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February 15, 2008 at 9:30 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

When I was in Japan, my relatives used the term “home base” a lot. I had to travel around so much, but I kept coming back to my Obaachan’s (where my aunt also lives) every 2 weeks or so, so my relatives said it was my home base. My aunt would pick me up from the train station on these occasions and we would eat at this little sandwich shop and talk. She told me that each time we ate, my Japanese would have improved from the previous time. During our first meal, I was struggling like crazy to get my ideas across because I rarely speak Japanese in America. But by the third meal she said I was talking non-stop about everything… I still mixed things up… I accidentally mixed up “kowashitemo ii?” with “nokoshitemo ii?” in reference to a drink I hadn’t finished (“is it okay if I break it?” vs. “is it okay if don’t finish it?”).

But anyways, so this website is my home base, or my hub. It connects all my different projects together. This is where you can find samples of my work as a composer and sound designer (these days it’s mostly video games, but I used to do music for random multi-media projects prior to that). I’m also knee-deep (is that the right term?) into my little rpg project. It started as a hobby, but now it’s a full-blown obsession. No, obsession sounds bad… A full-time passion! Haha. And incidentally, the website/dev blog for that little project looks just like this one. I also have a section for my singing-stuff. So it’s everything rolled into one! As you can see, I love analogies, so I had to find one just for this post…

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