Clumsy May

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First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments and messages I’ve received lately, I really appreciate it… you are all awesome šŸ™‚ These past few weeks I’ve been devoting a lot of time to working on my game, and recording some new music in the studio. I’ll try to post more details about that soon…

But for today I’m going to talk about my most recent affliction: I like to call it “Clumsy May.” Normally, I’m not a clumsy person; I think I’m fairly dainty and can complete tasks that require precision with ease… but this month my ridiculous acts of clumsiness could easily outnumber all clumsy things I’ve done in the past year combined. It worries me. It really does. Here are a few examples just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

Exhibit A: The Laundry Room Volcano
A while back I purchased a really large jug of vinegar and a huge box of baking soda from Smart & Final for laundry purposes. I’ve found that adding a cup of vinegar to the laundry is quite effective at getting everything super clean without being as harsh as bleach, and baking soda is great for removing mud. So one day I go to start my laundry, and I pour about a cup of vinegar into a measuring cup and set it down on the dryer. I then set the laundry basket on the dryer and begin loading the washer, only to inadvertently knock over the cup of vinegar right next to the giant box of baking soda. And I’m sure you’ve probably all seen the 4th grade volcano experiement in some capacity… but usually that experiment uses but a few spoons of baking soda, and a small amount of vinegar. My unintended laundry room experiment included a giant, economy sized box of baking soda and an entire cup of vinegar, and it was on top of my dryer.

Exhibit B: Why I needed baking soda to remove mud
So one day I decided to take a walk near this estuary to clear my mind. It had just rained the week before so all the birds were out and about, and it was quite a sight to see… there were herons, cranes, Canadian geese, sand pipers, ducks… it was really lovely. Being that it was such a nice day, and I was feeling a bit adventurous, I decided to go off the path so I could get a closer look at the wildlife. I think I was really distracted by my surroundings, because I walked for a good hour before finally realizing that I was in some seriously muddy territory. I was wearing running shoes, and it was getting to the point where with every step I took, I’d be lifting a good 4-5 pound chunk of mud per foot. This of course made it incredibly difficult to walk; the more mud I was carrying, the more I would stick to the ground. It then occurred to me that I couldn’t even get back to the original path because the estuary was now in between me and that path, and there were fences blocking me from the bridges. I tried climbing said fences, and the results were muddy. Very muddy. Is that clumsiness? Absent-mindedness? I don’t know, but I felt that it was a good example of my recent affliction.

Exhibit C: Lunchables-Related Neck Strain
I strained my neck in the most retarded way possible. I was in the grocery store and I reached for the last pizza Lunchables, but I reached a little too far resulting in a strong pain in my neck and the area between my shoulder blades.

Exhibit D: I just keep dropping things and knocking things over
2 Coke Zeros, a pizza from the aforementioned Lunchables SAUCE-SIDE DOWN, boxes, microphones…

The other weird thing, is that I’ve been talking to other folks who have experienced similar things this past month. One of my friends dislocated their pinky and strained their neck reaching for shampoo in the shower. Another friend sprained their ankle. Another ran right into a glass window. What is going on?? Has anyone else out there experienced an unexplained increase in incidents of clumsiness this past month? Please let me know. And here’s to hoping we’ll be back to normal come June >_<

P.S. Maybe it’s because someone ate my brains when I was in Seattle…
laura shigihara got her brains eaten by a zombie again
PvZ team from left to right: George Fan (designer), Laura Shigihara (music), Zombie Temp Worker, Tod Semple (programmer), Rich Werner (artist)


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  1. Wow, seriously what is up with this month? Two weeks ago I went to get out of bed and slammed the bottom of my foot into the metal bed frame. I had a huge bruise and couldn’t walk properly for a week. I can still feel the injury a bit when I put weight on it.

    At work, one of my co-workers dropped furniture on his pinky toe when moving it. Another one threw out his back while pressure washing his deck, and then the first guy threw out his back yesterday while gardening. >_<

    On a less clumsy note, your music is awesome! I generally don't bother to look up composers after playing a game, but Zombies On Your Lawn was so catchy. ^_^ Do you have any compilation soundtracks for sale on CD? Either way, please keep up the excellent work!

    • Ahh… those sound like horrible stories! I hope that you’ve since recovered from the clumsiness of May! Thank-you for the comment, I’m glad you’re enjoying the music ^_^ The only CD I currently have for sale is a pop album I made in 2004 (which can be found at my other website)… but I’m hoping to put out a compilation CD with VGM materials sometime in the coming year. And if Popcap lets me, I’d really like to release a PvZ soundtrack as well šŸ˜›

  2. This game has given you quite a boost in popularity ^^ Perhaps soon a single comment won’t mention the game…

    Messes sound better in descriptive storytelling. Mine always relate to waterworks (kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

    …is the zombie temp agency hiring?

    • Hahaha, the zombie temp agency is always hiring! Water-related clumsy stories are always very funny I’ve found… in one of our old apartments, the ceiling above the shower caved in on my roommate while they were showering… it was pretty awesome… lots of angry shouts coming from the bathroom that day.

  3. Haha, you’re such a cutie shigi. I don’t think I’m any more clumsy this month, but my friend sprained her wrist playing tennis and spilled a glass of milk all over my electric bill. She’s not normally like that… does that count?

