、無理にしないでください。 がんばってください!

    • Aww… thank-you for your support, I’m always really happy to hear that something I’ve done has helped inspire someone else ^_^ I’d love to hear those pieces that you created! And I’m surprised you found my name in kanji… it’s supposed to be a very uncommon name in Japanese. When I took a Chinese class back in college, the teacher had never seen the 鴫 (shigi) character used like that before 😛

      As for the soundtrack… I ping Popcap about once a week, so hopefully it’ll be soon!

  8. hei laura! nice to see ure website! hei i’m a 13-year old kid from philippines and i would like 2 say that i LOVE ur oice. Sadly, i can’t hear your songs cause i would have to buy them 😦 . Don’t hurt yourself too much! hehe . if i have a wish to be granted, will you please send me an email for some of the songs,( i would not care if you just send me one song but i would be glad if the song faster is included! thank you and bye-bye!

    • sorry i mean voice… tnx!

    • Hi Joshua, thank-you for your comment ^_^ It’s okay if you can’t afford a CD, you can actually download my songs for free from this website… just go to the Pop Music section. “Faster” is there too 🙂

  9. I loved the whole game and of course the soundtrack was a big part of it. I’ve been reading your blog for the past few hours and I’m glad I found it, you’re quite entertaining.

    I’m surprised about the way you describe the whole process: how the music video started out as a random idea and evolved almost spontaneously, how the game was made by a handful of people in a seemingly informal way… And nonetheless, the final product seems just flawless to me. Before seeing the credits I thought it had taken a team of at least ten professionals to come up with something this polished. You guys did an incredibly great job. I’m a game developer too and I couldn’t be more envious.

    Anyway, keep writing, composing, programming. BTW, Zombotany sounds great. I’m looking forward to the OST.

    • Hi Julio! Thank-you I’m glad you enjoyed PvZ ^_^ It was a really fun experience being able to work on a small team where everyone was really passionate about their contributions to the game. Hope your game projects are coming along well!

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