    • I hope you were still able to pay your electric bill, haha šŸ˜›

  4. Hello Shigi! Hima’s here šŸ˜€ Haven’t talked to you for like forever! How’s your game going?

    Anyway, I didn’t know that you compose a song for Plant vs Zombie!! I need to buy that game now then. Actually, my professor has been really addicted to that game that she forgot to write me a letter of recommendation XD

    Also, if you ever need any help with artwork, feel free to contact me anytime šŸ™‚

    • Hima! Yay, I haven’t talked with you in such a long time… how are your games coming along? As you can see I got sidetracked from finishing “Far Away from Here” but I’m definitely still working on it… and I’d still love to work with you on the art-part of it as soon as it’s finished šŸ™‚ Haha, that’s cool to hear that your professor is addicted to PvZ, I’m glad they’re enjoying it. My game’s coming along pretty well… so much work to do still, but I’m learning a lot šŸ™‚ Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

  5. Awwww. šŸ˜¦ I’m sorry that you had a clumsy month.

    However, you need to see this really adorable video someone replied to about the song you wrote for Plants vs. Zombies. It is cute! šŸ˜€

    Somewhere, out there, there is a little one year old that loves your song and zombies.

    • I absolutely love that video šŸ™‚ He’s actually the PvZ artist’s son! Apparently now his son only likes to watch that video of himself watching the video… we told him he really needs to record that and put it online too, haha šŸ˜›

  6. You’re not the only one with a clumsy month šŸ˜‰ Not only did my hand momentarily forget how to grip a plastic cup of water in the office – cue me looking down in puzzlement at the kitchen floor at a spreading pool of water – but also successfully tripped over the ball while playing 5-a-side and skidded along the astroturf on my arms.

    I wonder whether it’s possible to have a month-long full moon?

    Oh, and thanks for that link, Alevan. That made my day!


    • Ahh… that sounds so painful! I hope it wasn’t too bad afterwards >_<

  7. Hey, sorry to bother you about pvz like everyone else, but are there any news on pvz2? An expansion perhaps? A wallpaper? *.*

    • Hehe, sorry I don’t have any news right now… But I’m sure if there is any, Popcap will probably post it right away šŸ˜›

  8. Laura, your work is brilliant, you’re exceptionally talented. I fell in love with your music in PvZ, I wish you’ll be working with PopCap in their upcoming titles.

    Good luck. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, I really appreciate the comment šŸ™‚

  9. You and your friends are not the only ones out there, Shigi.
    I’ve been clumsy for as long as I remembered.

    My case is not because of zombies, but due to insanely long
    school hours.

    • Haha, that’ll definitely do it to ya šŸ™‚ I remember having clumsy stints after pulling all-nighters in school.

  10. I got one too!

    #1 – Well, I had to parallel park in someplace, downtown Los Angeles, and there was about 20 feet of space to park in. So the parking should’ve been simple! But I didn’t see the weird little obstacle that was on the driveway, it was a block, (literally, a cube about 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, made of cement) just sitting there, on the street. Well, I didn’t see it as I passed it, and then I didn’t see it on my back mirror while I was parking and pulling reverse. (the block was short, so my back mirror didn’t catch it) and I slowly bumped into it. There was no serious damage, just a permanent little scratch to my car and a tingling sensation to my pride.

    #2 – Later that day, I headed home, and I was feeling really tired. I parallel parked again, in front of my house, and stumble in to take an afternoon nap. 2 hours later, my sister comes home, and asks, “did you forget that it was Tuesday today?” as she handed me a parking ticket. 100 curses to that street cleaning day…

    • Oh no! I used to live in an area where it was fairly easy to get parking tickets as well… that sounds really frustrating!

  11. Hey fantastic job on Leeble forest!, do you know when part 2 will be out? i played all the way through it and definitely would love to continue the adventure. I think you did an awesome job on the game so far– it really has that old role playing / old final fantasy feel which is the best!. Hawk reminds me of Setzer from final fantasy – a real free spirited and sketchy but faithful person hehe.

    Anyways take care– and nice job on the music with both Leeble forest and PvZ.

    • Oh, thank-you for taking the time to play the demo! I’m so happy you enjoyed it šŸ™‚ I’m glad that Hawk’s personality comes across in the demo… I did intend for him to be sketchy on the outside, but with a good heart on the inside. I’m hoping to release one more demo before the game is completed… perhaps sometime in the next couple of months.

  12. Hopefully you wont mind additional praise on your work in PvZ? I’ve never fallen in love with a game soundtrack quite like I have with that one. The style is so unique, but the sound is so wonderful! I want to download the rest of it, but your google page keeps having its bandwidth exceeded! If I could buy it on iTunes, I would!

    I’m really excited to hear what you make next! I hope you keep a partnership with Popcap. You both seem to benefitting a lot from the music featured in PvZ.

    • Thank-you very much ^_^ Sorry about the googlepages thing… it’s been experiencing too much traffic, so I’m trying to move my stuff to another site. I’ll definitely update though if I release any new material!

  13. thanks for making this game! i enjoyed this game and won all levels in 3 days… it’s very fun and i’m looking forward for new games from u…
    thanks again and good luck!


    • Wow, that’s awesome! I’ll let George and the team know that you enjoyed it. Thank-you for your comment!

  14. es el mejor juego del mundo

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